La Guardia Car Hire Posted by : Jason On 06 Aug 2013

This comapny provides the best car rental services in la guardia and that too at cheapest rates. Exclusive deals and discounts allow travelers to experience top notch car rental service at La Guardia Airport and in the city. One of the busiest airports in New York, La Guardia Airport handles huge traffic of international flights. For Booking Visit Car Hire La Guardia

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Honda Dealer Experience...Metro Honda, NJ Posted by : Rajesh On 21 Aug 2007

Hi I bought a used honda certified Accord from - Metro honda, NJ. He gave me temporary licence plate valid for 20 days and even after my repeated calls, he was not able to get me permanent licence plates. So i had to move the car back to him and he gave me a rental car which is Chevy-Aveo(small car). In this process, i had to miss my weekend trip as i had to sit at his office to get this car and etc etc..Its been 2 weeks, i have not still got my permanent licence plates. Can somebody tell me is it common that the licnece plates do not arrive by 20 days ?? Or if they should arrive, whom should i approach for complaining against him ?? Guys, a serious suggestion..Before buying a car, plz check the reviews for that particular dealer....And never and ever even attempt to buy from this guy - METRO HONDA,NJ. The service after sales is really horrible.....
It would be great if someone can advice me...

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Used Car Buying Experiance Posted by : kala On 08 Dec 2006

hi every one who is looking for used car from delear ,
we went to see the honda delear in ca to see what they have , the salesman show me the car we like that even its way to high from our budget ,well we negotiate with him come out a finalprice ,that i ask then any thing else added in that he said no ,so we thought thats all that what we going to pay,so we wnt to sign on papers ,we are not very much keen to reading all of the fine prints in the contract ,the sales man told as the car come with wareenty ,
we signed all the papers where he ask for sign ,
week after only i went through all papers i signed ,the people add more 5thousand dollers ,for alaram which was already in the car when we test drive ,paint protection then the sales tax .we thought that might include in that ,then extra warrenty that we never asked for , dmv fees ,paper work fees,
se we been cheated ,we went there and ask them they were showing our signed papers said that they cant do anything about it ,we dont have any proof by verble they told us ,we thought we have to pay 17 k we end up paying 22 k
so please alll that reading this experiance carefull with the delers even you buy certified cars ,
its not that the car is not worth it ,they have to tell you what all the charges b4 putting in to papers ,
good luck every one

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Bad Experience With FIRESTONE CAR SERVICING Posted by : Akumar On 16 Jul 2006

took my car for a checkup to Firestone car Service , NEW JERSEY.
I didnt realise i was doing the biggest mistake after coming to US . They told car wheel assembley has to be replaced and charged 325 $$$ and for the coolant filling they charged some 60 $ ...i thought they did a pretty good job ,only to realise the next week the car was heating up too much and checked the coolant, to my shock is was ALMOST empty !!!!!....I immediately refilled with my local mechanic and now its going fine so that i am sure that its not a leak ...THIS F
IRESTONEs ARE THE BIGGEST CHEATS in CAR servicing world and PLEASE NEVER EVER takre ur CAR there . DONT believe that ALL CAR servicing centers with FRANCHAISES are decent. That was my belief till i realised this cheating . Now i REALLY DOUBT they wouldnt have even TOUCHED my CAR WHEEL ASSEMBLY and ripped me off 327 $$$$....

Lessons learned

1:Firestone cheats
2:Never ever do any car repair with out a second consultation .

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Bad Experience With Indian Driving License Posted by : NewComer On 29 Sep 2005

I recently came to Michigan ..and since I wanted a rental car, I approached AVIS. Before any discussion, I asked salesgirl if indian license is valid or not. She said yes and eventually I rented a car.

After couple of days when I was driving, I changed the lane and doing so I forgot to switch on the indicators. And cop pulled me over. He asked me for the license. Later on he confirmed with other cop and they said the license is not valid and they issued me a ticket and asked me to go to courthouse.

The court said, the indian license is not valid and I have to pay a fine of $75. which I paid.

When I told AVIS about this they denied to pay the fine. They just waived my rent from $120 to $30.

Couple of weeks later, I got a notice from Department of Treasury to pay another fine of $150.

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Car Rental - Try Enterprise Car Rental Posted by : Divesh Goyal On 19 May 2004

My experience :

Avis - Wont rent to ppl under 25yrs of age.Fortunately, I snuck in my DOB and they didnt notice. Reserved my car for 10 am Sat, didnt get the car till 2pm. For the inconvenience, they gave me a fully loaded chevrolet IMPALA for the same price that I had booked an economical Compact car. (made me a happy camper :-) ).

Enterprise rental - Lowest rates by far. Fri-Mon : weekend deal, 10 bucks a day. Now thats a DEAL.
Though the liability coverage and other insurance add up (almost 15 bucks extra). But still, the lowest rates by far. Oh - and like AVIS, they dont stick to reservation times. I got my car a whole 6 hrs late. But they picked me up and dropped me off. So i didnt have candy-lick a friend of mine to take me to the rental.

Havent tried Hertz and Budget. The rates are not near as competitive as Enterprise.

Oh, and guys, if you have your INDIAN driving license ( NOT INTERNATIONAL DRIVING PERMIT !!) , you can get a temporary license from your DMV to drive to 2 months. You can keep extending that till you pass your DMV test. Its as good as a regular license, but expires in 2 months time.

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Never Rent A Car Through Us-rentacar Posted by : Rashmi On 18 Feb 2004

We had reserved a car through 2 months before we were planning for a las vegas trip.We confirmed the reservation a day before we reached Las vegas. we had to wait for them 15-20 mins to to be picked up. We called them up after a few time they sent a shuttle that too we have to walk a considerable distance to their picking place. Then a shuttle turn up.After reaching the rental car office they said that they had done a mistake in taking our reservation number and they dont have any car at that point of time.I think they might have given away the car for a higher price as it was long weekend. They promised to give a car in the next day morning at 8.30 but when we called in the morning still they didnt have any cars and extended time to 11.30. They didnt have courtesy to ask sorry also.As it was a long weekend we couldt book anywhere else also.We had booked for a Mid size car but got a compact one. The only good thing is we didnt have to pay for the the day that we didnt get a car.We r not going to book at them in the future thats for sure.

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Automatic Bill Pay Posted by : ChinnaChiya On 06 Aug 2003

In US one has to pay countless number of bills every month. For instance rent, electricity, gas, credit cards, car loan, automobile insurance, cell phone, cable tv, home phone line, etc., Think about it! Each of this bill has due date and also possibly a minimum payment. Paying all these bills by manually writing checks and posting them individually (an additional 37c postage ) is a nightmare. I am sure you will forget to pay some important credit card bill sooner or later. Once late paid, forget it, you may be in soup. The credit history will have a mark that you late paid and will remain for the next 8 years or so. Please avoid all these hassles. I made a mistake once and switched to “automatic bill pay” method through online banking. Its very easy and works real cool. This is what you should do: choose a good bank like citi. Open an account with them and create an account for you in their website. You will be able to easily manage your accounts within no time. You can setup recurring transfers between accounts(lets say you want to save $$ per month constantly) or pay utility/credit bills to someone on a certain date every month. No more paper checks. No more looking for envolopes and stamps.!!!
Consider this suggestion and make a comfortable living. See ya!

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Car Used / New Buying Negotiations Posted by : Kishor On 03 May 2003

Negotiating on price is KEY.

Car dealer salesmen are very professional as this is their turf , main area of business where they make money.

When looking forward to buy a new or used car, look around, there is catch somewhere in all newspaper deals. Check a few dealers / places. Even if you REALLY LIKED a new or used car, be ready to come with a rather reserved PRICE and STICK to it and walk out of the negotiation, if needed but do NOT budge on price.

I recently bought a 1999 Camry, 40K miles, very good interior, exterior and lots of features ( new 2003 would same cost 22,000 ). Negotiations started from 12,800 with clean Carfax report. I kept my price at 10,000 and finally got it for 10,500 ONLY!!

Met another person who bought a 1999 ( as new ) and had more mileage did not believe the price I paid for a great looking car.

Salesman made atleast 5 calls and I walked out of negotiations atleast 3 times, before we finalized the papers. The owned and salesman were "You are a great money negotiator". There standard policy is lets come in middle-point and make a deal. Then I would have had to pay around 11,500 or so.

This was my second car purchase. My first one was a 1991 camry, which I was so much in love with, did not sale before it stopped working, then repaired transmission. I think I got too emotional with it. SALE your car well in time for a $1000 less rather than keep it in your parking garage for $0 or unable to sell it for a decent price ( atleast $1000+ for a car that runs OK locally )

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I wanted to learn driving & I just called up this school for their rates other information.But, I did not confirm abt the lessons.But the next day the driver called up & he began to say that I have already confirmed & I owe them money When I refused HE was very RUDE saying that we have to go back to our homeland..& Be careful of this school..The instructors here are very RUDE & treat Desis like dirt.Please be aware of this school.DONT GO TO THIS DRIVING SCHOOL

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