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Posted by Washington DC On 08 Apr 2003

Couple of thoughts after reading through:
1. Yes citibank grants CCs on basis of citizenship
2. Right- the more the cards the better the score, BUT remember, more cards are also saying that you need more credit, restrict yourself to 5
3. A default in minimum payment is not reported to the rating agency unless your payment check is returned a second time from your bank
4. Car loans - good for making a solid credit history, BUT pay on time; you can also pay the full principal after some time, that is not included in your history. So you have a +ve in your score and you also paid back the whole amount you borrowed
5. Students- start with a visa/master debt card from your univ coop bank. Once you open a checking a/c your credit history starts rolling. Later on - 6 months or so, get a CC - that way you have a good history and you dont get refused the first time you apply...
good luck


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