This Happens In A Bank I See You See

Posted by Mrs Manjulata Biswal On 14 Jan 2004

This Happens in a Bank I see You See

My husband Mr Purnananda Biswal,a Senior Teacher Educator of the State Govt. of Orissa currently working in the Radhanath Institute of Advanced Studies in Education was requested by the ICICI Bank to go for a Credit Card. He was snapped. Report came informing that the photograph was not fair. Another snap was taken .The card was received by him on 14-01-2004.The funniest thing is that the Visa Card-4477 4606-7333-1007) bearing the name of my husband with proper address bears the photograph and signature of some other person. I wonder how could the Bank change the appearance and signature of my husband after taking two snaps in the digital camera? Reading the letter my daughter who is an engineer said, “ Mumy don’t worry, this the projected appearance of my PAPA, in 20044 may be after many more rebirths. Don’t you see that the Bank has issued the letter on January 05, 20044?


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