Your Credit Card Worries SOLVED !

Posted by Divesh Goyal On 19 May 2004

To all my country men who have had to turn away credit-card-pushers at home, but cant seem to catch a break here in the US, Fear Not.....Read On....

Fleet Credit Card Services is the holy grail.
After 3 months of searching, inquiring, haggling and tearing my hair out....I found nirvana.

Even if you dont have ANY credit history (which i dont have either), Fleet will give you a Secured Credit card. Just give them a cheque of how much credit limit you want, and they will keep that cheque as a surity and issue you a credit card with the same credit line.

Best of all, this is absolutely free!

I tried Bank OF America - the card looks good, but they just wont give it to us newbies.
Citibank (my banker) - They dont even have a secured credit card, and most of us dont have any credit history to get a regular one.

Chase - good secured credit card. $35 annual fee (pricey). No online bill payment option.

My Fleet got approved on the 12th of may, and Im itching to start spending my easy money.

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