Please Check Tooch Could Also Be Bad

Posted by: Mr. Mohiuddin Khan On 24 May 2004

Most of the international credit cards from india are accepted abroad. But wait.. check if u have got an internationally accepted one.
1.> I think foremost 5 credit are max otherwise they spoil our credit history.
2.> Do keep a credit history Otherwise face problems.
3.> Most of those who say they give you pre accepted credit cards with $1000+ of credit limit beware they charge you some processing fee for doing nothing but rejecting your card.
4.> Always Check out and have one credit card which gives zero transaction fee for buying fuel.
5.>Check for Co-Branded cards which give real value for our hard earned money
6.>Always read their brochures beforehand becos they seem to charge a heavy rate of interest Selecting a correct one will always save 50% to 70% of your interest amount
7.> Check for remaing credit transfers for Free My experience says there are always one or the other companies giving the same atleast for a initial perioed of 1 year or so. So utilize it.

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  Posted by Helen 5 years ago:

Thanks for udaloping this under Creative Commons license! I've used this for an article entitled . If you click on the thumbnail below the article, you are credited as the photographer and it links to this page.Thanks again!
  Posted by wghvjl 5 years ago:

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  Posted by jwyxnmkg 5 years ago:

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  Posted by vtjvaotfgq 5 years ago:

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