Please Check Tooch Could Also Be Bad

Posted by Mr. Mohiuddin Khan On 24 May 2004

Most of the international credit cards from india are accepted abroad. But wait.. check if u have got an internationally accepted one.
1.> I think foremost 5 credit are max otherwise they spoil our credit history.
2.> Do keep a credit history Otherwise face problems.
3.> Most of those who say they give you pre accepted credit cards with $1000+ of credit limit beware they charge you some processing fee for doing nothing but rejecting your card.
4.> Always Check out and have one credit card which gives zero transaction fee for buying fuel.
5.>Check for Co-Branded cards which give real value for our hard earned money
6.>Always read their brochures beforehand becos they seem to charge a heavy rate of interest Selecting a correct one will always save 50% to 70% of your interest amount
7.> Check for remaing credit transfers for Free My experience says there are always one or the other companies giving the same atleast for a initial perioed of 1 year or so. So utilize it.


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