What Is Best Choice To Obtain A Credit Card.

Posted by Looking for credit card? On 10 Sep 2004

I am here in US since May2004 with H1B. I applied for credit card from Bank of America and they have rejected because I dont have credit history.

Can you best friends advise me on best options for applying it again as I need credit card without which I am handicap on many occasions.

Even if you drop me a some info. on my ymark4u@yahoo.com email id, it will be great help.

Thanks in advance



    • Posted by Hevie on August 21 2012 at 12:42am

      If you've found a loophole that works, more power to you.But, you're still broorwing money and will be paying interest if you hold onto it for any length of time. You'll be better off figuring out how to live within your means.

    • Posted by uzkrmqo on August 21 2012 at 9:05pm

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