How I Cleared My Bank Debt And Boosted My Credit Score Posted by : Tracy Connors On 17 Jul 2017

Well after working from leaving school, and never having to worry about money, things turned on their head when I became disabled due to ill health about 12 years ago . This led to a divorce, loss of my house, car ect. This brings it up to present day where I am living on disability and benefits. Needless to say I have racked up over $10k in debt just trying to live. I've been trying to keep up my repayments but it started getting to the stage where I feel like i'm slowly going under and it is starting to affect my life. I spoke to my cousin about it and he introduced me to a hacker (blackbutcher) who also helped him clear his debt. I read further reviews about the hacker online and I was really impressed with his works. I contacted blackbutcher and he helped clear all of my debts. I never knew such a thing was possible. I was a bit skeptical at first but I put my trust in him and I never regretted a thing. He went as far as to boost my credit score and fund me with $20,000 after deeming me trustworthy. I don't know how well to thank him but I just have to keep telling people about this hacker to also help people in my type of situation. Contact for help and you'll have a better life from there on.

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I Lost my Money to scammers but not anymore
Well, who would have believed this. When I saw a comment
by one Allison babara, I thought it was one of the Scammers
ways to convince someone. Looking at his comment, I saw
an element of doubt since he was telling stories. Well I did it
50/50 which means I can’t lose my money to any scammer
again. I contacted the email on the testimony of Allison?
Babara ( and I was
replied immediately. I was shocked but I didn’t lose my stand.
I asked them to give me proof to be sure they are not
scammers like others that I have met before and they sent me
a proof. Then I requested to get my card which they sent to
me in Germany in just 3 days. Am happy now because I have?
recovered my cash I lost to scammers. My first withdrawal?
was $10,000 and I couldn’t believe my eyes until I confirmed?
their word which says that I can withdraw up $63,000 in a
month. secureblankatmSolution? are real because I got my?
card in just 3 days when I requested for one. Contact their
mail ( ) for yours. They
didn’t scam me.
Morris mabel is my name and if you are scared, please reach
me through my mail

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Affinity FCU Posted by : akannan On 24 Mar 2006

i have good experience with AFFINITY federal Credit union ( . i was rejected by BOA when i applied for a credit credit ,even though i had a checking acc with them ,they told i can have a secured card which i rejected. Then i applied to Affinity ,
to get a card , first u need to be a member , to apply for member ship is easy , get a savings / checking account with 5 $ balance.. Once i got that , i applied for a 2000 $ credit card without any activation fee or SECURITY DEPosit.

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Convenience Checks: Convenient For Who -- Criminals And Card Companies? Posted by : Ram On 23 Mar 2006

Many of you may have received these checks by mail. DO NOT use it, destroy them immly. Read this article.


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BOA Secure Credit Card Posted by : pk On 01 Mar 2006

I am having checking savings accounts with BOA.No problem at all.
I applied for a secure credit card and i had it for 8 months,after that i called them to make it unsecure.They said no unsecure credit card for temporary workers (im here in H1B) .They now give it only for "citizens" and "GC holders".So beware.Dont trust and wait for BOA to get a unsecure credit card.

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How Can U Pay Activation Fee ??? Posted by : I have 20 CC On 18 Dec 2005

How can you pay activation fee?
Always use your common sense some body giving u credit in thouands and asking 200$ activation fee ?
They can give u 200$ less or charge same credit card for fee .
I have 20 credit cards all in perfect condition having cresit of @ 150 k .much more then my annual salary . I dont use themall but check my credit history once a year .I got first crdit card from credit union ,and after 1 year from anerican express body diens after that ..

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Credit Card Cons Posted by : praveen On 18 Dec 2005

I got credit cards approved after stay of about one year in New York, the credit card company called First National Card, took an activation fee of $200 as annual fee. Giving a credit limit to $2000, it was good. But I soon found that the credit cards never worked. There is no way how the credit cards can be used. Beware of such Credit Card Cons!!

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Applying For Secured Credit Card Posted by : KK On 01 Jul 2005

Hi All,

Anyone applied for a secured credit card recently?
I dont have any credit history, and all credit applications i make get rejected saying "insufficient credit references".

In this forum, some have suggested to apply at, but i find that its membership is restricted to 2 states [GA & MA] and few member companies.

any inputs will be appreciated


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Friend Posted by : IF you do direct deposit & scared them to withdraw On 30 Jun 2005

They will give you unsecured card.

If this want work move your finance to

One of the best credit union, we called it desi credit union..

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Get Your First Credit Card Posted by : chinku chinese On 27 Sep 2004

just go to and search for secured visa card. download application and print and send to address specified. send your passport, i-94 and visa photocopies and 250$ check.

You would receive secure credit card in 3 weeks. use it for min. 3 months and then apply for regular credit card. you will get it.

Mera China Mahan.

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