ISSUE OF DRIVER LICENSE WITH EXPIRING EAD CARD Posted by : Licenseissue On 23 Mar 2014

I use advance parole for travel and My EAD was due to expire in 15 days, but since my drivers license was also going to expire at the same time, I could not drive or apply for a new license till I receive my new EAD. What happened was, USCIS sent an RFE since my previous employer withdrew my I140 (it was more than 180 days after approval, so I changed employers). I consulted my attorneya nd we sent a response to the RFE citing AC21. Howeer, DMV would not issue a new license unless I got the EAD. Below is the situation in detail:

01. EAD expiring in 15 days. I should have received the new approved EAD by this time, but due to RFE, this was delayed.
02. Even if my EAD was going to be approved and mailed to me, it would arrive later than the expiry date of license.
03. It would not have been an issue to wait it out, except that I was living by myself and I won't be able to drive my car. I am quite dependent on the car for work and personal activities.
04. When I visited DMV, they refused to issue new license because their database pulled up USCIS expiry date of my EAD, which was a few days away.

Here is what I did:

After trying to convince them about my situation in various way that failed, I finally asked them to check validity of my I-94 date / date of my parole. Incidentally, my parole and I-94 were stamped 6 months after my EAD expiry date as usually they stamp 1 year expiry on Parole document every time you return from abroad. Incidentally, I had returned just 6 months earlier from a trip abroad, so technically, my I-94 had another 6 months on it.I requested DMV to pull the validity date of my I-94. They got the new date, which is valid for another six months. They agreed to issue a new license with the 6 months validity.It was a big relief.

As for my EAD, Thankfully, I received an approved EAD for 2 years approved for period beginning expiry of my current EAD. Though, it took a few days beyond my expiry date to arrive by mail.

Hope anyone in my situation will use this information to ensure they do not lose their drivers license and ability to drive. It is another ridiculous and in explainable thing that even tough AOS applicants can stay indefinitely in this country till either approval or denial of AOS, they need to apply for drivers license each time with their EAD.

Post this, I moved to a different state, who issued me a 5 year drivers license.

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Questions For TX Written Test Posted by : Saumya On 06 Apr 2011


Here are some of the questions from my TX Written Test Exam. Hope this helps someone !

1. What is the fine for DUI first offence ?
Ans. Not more than $2000
2. An empty rectangle box was given. Identify what this box signifies.
Ans. Regulation sign
3. At what distance can you stop your car if you are driving at 20 mph and you have taken reaction time into account?
Ans. 63 feet
4. At what distance can you stop your car if you are driving at 20 mph and apply brakes immediately?
Ans. 19 ft
5. If you are minor and was involved in drunken driving causing the death of one person, what is the worst punishment you can get?
Ans. Intoxication manslaughter
6. Following signs were given and asked to choose correct answer

7. What does the octagon sign stand for?
Ans. Stop
8. If possible where should a pedestrian walk?
Ans. On the sidewalk
9. You should dim your headlights within how many feet of an approaching vehicle?
Ans. 500ft
10. When driving in fog, what should you do with headlights?
Ans. Dim them
11. In case of skid what should you do?
Ans. Take foot of gas pedal, turn in direction of skid and apply brake slowly
12. Within how many feet of a crosswalk should you not park your car?
Ans. 20 feet

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CAR Driving School Posted by : Ravikumar On 26 Jan 2001

Hi folks,

When yu are coming to US, please make it sure that you have International drviers license issued in india..Its not a must, but yu can ur hard-earned money. In India one can get license for just Rs.2000/- but here yu need to take atleast 5-6 classes each costing around 55 (55 * 6=330$=more than Rs.13000) So come with yur driving license. You are allowed to rent a car becoz yu have Internation Driving license. Learn well and take the driving test..yu can completely avoid driving school..This is the best way of saving money and getting the license

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Drivers License - Minnesota Posted by : KK On 18 Mar 2009

I am living in Minneapolis with my husband. I got my drivers license in Dec ' 08.
I cleared my written test and scheduled the road test. When I went to take the road test, the person said that I had not completed sixty days after my written test. She said I can take the test if I have India license. But I had not brought my India license. So we had to reschedule my road test.

1. Prepare well for written/online test. Since it is a multiple choice format, the options given will easily confuse you.
2. Schedule the road test after checking out all the rules properly.
3. If you have India drivers license, bring it with you.
4. Prepare well for road test. (Practice parallel parking, be prepared about what to do if a school bus stops in front of you on day of road test etc.,)
5. Keep your vehicle in good condition & also make sure you know how to turn ON/OFF the headlights, left & right indicators etc.,
6. Be confident and drive well.

Learning driving is very essential in the United States. So better get your license as soon as possible & keep your license with you at all times. All the best. Hope this helps.

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Driving License From NJ Posted by : Raju On 08 Sep 2007

I just got my driving license from NJ

A) Here are the things that need keep in mind for quick written test success
1)Read the book ( you can get it in DMV office or it is available online ) minimum of 3 times
2)Practice online test as many times as possible ( try from all the 3 links )

Practice Written Permit Test

B) to avoid the driving test show your IDP to the written test counter after passing your knowledge test (in NJ only)
1)You need to get IDP from India
Note: in the IDP your signature should be clear ( V,Imp.)
2)have your Indian local license also in hand ( just in case )

All the best


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Permanent Licence Plates For Used Car Posted by : Dileep On 20 Aug 2007

Hi I bought a used honda certified Accord from - Metro honda, NJ. He gave me temporary licence plate valid for 20 days and even after my repeated calls, he was not able to get me permanent licence plates. So i had to move the car back to him and he gave me a rental car which is Chevy-Aveo(small car). In this process, i had to miss my weekend trip and etc etc..Its been 2 weeks, i have not still got my permanent licence plates. Can somebody tell me is it common that the licnece plates do not arrive by 20 days ?? Or if they should arrive, whom should i approach for complaining against him ?? Guys, a serious suggestion..Before buying a car, plz check the reviews for that particular dealer....And never and ever even attempt to buy from this guy - METRO HONDA,NJ. The service after sales is really horrible.....
It would be great if someone can advice me...

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My First Drive In US Of A - US101 Posted by : Kishore On 24 May 2007

My driving experiences in US - California State - SFO - San Jose traces to 22th Nov 2006.Myself and my team stepped in US of A on 18th Nov on B1. Just a couple of days before my trip, I "managed" to get an IDP from India.After getting down at the San Fransisco Airport, my colleague received us and drove us to the Hotel.I was watching at the speeding vehicles passing by us, lanes, exits, ramps, freeways last but not the least dangerous "one ways" barely with any sign boards.

I was imagining myself driving for a moment, but felt afraid thinking of the speed levels.My colleague advised not to drive in US.He asked us to commute by CAL Train/ Taxi.CAL Trains are less frequent and do not cover specific spots of choice. Taxis are very very costly.The only possible means is to depend on your frends/colleagues or to drive by yourself.

Believe me or not, most of the desi's I had seen try to over act in front of new comers to US.This is the problem especially with Indian Community there - Desi people.I wanted to vist my cousin who lives in LA.I came to know that for people who are helpless (driving), there are Grey Hound bus services available.I wanted to know if there was any trams being operated and the answer was "NO".I was asked as what were my plans , I told that I was planning to travel by Grey Hound Service.Seconds after the word "Grey Hound Service" came from my mouth, desis started laughing heavily.For a moment I didn't know why and what made them laugh? Later, I came to know that only economically weak people(Mexicans & Chinese) prefer Grey Hound.I thought for a moment as if those guys who laughed at me never even commuted in City Buses/Auto Rikshaws / Lorries India.

I remember my last days at SFO.Myself and my team wanted to see places in and around San Jose.We requested our colleagues who stay there to show us places if possible only.They said if they have time they will take us, but that never happened. Since I was the only person who knew Indian Driving, for a moment I thought instead of begging people around why not give a try.We rented a car out and early in the morning at 6 AM I drove the vehicle.Believe me or not I just followed the traffic rules and sign boards driving at 40-50MPH on the middle lane.I never cared who ever honked and made serious faces at me.The slower you drive the better is the control on the vehicle.That was the day when I broke the silence.The first day there were a couple of pitfalls in my driving, I entered a one way lane wrongly, luckily people honked at me and I took a U turn immediately switching on 4 way indicators.I even jumped a signal without its notice.Apart from the above two I didn't commit any other mistake during the remaining days of my driving in US of A. I was happy that in the last week of our stay I drove to LV from SFO with my team.That was the one that boasted the level of confident driving in me on US 101 .

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Driving License In Maryland Posted by : ajay On 22 Nov 2006


I just landed here one month back and want to get driving license, I already have IDL. Can anybody suggest me what should I do as next step? One of my friend suggested me to get license from NJ instead of MD as I do not need to give road test over there.


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License In Massatusettes Posted by : revatiikatkar On 21 Jul 2006

As would like to share my experience about driver's permit in Massatusettes.

I am on H4 visa here and have to work really hard to get a license. In MA you have to give written test for learner's permit and road test for permanant one.

to give and pass the test is easiest way than to appear for the test.

At first I have to collect all the documents viz. passport , birth certificate, address proof , signature proof, social security denial notice.All these documents have to be valid within 45 to 60 days.

then at first i went to boston RMV, there i was denied to give a test as RMV notice itself was wrong! As RMV never mentioned what sort of notice or format is, i have to go twice to SSA office to get the correct one.

Then as my birth certificate is in my native language, I have to get english version notarised from India.

Then come signature proof. On website it is mentoned that you need a canceled cheque or lease agrrement for it. Now here i suffered a lot. There is no such a thing as cancelled cheque in Bank of america. They simply provide encashed cheque. But that has to come on monthly statement. so it took me 2 more trips to RMV office just to verify all my documents.

After total 6 trips all my douments are verified and i was able to give the written test. which was the easiest part of the whole procedure.i got learner's permit and within 15 days driver's permit.

i hope my experience will help newcomers , especially H4 holders.

One last but the most important thing is goto small branches not big one. that helps.

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Driving Lic In Jersey City NJ Posted by : manijos On 10 Jul 2006

Hi all,
I am planning to get a driver lic in jersey city,NJ.I dont have an Indian lic.I need to learn driving and then give a road test.This is what gives me nightmare..
any idea how difficult it is to learn and then give road test..i fear failure since I never drove in India.

thx in adv.

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