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Accesshacking Is The Best

Posted by: michelle On 06 Mar 2017

Hi. We are a group of hackers called Accesshacking group and we offer hacking services for everyone, you can contact us at Accesshacking@gmail.com Some of our services are:

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- Cell phone hacking (whatsapp, viber, line, wechat, etc)
- Grades changes (institutes and universities)
- Websites hacking, pentesting.
- IP addresses and people tracking.
- Hacking courses and classes.

Our services are the best on the market and 100% secure and discreet guaranteed.

Just write us and ask for your desired service:
OUR EMAIL ADDRESS: Accesshacking@gmail.com

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Atm Cards

Posted by: mr smith On 06 Feb 2017

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Who Needs Blank Atm

Posted by: ATM On 18 Jan 2017

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Posted by: tanveer On 15 Jan 2016

i m a fresh mechatronic engineer and have 5 year of experience in mechatronic system. electrical and electronic system. engineering work, computer netorking .ip camera installation,electronic devices repairing.
i seeking for a job if i m eligible for any work so please give me any job of engineering work,
i shall be very thanks of all,

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Reentry From Vancouver Airport To The USA

Posted by: Ian B Campbell On 10 Jul 2014

I used the Passport Verification reader at the Vancouver Airport (Flying back to California). The Photo printout had a large X over my photo which required me to go through additional questioning. What is the big X for? I always seem to get the additional screening. I'm a 53 year old fair skinned Black man. I travel outside the US once or twice a year.

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Dying For Dollars, So Living Like Beggars. Damn Shame

Posted by: Sarvanan Perumal On 29 Dec 2007


It was a pleasure trip to me in USA for about 3 years. Now I feel, at-home in Bangalore. It is a country only to earn while enjoy for some time, and to come back home. But not for settleing there, having only making money as a motto. During my stay there, I have seen many mixed minds of people. Many of our Desi People getting India an impression that, Indians only do anything for dollars and cents. This is bad.

We have to earn for living, no doubt about that; and nobody can deny that. But, we should not live only for earning. Some people live like poor ( some times resemble beggars ) to die as rich. Their lives are poor all through their life. These people causing plots, flats soaring like anything here in Bangalore or Hyderabad or Chennai.

Immediately after getting up bed, these people think only following,

1) "Any FREE offers today ?"

2) "Anything is coming for FREE after MIR ( Mail-In Rebate ) ?"

3) "Any service provider is there, who pays my mobile phone bill for 2 years for me FREE ?, So, I can sign in for 1 year contract"

4) "Anybody garbaged anything today in the trash ?, so it can be brought home"

5) "Will anybody hit my car today, from rear ?, so I can claim the liability which is more than my car value". ( "Other driver's Liability is my Asset" )

"DONATE" is the only word, these people dont like in their language.

Anything, whichever earns a cent more, can be shareable for these people. Car, Cell phone, Internet, Calling Cards, ... list excepts nothing including vegetables.
These are ready to drive in even 15 - 20 miles, if that earns 2 cents/Lb. ( Lb is meant for Pound = 453 Grams ).

Earning money should not be the only one all through the 24/7/365. We have to enjoy our lives during young age, but not afrer retiring.


--- Sarvanan Perumal

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Sony Camcorder As A Webcam

Posted by: SK On 03 Oct 2006

Yes I use my sony camcorder as webcam whenever there is a small party or function and want to my family back in india to watch that.

just connect your camcorder to computer with IEEE firewire. I believe your camcorder and computer has it. and you good to go. if donot have it, some time USB cable will do the job. check the manual.


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Sony HC36 With Yahoo Messenger On Windows

Posted by: Veeru On 29 Sep 2006

Hi Guys, Did some one used his camcorder as webcam? I am trying to use my Sony HC36 camcorder as webcam with yahoo messenger. I know it can be done but how not sure? If someone has used it can you please share it how it can be done?

thanks in advance.

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NTSC/PAL Conversion

Posted by: VBA On 02 May 2005

I got my PAL Video Cassette Converted to NTSC to Kumud Eletronics , they did a sloppy job . Is there any other good store anybody can recommend


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Unlock GSM Fone B4 Going 2 India

Posted by: John Doe On 28 Apr 2005

Just an FYI..... Assuming everyone knows that if you take a GSM fone to India it won't work because it is locked to the provider's network by default (eg tmobile, verizon etc), if you do want to take it to India (probly to gift it to someone or simply use it urself) then u have to unlock it. Two ways u can do it are :

1. Simply call ur cell phone company and tell them u r travelling outside US and want to get ur fone unlocked. They have some eligibility criteria.

eg Tmobile unlocks phones only after u have been subsribed to them for at least 3 months. If u pass the eligibility criteria then u can unlock it for free.

Cingular on the other hand has some different policy. In fact they refused to unlock the fone for a friend of mine and unlocked it for someone else. God knows what their criteria is?

2. If that doesnt work u can find auctions on ebay from ppl who can unlock ur fone for anywhere between $2 - $10. I got a Nokia 6610 unlocked for $2 last time !!

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