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Visa Extension Duration Posted by : emy On 18 Sep 2015

Good day. My husband applied for an extension and USCIS received on March 20, 2015.. We received a receipt notification but we really dont know how much time is given to him. but when he called the USCIS he was told that he is given 240 days from the time the USCIS received the application... Just we want the exact time he has to leave the US.. please help us know our status.....Thanks so much....

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Visitor Visa Issues Posted by : Guest On 15 Sep 2015

I am hoping someone can help me understand the process...

My friend from Mexico has a 10 year B1/B2 tourist visa. He is from a tiny village, and I have known his family for 3 decades. 14 months ago, he began to travel back and forth with me, from his village to my home in the US. His first visit he spent 4 months traveling with me and my family.

I invited him to continue traveling back and forth 2 more times from Jan thru June. The last 1-94 they stamped his passport for a departure date of oct. They never stamped his passport prior crossings... In June, we returned the I-94 at the border as instructed. In August , another trip stateside, we asked for an extension to his I-94 so he could return with me in Nov... one month extra. They flatly denied it, and became very bullish and mean.

They didn't care about my letter of invitation and told me I was not responsible for him, and he needed to provide title to the deed of his house (how many 24 year old American kids have titles to their house??) and electric bills in his name, and how he was paying for his trip etc. He is from a poor indigenous community and they don't have not tiles to their houses (many are tar paper shacks), and the electric bill is in his Mom's name.

So I am confused.. I am I responsible for my friend during his stay & allowed to pay for all expenses... OR....Is my friend responsible for all his travel expenses and getting himself back home, and must show proof of bills and debts in his homeland.?

The letter of invitation clearly allows for my payment of all his expenses, and states I will be responsible for him during his entire stay in the US. The last crossing, they said they will refuse to let him pass stateside in the future, without the mentioned paid bills/documents.

Over the last 14 months, he spent a total of 8 months in the US and 6 months in his village. He has done nothing wrong, and followed all the rules. My sharing of my money and my family and my life with my Indigenous friend from MX should not be judged and he should not be accused of wrong doing.

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Can We Visit Back To USA Posted by : FirdosSarkar On 11 Aug 2015

Hi, me and my daughter have a multiple visa and we have visited USA twice and returned back after a month every time but last year we visited and my daughter's passport expired, which is a minor case and in completion of all formalities it took nearly four months and therefore I applied for an extension before time, and left the USA after her passport was received. Later I checked online that I got an approval of extension from USCIS for the extended period. My question is can we go to USA again in near future or we are barred?
Please help and thank you very much for this informative site.
Sarkar F.

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Travelingoutside Of USA With A Visitor Visa Posted by : Mukesh Gupta On 18 Dec 2014

I came to USA in May of this year. My visitor visa expired in November. Before that I applied for a 6 month extention. My extention was approved on Ocotber 12, 2014, but up to today I haven't received the official notice in the mail . I did receive an email and when I login to the case status site it says the case was approved. I am planning to travel to Canada next week (I have a valid canadian visa) for christmas. Would it be a problem to travel without the official approval letter in the mail.

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Renewal Experience Posted by : R gupta On 24 Nov 2014

I had been given 1 year b1/b2 visa after submitting 221g. this year i applied for renewal and again got for 1 year. my wife on her ist attempt was given 10 years. I am retired from department of nuclear organisation. my question why i am not been given 10 years during renewal process

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Renewal Experience Posted by : R gupta On 24 Nov 2014

I had been given 1 year b1/b2 visa after submitting 221g. this year i applied for renewal and again got for 1 year. my wife on her ist attempt was given 10 years. I am retired from department of nuclear organisation. my question why i am not been given 10 years during renewal process

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Visa Extension Through USCIS Texas Posted by : Naga On 11 Feb 2014

My parents applied visa extension till april due to my health problems with doctor letter and stuff.in September 2013.We dint get any reply rather than they received the documents and working on it.Their original I-95 is expired in Oct 29 2013.So they can stay till they get the approval notice or I-95.Or they need to leave by April ending. Its gonna be one year . Please let me know if anybody know about this situation and how much time its gonna take.Thanks in advance.

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US Tourist Visa Extension NEED HELP Posted by : Ed On 01 Mar 2013

I arrived on Nov 31st 2012 in US and was given 6months (I-94). My return ticket is on Dec 4, 2012 back to my country. Days passed and I did not extend my ticket since I know I have 6 months and planning to study in US. Now, I changed my mind and wanted just to extend my stay and will not study. Will I still be able to apply for extension and show the old return ticket (Dec 4) even I did not make any changes to it and we are now in March 2013? PLS ADVISE???!!!

thanks in advance.

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Visitor Visa Extention Posted by : kavitha On 24 Oct 2011


We have applied for visitor visa extension for my mother's on July 11th 2011. we have got receipt for the application. But till now we didn't receive the decision by the USCIS. What is the maximum period can she stay without decision?
and what is the possible period to know the decision from USCIS?

Can you please tell me anyone who knows the information.

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