Time To Take Action Against Seven Corner Posted by : Prashant On 22 Oct 2015

Hi Everyone
The way this company does the business is misguide you and then deny the claim. I have bought multiple times insurance from Seven Corners whenever my parents visits to USA. However this is the first time I have tested them as my Mother woke up one day and her face was drooping on one side. We got worried went to urgent care and later to the doctor. She was diagnosed for Bell’s Palsy and doctor recommended blood test.
I got my first bill as Seven corners denied to pay anything with the reason it is routine test which is not covered. I called them and explained the situation that blood work was not routine. I also asked them that on which ground they determine it is routine work and why didn’t you ask me to explain before denying or ask for more supportive document? They said it is not their responsibility to ask for the document. Meaning if you have problem you fight with them. They asked me to appeal and told it will take 30 – 60 days. Once claim is denied it will take 60 days or more to review. I specifically asked them; do you need any other documents and they advised NO; just send the appeal(really?.) After 8 weeks waiting I called them again they said it is again denied as there was no proof that it was routine blood work. When I asked why didn’t you tell me first time when I asked if you want me to attach any other document. They said it is not our responsibility to tell you want you need to attach. (This is the way they harass you. How the hell I know what you need). I said okay let me attach the doctor report which tells that my mother had bell’s palsy. Four weeks later I got staggering list of bills and all denied that passport copy is missing and routine work (all lame excuse).
The reason I am posting this as enough people have suffered and its time to take them on. I am going to file complain everywhere and thinking of taking legal action against the company and the representatives as they are misguiding the insurer. If you have been victim and ready to take action please drop me email and we can collectively plan the next legal step. Please drop me email at actionagainstsevencorners@yahoo.com . I’ve created tweeter account to take against the company. Please join “actionagainst7Corner” Tweeter account.

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Seven Corners Insurance Posted by : Florian On 17 Mar 2014

What a horrible experience. We bought health insurance for the whole family for a six months stay in the US. Due to an unforeseen sickness we ended paying up some huge doctor's and laboratory bills. I talked to Seven Corners before and was told to use my credit card and mail everything to Illinois to get reimbursed. Which I did. There was no answer for weeks, some very misleading information (like they cannot reimburse us since we don't live in the US anymore) till we finally spoke to one agent who directed us to the my plan-site where I saw that some of the bills had been paid - to the doctors and labs that I had already paid by credit card (as told and documented with credit card receipts).
We would have fared better if we had not taken out any insurance from Seven Corners and saved that money for medical bills.

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HCCMIS Medical Service Provider Or Atlas Posted by : Danny On 05 Mar 2014


Please do not go with these companies. they are hoax and fraudulent companies. They are there to get your money and will not pay you a single penny after you incur medical expenditure. PLEASE PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM HCCMIS AND ATLAS MEDICAL SERVICE PROVIDER COMPANIES.

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Seven Corners Visitor Medical Insurance Posted by : Heather Mcleod On 10 Oct 2013

I recently purchased visitor medical insurance from Seven corners for a visit to the USA. During my visit I became I'll. I went to the emergency department of the local Hospital where I was treated for severe dehydration due to prolonged diarrhea and vomiting. I called Seven corners within the 48 hrs time frame and was advised to give the Hospital my medical card which I had done. I heard nothing else from them. Until the Hospital began demanding payment. Seven corners have since told me they mailed a form for me to complete to the address I had been staying at after I had returned to the UK. Which I have been told was not received. Upon contacting Seven corners and filing their form and sending it by fax which seemingly has beenbeen ignored as they are not answering my emails and are continuing to ask me for the form. I got itit too them on the last day of the 90 days it needed to be in. For which I have fax receipt from the post office. The Hospital bill still needs dealing with. WhWhat do I need to do now to get any reaction from Seven corners

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Working as a Associate Manager – Bancassurance

otal 5 years

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Help About Health Insurance Posted by : raj On 06 Mar 2012

Hello all,

I have got married recently in december. and my wife is travelling to USA later this month on F2 visa. I would like to buy an health insurance for her in USA. The problem i have is finding out an insurance company that will cover her pregnancy. She did not have a valid visa till the start of this month so i could not add her to my insurance as dependent. Can any one suggest me a health insurance company that can insure her.

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Understand The Coverage & Also Contact Me Posted by : Rajeev On 04 Feb 2009

First of all, I am sorry to hear that you are not getting paid as what you expect.
I think it is very important for you and any one else to understand the coverage and benefits of the policy. Inbound USA is a LimitedCoverage plan, which cost you less money to buy BUT also has less benefits, so based on what you have said in your post InboundUSA has paid you some amount but not full amount and the reason is obvious since it is a limited coverage plan.
read here for more
look at the plan details and you will see that claims are paid as per the policy

If you still have questions, please contact me directly at rajeev@path2usa.com and I will help you understand, and if it found that you are not paid for any eligible claims, I will work with insurance company to gt it resolved for you.

I hope this helps...

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My Dads Unpaid Bills Posted by : Farukh Durrani On 03 Feb 2009

My father was insured by Inbound USA and I got this policy through you.I have previously purchased this plan for my parents and my in-laws but no one needed any medical treatment that time.
My father had an accident with head injury after falling down and was taken to doctor in his recent visit to USA.I sent the bills to Seven corners and only few hundred dollars were paid.We are getting calls and letters from providers for unpaid bills.I want you to take this matter seriously and take action against seven corners otherwise your reputation is at stake. I dont want this to happen to other people who are travelling to USA through Seven Corners with the intent they are insured and safe which they are not.This is for your information to advice and help and in the mean time we are sending letter of appeal to them.

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Reply - Your Inbound USA Plan Related Query Posted by : Rajeev On 18 Jan 2008

Inbound USA is a limited coverage plan which basically provides ONLY basic medical benefits. It is a cheaper plan and hence limitation on benefits.

Based on what I understood from your posting that, the claim is not denied but under processing, so it would be too early for you to reach on any conclusion. Many times it is not possible for insurance company to promptly process your claim because of the fact that it there are lots of dependencies and unless insurance company get all the information they can not release the money.
As far as I know any insurance company will pay you under the conditions the policy states if it a qualified claim.
On the side note - I would encourage you to talk to claims dept. again.
It also very important for every one to understand that benefits, conditions and limits before you purchase. Many people looks at the price when they buys the insurance and later when time comes to use it they expect that it should cover all of it ..which may not be possible.

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Inbound USA Insurance From Seven Corners. Not Good. Do Not Buy! Posted by : Swarup Polji On 18 Jan 2008

Wanted to share my personal experience with Inbound USA. I got the same for my father and renewed it twice. In month of August 2007 he had a breathing trouble and I took him to a heart specialist since the symptoms looked he had heart trouble. Anyways we raked in a bill of about 600$. The doctors wanted to do more tests but I didn't want to take a chance on spending versus value add. The doctor said my father can travel. So I just sent him back to India for further treatment.

The claim was first sent by the doctor to Inbound USA. A month later I received a form requiring me to fill in a claim. I was asked to also send Dad's passport copy. I sent that. And waited. Another month I get another claim form and rejection notice asking me to submit office notes. I had to pay to doctors office again to get those notes! I wonder why I wasn't asked beforehand or the doctor's office itself wasn't asked for that info. Since they submitted the expense.
I sent these and now I am again waiting ....

I just paid the doctors fees not waiting further. Hoping I'll get the reimbursement but nothing has happened so far.

I remember calling Inbound USA and the person wasn't that co-operative. She always said they ... and not We. i.e She didn't represent Inbound ...

Well In general not happy and probably would never buy this insurance nor recommend it to anyone. Imagine if this event for me was for high amounts. I would have fallen on my face!

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