Imported Organic Baby Food Available In India Online Posted by : berrytree On 28 Jul 2015

No need to carry glass jars of baby food for your babies to India.

berrytree - 100% organic baby food for 6 months and above
Made In Germany

100% Vegetarian - Fruit Purees in 3 flavours
apple banana / apple strawberry banana / pear mango

No Gluten, No Preservatives, No added Flavours, No added Sugar
Packed in clear glass jars with longer shelf life

Available on,,, please visit for more information

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Please Read This Specially People Getting Their Parents To US Posted by : A visitor On 02 Jun 2003

Dear Friends,

Hi, I would like to pass on an important information which you may or may not be aware but is very serious than most people think and which has cost me the life of my mother.

My parents left from Seattle to India on the 18th of march, after visiting me and staying with me for 2 months. They left early instead of their full stay of 6 months, because my father was not keeping well. They had a long flight of 11 and half hours to Taipei.

My mother for some reason did not get up and move throughout the entire journey, not even to use the restroom. I dont know why she did that. It is her 4th time to the US and she has never done this during any of her previous flights.

And at the end of the journey she got up to leave the airplane and walked a few steps before which she fainted and she never got up. (This happened inside the airplane). I am not sure if they provided proper first aid. When she was taken to the hospital she was pronounced dead. And the doctors concluded that it was heart stroke. This happened because she was sitting throughout the 11 and half hour journey and did not stretch her legs or not once got up from her seat to relax her legs. This has resulted in clotting of blood in her legs and then affected her heart.

This is called the Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) also known as the "Economy class Syndrome".

Because inactivity slows down blood flow, patients who are paralyzed by a stroke are at high risk of DVT. So are postoperative patients who are confined to bed, or anyone who remains relatively immobile for hours at a stretch, such as during a long automobile ride or airplane

Please click on the following link for more information about this syndrome called Thrombosis and how you can avoid this. Yes, her death could have been avoided.

Pass this information to your friends, near and dear ones. And when you are traveling and especially when your aged parents or relatives are traveling please keep the following in mind.

- Never compromise on the cost of the flight tickets. Look for minimum amount of air travel.

- And even if they need to travel for long hours, make sure you tell them to take small frequent walks inside the airplane, to stretch their legs and drink plenty of fluids to keep themselves hydrated.

As much as possible get them aisle seats so that they dont think that they are inconveniencing the other passengers to get up and walk.

(I think my mom did not get out of her seat because she was at the window seat of a three seater. My dad was sitting next to her and at the aisle end was another passenger. She must have thought it would bother the other passenger if she had to pass thru him to use the restroom or to take frequent walks).

- Get some kind of insurance, travel insurance or medical insurance.

Imagine what my father had to go thru, when this happened. He was already sick and is left to deal with this huge sorrow of losing his wife, all by himself, in a country where they dont follow what you speak and vice versa.

This should never ever happen to anybody. Please pass on this mail to your friends to create an awareness of this Economy Class Syndrome. Keep in mind, this can happen to the young too, especially pregnant women.
- Sujatha Raghavan.

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