Money Trasfer From Andhra Bank To Icici Bank Posted by : gopinath rao On 15 Aug 2014

I have an account in andhra bank and icici bank, I am a stock trader, I have an demat account in ICICI bank, I have not sufficient money in ICICI bank, so how to transfer money from andhra bank to icici bank.

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AOl Charges Posted by : sapat On 26 Dec 2003

After cancellation, if you happen to use AOL id for reasons like IM, you might get charged for AOL internet access. beware, watch out.

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AOL Posted by : Sam On 04 Apr 2003

Do not believe AOL. They are cheaters. What happened was, i had tried the 45 days free trial for first time users. During the last week i called them and wanted to cancel. They said they would extend the free trial for one two more months. Then i said ok and started using it. To my surprise they billed me after the initial 45 days. When i called the Customer Service and asked why i was billed they said that because the free trial is over so i am billed. Then i said that it was you guys who extended the free trial for another two months. They said that they did not do it and it was not there in their system. Now tell me guys how can i trust them. SO PLEASE FOR GOD SAKE DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO AOL. They are real big time cheaters. If they say that way then whom should i complain to. Any one has any suggestions. Thank you.

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AOL Integrity Stinks Posted by : Essie Lackey On 12 Jun 2002

My experience were with the 45 days. When I called to cancel, I was put on hold for so long I hung up. When I tried to call back. Customer service never answered. Then when I received my statement from my bank aol had withdrawn (2) debits from my account. Of course I am very angry. Each withdrawal was $28.90. Thats $7.90 more than my original account with Earthlinks unlimited access. My solution is: AOL will call me becuase only 5 or 10 dollars will be in my account and I will pay my other customer by mail until they contact me to cancel something I never purchase.
And I will be very nasty when they

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Dont Get Carried Away With Free Deals Posted by : Aupam Gulati On 11 Jul 2000

Dear Friends,
I am troubled by these free internet companies, specifically AOL. You also must be getting these free 500 hours CDs in your mail. Well I did installed one of those, but didnt use the complete 500 hours. It seems that they say that its free for first 500 hours, but it actually is 1 month or 500 hrs which ever comes first. And they started charging me. I tried to close the account, but they are continuously charging me.
My advise is that dont fall for any kind of free deals no matter what is the product, as you might forget the end date, and these people will charge you even if you are late by one day to close the account. Still if you get in such problem, then always remember to take the cancellation number from these people, as this is the only proof that you had asked them to close your account.

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