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Getting A Job In America

Posted by: Ssebire kenneth Robert On 13 Feb 2013

Hi i wanted to know how dose some one get a job in America if they live in another country . How dose that person apply for a job ? what is the interview process i know most jobs use e verify i just dont know what you do to apply for the job and to be considered for one.

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Looking For OPT EAD People For Urgent Positions To Fill

Posted by: Anu On 06 Nov 2012

looking for OPT EAD people who can work on differnt platforms like Java,.Net,Sql Server etc immediately. Very good company to start your career with and attractive salary offers. for further enquiries please contact Human Resources@847-954-4712 or send me email to

Sphere Solutions, Inc

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Required Telecom Job

Posted by: Gunaseelan On 25 Jul 2012


I am 6+ years experience in telecom 2G/3G domain in India. i am searching job in usa.

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I Want To Visit To Usa For A Tourism Perspose

Posted by: Monika Chauhan On 13 Dec 2011

i finished my study last 4years and i doing a job in private company and work is handle the company account and staff maintain sn post is Assi.HR.Executive

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Do I Need GRE Scor For Job.

Posted by: me On 28 May 2010

plz can any one tell me, that do i need a GRE score for job in u.s.?

i am searching for an accountants job.


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Posted by: Satish On 13 May 2010

Thanks Mr. Putrelu gundu tenkalya reddy rao ! I got my visa based on your expert guidance.

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Posted by: raoputrevu On 25 Nov 2009

hi satish this is
I got visa in one minute because of the fact that I was confident enough to answer the visa officers queries.
I have taken all the original documents with me and the pay stubbsalso.
please be cool and say greetings to the visa officer and then start the anwers to the queries. u should convince the officers tht u r keen to come back to India after the studies.
convince the visa officer that USA is best of the international Hub for international students and with more expertized professional faculties.
so all the best and be cool and be no nerves at all.

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Regarding F-1 Visa

Posted by: Satish On 21 Nov 2009

Hi All,

I'm Satish.I persued my in 2006.Currently i'm working for a software firm as support engineer.I got admission into NPU in CA for masters in computer science.
My Visa interview is on Nov-30-2009.Can some one help me how to convince VO fro questions like why MS now?as i'm working.
Plz help me regarding this...

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Posted by: niraj On 17 Oct 2009

presently i am working with MNC as accountant.i have experience for more than 4 years
i am on f1 status. i am looking a job which is related to my field(account). i can work legal in usa. my cell no3478458120 my email id:-

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My Job Experience With Customers

Posted by: Rajkumar On 25 Feb 2009

Hi , Since 2007 i am in USA worked and working for clients.
One thing which i have learnt is you should be proactive on the customer requirements and your communication.

What ever customer is asking you should first communicate them whether you are working or going to work.

In all i mean to say communication is very very important .
Customer will not say anything bad if you say you will be able to start or complete the work with ETA.

If you are not understanding anything for what has been asked , then ASK ASK???
Don't assume the things in USA.

If you are saying how are you ?
You will get an answer as - Not bad , it means Good.

Always be present in meetings on time or before 5 minutes .
If you are going to be late then inform.

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