L1 and L2 visa Experiences

L1 A VISA Intent Filling Sessions

Posted by: Ankur On 14 Jan 2017


Intent filling is one stop shop for all of your questions, concerns, apprehensions and Anxiety.

One session with them and everything will be perfect and you will feel the confidence that your worries were not to be of worth to look at.

I took one hour session and it benefited me in all aspects.

professional are quite knowledgeable here and they discuss your story thoroughly and makes sure that no side is left uncovered.

I would definitely recommend to use them as they are dirt cheap as well.

Appreciable initiative.

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B1 Visa Approved Thanks To Intent Filling

Posted by: Senthil On 31 Dec 2016

Hello Everyone,

Thanks to this forum and many others but I would like to thank Intent Filling for providing excellent interview prep sessions.

Though I have been lucky to be interrogated with only 2 questions why you are going and salary but it was a good experience.

I would definitely recommend intentfilling sessions.

Thanks Everyone.

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L1B Got Approved In Chennai

Posted by: Rammy On 24 Dec 2016

My VISA got Approved at Chennai consulate on Dec 22nd.
I went along with my spouse.

VO: Hi Sir/Hi Mam, Good Morning. How are you doing?
Me: Good Morning. I am doing good. Thank you.

VO: Company?

VO: Which VISA you've applied for?
Me: L1B Blanket

VO: What will be your per annum US Salary?

VO: For how long will you be there?
Me: 3 yrs.

VO: Who will be your client?
Me: I will be working for our parent company only.

VO: What is the specialized skill?
Me: Designed tool ... etc.

VO: How many people will be there in your team?
Me: X

VO: Whom you will be reporting to?

VO: What will be your designation there?
Me: XX

VO: When did you married?

== Questions for my wife ==
VO: Where did you guys meet?
Me: Arranged marriage, matrimonial site

VO: What is your highest educational qualification?

The intent filling sessions were really helpful to help me understand the intent of the questions correctly. I would recommend this to others.

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L1 A Individual Experience With Intent Known For Best

Posted by: Poonam On 24 Dec 2016

Dear Friends,

I have come across Intent filling through one of my friend called Jason and indeed it was worth it.

The experts of Intent team is core, pure and full of knowledge. They helped us, prepared us with all kind of possible tricky questions to be asked by VO at Consulate.

First I took their one hour session, to understand the L1A category, requirement, Do and dons and many more. Post that I went for their mock session, again it was deep and excellent.

They train candidates in such a way that it brings confidence and what best than professional preparedness.

and Most imp along with the best quality of service they provide , they are inexpensive …, surprised? :- ) even i was. But thanks to my destiny that i came across such wonderful team.

Thanks a lot!! Keep doing the great work ????


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Before L1A Interview In Tel Aviv

Posted by: noa On 21 Dec 2016

My husband is being sent by a company that Microsoft just acquired to set up a team in the US and be responsible for integration with the companies products.
I would be GRATEFUL for some tips about what he should say in the interview about why he's needed there and how to explain the fact that he has no one to report to there and that no local team to begin with (he has to recruit)


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L1A Approved Mumbai

Posted by: Ashu On 16 Dec 2016

Hi All,

Thanks to this forum and I have got my L1A visa. Question were basics but tricky. Here is the interview snippet-

V.O. - Document please
Me- Here it is.

VO- Why are you going to US?
Me- Answered in 2 lines

VO- Salary?

VO- Who do you report to?

VO- Whom he report to?

VO- Their location?

VO- How many years you have been in this role?

VO- Current Salary?

and thats it and visa got approved.

Thanks everyone who helped me here. I have done my thorough preparation on my answers and everything.

Also I have attended Intentfilling sessions which are quite popular these days.

Thanks Everyone !!!!

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My L1B Individual Got Approved After Rejection Blanket

Posted by: Dexter On 15 Dec 2016


I got rejected in March,2016 in L1B Blanket, not picked in H1B lottery in 2017 in May and then my employer filed L1B Individual Premium processing. You can understand the situation of a guy having back to back rejections,indeed heartbroken. I tried to take help from different websites but it seems like L1B Individual is a rare category so did not get much help. I documented things and shared with the attorney my company appointed for my case. After a review she told me that my case does not hold strong reason and possess least chance of approval. Got frustrated!!! Then I again tried to find experienced people and their documents. Luckily I got a person who got L1B Indiv approved in past 6 months. I took help from him and prepared a more detailed document. The moral of the story is,

1> Document Tools as much as you can. Also, provide necessary supporting documents to prove that you have created them.
2> Prepare questions in all probable way like
"Why you should go there and not any other person?
Why people over there cannot do your work?
Why your previous VISA got rejected(if applicable)?
Why you should be in client location and not in company location?
Why the task cannot be accomplished from India?
Why this tool/product is necessary?
Will your tool/product create employment there?"

The above is also applicable for people appearing in L1B Blanket and need justified answers.

After I completed my documents and submitted to the attorney to file them...Bang.... I got an RFE!!!!

This time I got serious and prepared more and more justified documents related to my statements. I provided all the related documents I could provide, bar graphs,charts to get it approved. In RFE they asked 27 questions which sums up my total petition. So you can understand I had to rework on the entire thing and submit.

I submitted them and was praying to God for the approval. Finally, it got approved on Oct 24 but wow I had one more huddle to achieve "THAT"!!! The Interview!!!

Earlier I got rejected in Chennai and withing 9 months again I am in the same position. I inquired and came to know that this is basically a formality from many of my colleagues. However, many also said in this forum that your petition approval in USCIS does not grantee a VISA.

My D-day was 14th Dec,Delhi. I went with my wife to the consulate.There were almost 12 counters as I can remember, I was pretty nervous but had a killer attitude this time. The VO was a handsome dude who can easily replace any Hair Gel model in adds. I just saw the family in front of me got approval and after I wished the VO, he went to place the passport of them.Goosebumps,similar situation was there when I got rejected in Chennai,this time I was in counter no 13 too :O

VO:- Where do you wish to travel?
Me:- NJ, Also added why my being there is the only thing that can save America from ..;)

VO:- US Salary?
VO:- US designation and current Desig?
VO:- (to my wife) Are you going to do a job?

and then the golden words."Your VISA is approved!!!"

I want to thanks everyone in this website.

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Posted by: fecok On 14 Dec 2016

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L1B Visa Approved Chennai

Posted by: Neeraj On 05 Dec 2016

Its time to give back to this forum. Though its not very famous this forum but this really helped me to get some of the imp information about L1A visa.

I went to counslate at 8 30 sharp and then long queue, security checks and then finally my turn came-

VO ask me - Why are you going to US? Which Company? Salary?

and then What will you do and why.

I have already prepared these basic questions exactly matching my profile, thanks to intentfilling team who helped me to prepare. I never thought this 1 hour session would be so much useful

Thanks Everyone in this forum, Thanks Intent Filling

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L1 A Chennai Blanket

Posted by: Ravi On 28 Nov 2016

I was nervous and went 30 min early.

without giving details lets go straight to questions -

there were some basic questions and some tough like-

1. Why are you going to US?
2. Where will you live?
3. Salary?
4. Why only you?
5. Why cant it be done from India?
6. Why don't you have offshore?
But I went through as I had a good preparation from Intentfilling guys. Really thanks guys!!!

I would recommend www.intentfilling.com

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