L1B Blanket Rejected At Chennai Posted by : Nikhil On 16 Aug 2017

Dear all,
My Interview was excellent and VO also seems to be convinced on the specialized skills. The interview lasted for 15 mins. Initial 10 questions were like some Rapid-fire round. I had over 5-8 minutes to explain the specialized skills clearly. To my Surprise, he have stamped on both of my I-129S as “Not clearly approvable”. VO Mentioned at the end, without handing over any slip – “Sorry Sir, your visa is not clearly approvable for L1 Blanket. There is no problem with your skills, ask your company to apply under a different category”

Not Sure what went wrong, Guys please help.?

Following are the questions,

1. Good morning Sir
• Very Good Morning Sir.

2. Have you ever applied for Visa?
• Yes, in October 2016 my B1 got rejected. I was handed over 216(b)

3. How long you have been in this company?
• 3 years 4 months

4. What is your highest Qualification?
• MBA in Marketing Management

5. What will be your designation?
• Business Development Manager

6. What will be your salary in the US?
• XXXX USD per month

7. Where will you be working in US?
• From our US Office - Livonia, Michigan

8. Do you know which category of visa you are applying for?
• Yes Sir, Its L1B Blanket Non-Immigrant Visa

9. How long you will work in USA?
• Three years.

10. Will you be working from your Parent company or from Client side?
• I will be working from our office. I may visit client sites for meetings as needed, but will report to at all times, remain an employee of , and will be the company paying me, controlling my work, and making decisions relating to my employment.

11. What is your specialized knowledge?
o Explained

12. Can you tell me something about this technology?
• Sir, this Is not a technology, but this is our Proprietary Offshore Delivery model.
• Basically, we use this model to ….(explained briefly)
(Explained the model and had 5-8 minutes to explain this, without any interruption by the VO. I was very passionately explaining this and the VO was staring at me till the end)
Response by VO - Good.

13. How are you going to implement this in the US?
• Explained…

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L1A Approved Chennai Posted by : Nithya On 01 Aug 2017

My experience was great. Be calm and confident with your answers. I have gone for L1A with my Family,
VO : Good Morning
Me: Good Morning (with smile)
VO: May I have your passport please?
Me: I have given the passports
My 7 yr old daughter : Wow, This speaker is amazing
VO : Thanks You (with smile). To me: Which VISA category you are applying for?
Me: L1A Individual
VO: Are you working for ****** company?
Me: Yes
VO: How long?
Me: 6 years
VO: Where are you going in US?
Me: Answered
VO: How much is your Salary?
Me: Answered
VO: How long you are intended to stay?
Me: 3 years
VO: Who is your customer?
Me: Answered
VO: How old is your kid?
Me: Elder one is 7 yrs and the Younger one is 2 yrs. My daughter interrupted and said "I am 71/2 and my brother is 21/2"
VO: Laughed and said "That's a perfect answer" Your VISA is approved. Have a safe trip to US.

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L1A Individual Visa Interview Scheduled Posted by : Sachin On 26 Jul 2017


I got my L1A individual approved from USCIS. Have interview in a few days. Can someone please tell me what questions to expect in the L1A individual interview.


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L1 B Visa Interview Posted by : Chandramouli On 23 Jun 2017

Hi Guys,
I am sharing my experience L1 visa interview recently,
i would say that preparation is very important, prepare your answers very well write down,recite and practice so you will be confident during the interview.
chennai consulate is very small place over crowded not well organized at all. If you have an experience paying your power bill standing in a que in the BESCOM counter its just similar to that. there will be 10 or 15 counters just next to next and you can hear the visa consular asking questions over the mic so dont get distracted.
The interview will last for hardly 3 or 5 mins so focus on your turn and interview as the chances of getting distracted are more.

Me : Hi Good Morning !
VO : Good morning !
VO : Where are you going ?
Me : Answered Caifornia and am office address.
VO : Which company do your work ?
Me : Answered xxxx pvt ltd India.
VO : How long are your working with the company?
Me ; Since 2.5 years.
VO: Whats your skill?
Me : Answered few tools like Business Intelligence,ADF etc.
VO : Why Are you going there ?
Me : Answered ..this is important questions i feel, so per your visa category your answered should match L1 is for special skill so make sure your skill is not available in US and you have done something unique.
VO : All most done.
Me : OK Sir
VO : ASked my wife how long are your married ?
Me : she replied 3 months he laughed and said our VIsa is Approved and enjoy your stay in US.

Guys be prepared that's the key make sure you use right words and not over do anything, The questions are going to more or less the same.

Good luck

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L1A Visa Experince At HYDERABAD US Consulate Posted by : SS On 13 Jun 2017

I had an appointment in the second week of June 2017, and my category was on L1A individual and I attended along with my spouse and kid.

MYSELF: Good morning madam
US consulate officer: Good morning sir.

US consulate officer (USCO): What is the role/designation that you are going to perform?
MYSELF: Program manager

USCO: how many years have you been performing a managerial role?
MYSELF: * years

USCO: How many team members report under you?
MYSELF: * members

USCO: How long are you going to stay in this visit?
MYSELF: * years

USCO: How long have you been with this client?
MYSELF: * years

USCO: Who is your end client?

USCO: How many kids you have?
MYSELF: * kids

USCO: How many years you were with your current employer?
MYSELF: * years

USCO: Which location are you are you going to work from?
MYSELF: mentioned the City and State

USCO: Have a safe trip back to the US. Thank you!
MYSELF: Thank you madam.

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L1B Visa Approved Posted by : Harish On 09 May 2017

Hi All, It was a great help from this forum. I reached to Chennai on 26th evening. OFC on 27th 12.15 and VISA interview on 28th 9.15 AM. As its been mentioned in earlier post visa process is quite stressful and tiring, specially documentation part.

One thing I would like to mention that I was looking for some guidance over the answers considering my profile is testing and wanted to have mock interviews.

I came across Intent Filling online sessions and registered for these sessions. These were really helpful and gave me confidence to answer interview questions. These session gave me idea about - choosing your words carefully and Dos and Don’ts. I created 2 folders for myself: Primary which had: Appointment Letter All original passport (old + new) Form DS160 + I797 + G28 Letter from Employer Company Annual Report Secondary: All my education certificates and training certificates Resume All experiences letters from my work history Photograph (which is not needed) I did not carry DD due to confusion of currency conversion, instead I carried 17*2000 = 34000 INR cash which helped as it was pleasantly accepted and there were no issues for this. On 27 we had Bio-metric for me and my dependents. Although it was mentioned at multiple forums smart casuals are OK but I was dressed up in a blazer, thinking that it’s always good to dress-up instead of down as it should not have any negative impact. On 28 we reached venue at 9:00 AM (15 mins before the scheduled time). We were carrying mobiles with us thinking that there will be lockers provided to keep our belongings. But that was not the case. There are no lockers at VISA interview location, however this facility is available at OFC location. We were not allowed to enter the premised, I called-up my cab and kept mobiles in the cab and moved inside the building. After documentation check and sorting, I paid 34K INR on counter 14 and moved to VISA interview queue. Here it goes:

VO: Good morning Sir! Me: Very Good Morning Sir

VO: Your passports please Me: I gave only my passport, my spouse and son were with me

VO: Are these your dependents and will travel with you? Me: Yes

VO: Please give me all passports? Me: (*Handed over passport of my son and spouse)

VO: (looking at passport to my spouse) Are you from Rajasthan? My Spouse: (Smilingly) Yes

VO: (To me) How did you meet? Me: Through family contacts

VO: What is your product? Me: Explained

VO: (Asked full form of our product and company) Me: Answered

VO: Since how long you are working with this company? Me: (I thought he is asking for my proposed stay in US so I answered 3 years but I realized that there is something wrong so confirmed again) I misunderstood your question, are you asking my stay with company or proposed stay in US? VO: Since how long you are working with this company? Me: 6 Years

VO: Why you are travelling to US? Me: Answered

VO: Where you are going in US? Me: Answered

VO: Who is using your product? Me: All leading investment banks Throughout the interview, VO was typing something, I made sure that my answers are short and to the point. I also made sure I am composed throughout the interview and maintaining eye contact as well as body language. I found VO a nice pleasant guy, he seems to understood all my answers clearly. But I was not sure what will be final result.

After sometime he said - Your VISA is approved, these are your documents. Have a nice day!! It was nice experience. Few points I would like to mention: Do not worry about DD, cash and cards are acceptable, do not Panic I think I was working on documents a lot referring to checklist in forum, prepared sets of all documents – ITRs, Pay slips, experience, marriage photographs, wedding invitation cards but none of these were asked to verify. I am not sure if it is really required to carry all these stuff.

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L1B Visa Approved Posted by : PS On 24 Jan 2017


My L1B visa has been approved…
I am really thankful to Intent Filling, especially Avinash for the session.

Session was very helpful in terms of prep required for the tricky question based on individual profile which can be asked.
Breifing helped me with clearing all my queries.

As said,, be confident and think over the question before answering it.

Be thoroughly prepared for L1B.

Thank You,

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L1 A VISA Intent Filling Sessions Posted by : Ankur On 14 Jan 2017


Intent filling is one stop shop for all of your questions, concerns, apprehensions and Anxiety.

One session with them and everything will be perfect and you will feel the confidence that your worries were not to be of worth to look at.

I took one hour session and it benefited me in all aspects.

professional are quite knowledgeable here and they discuss your story thoroughly and makes sure that no side is left uncovered.

I would definitely recommend to use them as they are dirt cheap as well.

Appreciable initiative.

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B1 Visa Approved Thanks To Intent Filling Posted by : Senthil On 31 Dec 2016

Hello Everyone,

Thanks to this forum and many others but I would like to thank Intent Filling for providing excellent interview prep sessions.

Though I have been lucky to be interrogated with only 2 questions why you are going and salary but it was a good experience.

I would definitely recommend intentfilling sessions.

Thanks Everyone.

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L1B Got Approved In Chennai Posted by : Rammy On 24 Dec 2016

My VISA got Approved at Chennai consulate on Dec 22nd.
I went along with my spouse.

VO: Hi Sir/Hi Mam, Good Morning. How are you doing?
Me: Good Morning. I am doing good. Thank you.

VO: Company?

VO: Which VISA you've applied for?
Me: L1B Blanket

VO: What will be your per annum US Salary?

VO: For how long will you be there?
Me: 3 yrs.

VO: Who will be your client?
Me: I will be working for our parent company only.

VO: What is the specialized skill?
Me: Designed tool ... etc.

VO: How many people will be there in your team?
Me: X

VO: Whom you will be reporting to?

VO: What will be your designation there?
Me: XX

VO: When did you married?

== Questions for my wife ==
VO: Where did you guys meet?
Me: Arranged marriage, matrimonial site

VO: What is your highest educational qualification?

The intent filling sessions were really helpful to help me understand the intent of the questions correctly. I would recommend this to others.

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