L1 and L2 visa Experiences


Posted by: Guest On 30 Apr 2017

Why the status show’s administrative processing when vo returned passport and stamped on petition paper as not clearly approvable. Still is there any chance . Vo kept one form.

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Posted by: MABEL On 29 Apr 2017

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Posted by: JANE On 04 Apr 2017

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L1A In Chennai

Posted by: Rahul On 27 Mar 2017

There are many good examples of visa interviews here, and mine went very similar n smoothly. So not adding anything here.
1 thing i did want to add was locker facility. It is no longer there in US Consulate in Chennai, so if u cannot avoid bringing ur phone or a bag, you will have a tout coming up to u and taking u to one of the nearby shops to keep the bag/phone. They give u a token, but its not official, so lacks confidence. I got my possessions lack safely, but it could be just luck.
Regards, Rahul.

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L1 A Blanket Visa Got Approved In Chennai

Posted by: HC On 18 Mar 2017

Just want to share my experience on the forum, I got my L1 A Blanket Visa approved Big thanks to Intent Filling and Harsh who really help me with the Preparation and get the Visa
Here is my Story- I have applied for L1B in 2012 and it got rejected as not clearly approvalable, I continue at offshore after and as my position changed now my Employer want me to travel to US to manage Program for a prestigious client, they went ahead with the L1 A. I was really nervous cause of previous rejection and not confident that i will be able to get Visa this time as we hear about lot of Rejections happening and additional Scrutiny for Visa approvals. That’s when i came across Intent filling and they really help to prepare for the Visa Interview by understanding my case and preparing the answers in the preparation session and then conducting Mock interviews that help to gain Confidence
I strongly recommend Intent Filling to all Future aspirant of the Visa

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L1B Blanket Visa Approved Intentfilling Sessions Helped

Posted by: Guest On 15 Feb 2017

My L1B blanket visa got approved. Questions are below:

VO: You are working with company XXX
Me: Yes

VO: Have you been to the US before?
Me: Yes. In the year 20xx and 20yy.

VO: Are you going to work for a client in the US?
Me: No. I’ll be working for my company XXX.

VO: What is your role in the US?
Me: Explained my role.

VO: Did you say you developed the tool yy?
Me: Yes I designed and developed the tool yy. Explained 1 more sentence about the tool.

VO: What will be your salary in the US?
Me: XYZ per annum
Questions for my wife:
VO: How long have you been married for?
Me: X years.

VO: What’s your highest qualification?
Me: xyz

VO: Are you working currently?
Me: Yes

VO: So will you be quitting your job if you have to go to the US?
Me: Yes

VO: Smiled at my daughter and said, she must be 2 years old!
Me: Yeah. That’s right.

I registered for intentfilling sessions. Intent filling sessions have been extremely helpful. Their feedback and sessions, have given us more clarity to understand the visa types and their expectations. Our confidence levels were really good after attending their sessions. These sessions are highly recommended.

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Chennai Consulate

Posted by: Naveen On 07 Feb 2017

Hi Guys,

Got my L1-B approved today,

It was quick 5 to 6 questions.

1. How long are you working company XXX


2. What is client?


3. What is your special Skill


4. Why do you have to go to US


5. How long are you intended to stay


VO : Your Visa is approved and as per new regulations only 1 copy of petition you have take while travelling.

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Visa Got Approved At Chennai Consulate On 2nd Feb

Posted by: Manjula On 04 Feb 2017

My VISA got Approved at Chennai consulate on 2nd Feb.

VO: Hi Sir/Hi Mam, Good Morning.
Me: Very Good Morning with smile on Face :)

VO: Which company you work for ?

VO: From how many years you have been working with current company ?
Me: 3.6 years

VO: Which VISA you've applied for?
Me: L1A Blanket

VO: What will be your yearly US Salary?

VO: Current role & responsibilities (India)??

VO: What will be your roles & responsibilities (US) ??

VO: What will be your designation there?
Me: XX

VO: Will you be working at client location?
Me: NO

and that’s it and visa got approved.

The intent filling sessions were really helpful to help in understanding questions and answering them correctly. Tips given really helped, to not to make silly mistakes which are possible and could be unintentional.

I would strongly recommend to attend 1 hour session with Intent Filing.

I came across Intent filling while browsing for experiences of L1 interviews.

First I took their one hour session, to understand the L1A category, requirements, Do and dons and many more. Post that I went for their mock session, again it was excellent.

Thanks and good luck

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L1B Visa Approved

Posted by: PS On 24 Jan 2017


My L1B visa has been approved…
I am really thankful to Intent Filling, especially Avinash for the session.

Session was very helpful in terms of prep required for the tricky question based on individual profile which can be asked.
Breifing helped me with clearing all my queries.

As said,, be confident and think over the question before answering it.

Be thoroughly prepared for L1B.

Thank You,

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