L1 B Interview Experience

Posted by Tapas Ghosal On 08 Oct 2008

I had my L1-B visa interview on 3rd Oct 08 in Mumbai at 9.00am which I successfully cleared. I experienced that if we keep our calm and be patient at the time of interview then its very easy to clear the interview. Its always advisible to thoroughly read I 129-S form and the documentation including the petition filled by your company. We were three friends whose visa interview was there.I reached VFS centre at 8.45am and after depositing an amount of Rs200 (which is the fee charged by VFS for providing the facilities) was allowed entry to an AC room. After waiting there for 5 mins a smart guy came calling please raise your hand who came for L1-B visa. Then he instructed to take out two copies of I 129-S form, 1st page of notice of action page, demand draft(write your name and passport no at the backside of draft), interview letter and passport. He clubed it and asked to follow him to bus provided by VFS to take us to the US consulate. It takes roughly 10 mins to reach consulated from VFS. There I had to stand in a queue which had only L1-B candidates. After a 15 min wait we all were asked to come inside where there was a very strict security check. Once I was inside the consulate I was asked to stand in a queue to give finger print. While I was standing in the queue a guy came and collected the bunch containing passport and demand draft. He also gave me a pink token with a number printed on it. I got my no as 81 a lucky no for me. After giving finger print I was asked to wait and watch out for my no to be called. After a very long wait of about one hour my no was called and with tension and nervous I went inside. Following are the questions asked:-
Q:- Why you want to go to US
Q:- What is your area of specialization
Q:- For which company you are working and for how many years
Q:- For how long you want to stay in US
Q:- What is your annual salary in India

After answering the questions she(interviewer) gave me the 1st page of notice of action and the stamped copies of two copies of form I-129 S and asked to collect passport later. I was very much relaxed as I got my L1-B visa.


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