APPLY FOR A TRAVELING VISA AT CALIFORNIA Posted by : Alex Emrick On 08 Jan 2017

Hello everyone.

You would want to apply for your visa to U.S.A,CANADA,UK,INDIA or to any other country about 2 months before travel, apply directly,contact Alex costumer operation team and request for visa information Form that has all the step by step process on how to obtain a visa along with the fees for processing.

Online visa application at USA California,have you applied for a travelling visa before?
Was your request accepted or denied?here is an opportunity for you,we can help you with preparing any type of visa you choose to apply for If you are planning to travel to any other country other than USA,like UK,CANADA Then you need to have flight itineraries for each and every city in your plan. You can get more inquiries about flight itinerary for visa application here.No need to be struggling at Embassy,do you have bad records in your country?
We can still process a visa for you today.

Get a complete online visa application form now,contact for more info and enquirers on how to get your visa ready today,contact with via mobile:+16056447941

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Expungement Of Record Through Pretrial Intervention Posted by : Azuley On 29 Oct 2014

I would like to begin by thanking anyone and everyone whom may be able to give me insight or suggestions regarding my situation. My situation is the following; I am a week from going to pretrial intervention to have some felony charges dismissed and expunged, my problem and concern is I am also in the middle of an immigration process. I am needing to know or any details anyone may be able to offer if the dismissal of these charges through pretrial will affect my process to obtain a workers permit renewal and ultimately a permanent resident status. Please if anyone could share any suggestions or experiences I would greatly appreciate them.

Thank you!

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Awesome Service Posted by : Tabish Ahmed On 13 Jun 2014

I recently transferred money to my parents from U.S. being settled here for work purpose, I must say RemitLite provides the best of service, always prefer this service when it comes to money transfer.

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Consultant For Visa Posted by : sarika On 03 Dec 2012

I am indian citizen by birth, i am getting married in USA my would be husband in staying in USA on work permit, he is canadian by birth & staying in USA for last 5 yrs, we both want to stay in USA , after marriage what is procedure i can get dependent visa on his work permit, what charges i have to pay & how long it will take to get me visa for USA....
I am having current documents - passport, election card, bank account, birth certificate, school leaving certificate, ration card. now please inform me about charges , time required for visa..

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Good Posted by : Jeyaganthan On 31 Aug 2012

I visited Mineeapolis(MN), Pulaski(TN) & New Orleans, LA this month for an official training program. Initially I faced difficulties by minkling with American culture and later had a good experience.

No Gossips / No Bluffs/ No assumptions maintain in all the work spots / restaurants/ public places. You can get their help if you ask them otherwise they will be on their own track. Every one wish to handle the situations individually even though some of them are handicapped.

All people are neat and clean always and give equal respect to others whether they are their superiors or in lower cadres. Self-respect is important. They follow Punctuality, Self-discipline, good culture, Traffic rules and not disturb others for any reasons.

Hard work. Sincerity, achivements are appreciable by them all means. Students are doing part time jobs and spend their leisure times in sports. I Ilke their culture and decide to follow them in some specific catagories.

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Quality Of US Life Posted by : Aneesh On 26 Jan 2012

As an Indian working and living in USA has its own positive and negative ipacts.

India hold superior position human trafficking,though majority of the peple goes to middleeast countries and good proportion goes to Europe and USA.

The main reason why indians going these countries is tomoney for family savings and better life.

What iam trying here is comapring here about immigration to Middleeat vs US and UK.

People leaves india to US and UK is for better job and life,and if u want to go yourself you should hold good education background or us profession is one with high demand(due to demand supply imbalances, for eg, there was huge boom in mid 2005s about Nurses.US expericening huge nursing shortage and US healthcare was in distress 2/2 shortage of nurses, so that created high openings for nurses, it nearly lasted for 3 yrs,and at this point it is saturated).
People goes to USA for better money and life,here is the debating question,what is the quality of the life?? The general lfe expericences in US isgr8 in my experince,comapring to india ,in US wherehuman life is valued than enything, no corruption in lower levesl, and everthing is easlily accessbile,You need money for all these and on the other side you reached USA for money and better living.
And more over law promotes family living so you can bring your family.
So the qaality of life is is mechanical and nobody interferes others life and business, if youdont have your family the life is going to mechnacial and you feels like you are just living for money.Here is the question how many people returns having a Green crad or citizenship in US very few,.I saw few people left here, and main reason is they earned a decentamount in 10-15 yrs and stiil they will got decent salary they work in india.
US life quality is not great, though you get everything but you have to work hard till your last breath.

SO if you have a decent living in india do not consider USA.the money is not eveything, As said""70% of the human problems can be solved with money,30% above the money....The majorityof the indians who complains about the quality of life in USA comes under this 30%.they have decent earning but they missing good life,away from stress ,close to families and freinds...

Good luck NRI

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L2 Visa Experience At Chennai Consulate Posted by : Guest On 28 Jun 2011

Hi everyone ,I came to Houston,US just 2 weeks back .Before coming we will be having lots of question having all the answers full of fear and doubts .People who had been to US had answer question but all with negative replies .
Out of those many question one very important is Visa Interview .....
People was telling visa interview is going to be very tough .They will reject it.You should prepare yourself for rejection .Don't say this,don't say that,and so on.....But frankly speaking people are very nice at Chennai Consulate.

Few things what i can suggest according to my experience 1. Prepare all your docs and arrange them nicely. 2.Be prepared for any answer like your date of marriage etc .3.If you are gng with ur hubby then know little about ur hubby company and work profile 4.Wear official dress 5.Reach 45 min before the scheduled time .
6.Believe in ur luck and in god.

Have a nice day

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Memorable Experience Posted by : Prannu On 13 Oct 2009

I was in US for 1.5 Years, and my trip is a memorable one.
I have few things 2 share.
Firstly what i noticed is every individual maintains Personnel & professional punctuality which in india is soma wat hard 2 find. There are people here who do maintain but....
Traffic sense.. i'll give 100/100 for the people over there. They way people obey traffic rules..
Its quite contrasting here, even if one wishes to follow the rules, he cannot
Last but not the lease, cleanliness in public places.

Am not critisizing any 1, jus sharing my exp.


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FedEx Lost My Familys Passports- Pls Help! Posted by : victorialdg On 31 May 2009

Mailed to indian consulate on May 20th ,2009 and FedEx says its been lost during shipment. The pasports were sent for renewal. Now what next..Pls help with your suggestions!
Indian passports of three family members.
Police won't take passports lost kind of complaints. I live in fremont,CA



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Life Is US --Not A Good Option If You Have Good Job In India Posted by : Waiting for the day to return back to India On 09 Apr 2009

I personally feel you have some shorterm advantages when you move to US but certainly you loose much more if you decide to live here for ever.

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