Wrong Stamping Of Date Posted by : Atul nanavati On 30 Dec 2013

I and my wife entered u.s.a. Thru' Newark for onward journey to L.A.

As flight was delayed we were in hurry and didn't noticed wrong exit date stamping.(instead of June 2014 it was stamped as June 2013. Entry date was Dec 24 2013 . Exit date:*June23 2013*

What is way out?

Atul Nanavati.

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Suggestions Please Posted by : Singh On 28 May 2012

myself 33 and wife 33 with a kid applying for b2 for tourism purpose. no relative in usa. We are going with friends. My salary is 6 figures monthly and wife has a 5 figure salary. we have made hotel and travel bookings also. Any suggestions and advices please!

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My Son Is Born In US Having US Citizenship Posted by : sagar On 04 Oct 2011

my son is born in US having US citizenship i.e passport and birth certificate, SSN. after his 3 yrs on my personal intreset we came back to india for good. if we want to do his school education in USA can we travel with him as he is minor US citizen. please suggest

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I Need To Come To Us For An Emergency Posted by : shankar On 22 Jul 2010


Anybody could help me to find a way to come to US immediately, my wife is us citizen she had applied for I 130 at chicago and got an receipt sayinng that they have received our application and its two months over still now i couldnt see any thing on the the check my status level..
on the other hand my wife is pregnant and she is sufferring from ulcerative colitis i just need to support her in this situation..... if anybody knows an immediate way to come to us , do let me know about it.


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Yes I Am Travelling Posted by : Ravi ka Dost On 13 May 2010

Ravi Yes I am travelling this 22nd - just late by one year ;-)

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Any Body Travelling On 22nd Or 23rd To USA From HYD Posted by : Ravi On 21 Dec 2009


Anybody is travelling to USA(NewYork) on December 22nd or 23rd.


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In Law- First Time Flyer Posted by : kvs On 22 Sep 2009

hello members , my mother in law is planning to cm in oct to us and she speaks hindi only..can anyone suggest me smthing how she sud go abt at the indian airport for secuirty check and terminals and all..

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Passport Renewal @ Chicago Posted by : Rohit On 14 Apr 2009

Hi All,
I got my passport renewed from Chicago consulate today. I sent the original passport via express mail on 1st April and they received it on 2nd April ( make sure to have a proof of delivery , express mail allows that). I got the new passport and the original ( cancelled) passport today ( 14th April 2009).

For 3.5 x 3.5 CM stamps, I struggled on what to do. I tried Sears , Walgreens but no one was ready to give photos in 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm. I used the photo Serif software and printed multiple photos in 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm.

In the passport form, there is a bug which marks your country of birth as your distrct ( if you were born in India). I faced the same issue and had to fill in the application twice. Also, I selected the option of aply for a fresh passport on the web form.

Hope this helps. one moe thing - I got my latest address in India updated on passport. I didn't need to submit any address proof for that.


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Got Visitor's Visa For Me And My Parents Posted by : Uma On 01 Oct 2008

First off all let me thank “path2Usa” ..... We could prepare ourselves from visitors experiences so I will like to share my experience also.

On 30th September we three went for the visa interview at Mumbai consulate. Follow their instructions and guidelines. No doubt that they are very strict about discipline but they are very much helpful also. Please do not carry your electronic gadgets with you at the interview place avail the locker facility provided by the VFS.

Though we had applied separately they told us to appear for the interview together.

We were asked few questions and the visa was granted:

Firstly he asked questions to my father :
1) What is the purpose of your visit?
2) Where is your son working?
3) How long is he in US?
4) Did he go there as a student?
5) To which school?
6) It seems that you are a proprietor of a company named “***”?
7) When did you start your company?
8) How many workers you have?
9) Who is going to manage your company in your absence?
10) What type of products you manufacture?
11) Can I see some of your products in Mumbai?
12) Who are your customers?
13) Do you have only two children son and this daughter?
14) What is your wife is doing here?
15) What is annual income?
16) Have you ever gone abroad?
He asked me:
17) In which school you are studying?
18) What is your specialization?

He didn’t check a single document…
Then typed something on the computer for some time and said
“OK. You all are set. Have a nice trip!”

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Going Back To USA. Posted by : crazy gal. On 24 Jul 2008

well...where to start?
we had a fabulous marriage here four yrs back,enjoyed honeymoon,went to USA.Me on h4,him on h1.
we also had very fabulous and quality time in USA,visited many places,enjoyed friends and restaurents.After 3 yrs,he was abt to complete his H1,we did not proceed fro GC and stuff.Finally we returned back to india.we are having a lovely own apt with 2 yrs old kid enjoying with her grandparents on both side and he has got a decsent job and pay.The thing is.....
He again applied for his h1,got it.Now i like to go back to USA...or not.i dont know.iam really confused(but i luved there,ofcourse who wudn't?)..
if we decide to go back...hw will it be?
anybody did sail like the same boat we are now sailing??
i wud really appreciate replies from u all..

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