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Madras Pavillion, San Antonio

Posted by: Virgomom On 18 Mar 2009

We visited San Antonio a few months ago & had lunch at Madras Pavillion.
The lunch buffet was very good. They had a good variety of vegetarian & non-vegetarian dishes. The guy at the front desk was polite & asked for our feedback.

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Indian Restaurants In USA

Posted by: Sadanand On 22 Jun 2007

I have only few things to say. This applies to most of the Indian Restaurants in USA.

We visit India Restaurants in US just to feel at home, but the people there they are GREAT!!!!!

Their views about us and themselves (I believe so)

1. We are there to eat only and they are paying us for that.
2. They speak the BEST english (Infact which is the WORST)
3. If few people other than Indians are eating there then they pay more than that we pay for the same food.
4. They are born and brought up in USA.

etc etc a lot.

At the end I would say atleast at few places we really get good food!

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Posted by: M1NR On 11 Apr 2007

Minneapolis- Two desi places in downtown

1. Bombay Bistro: Amazing place. Great buffet lunch- around 12 bucks per head for very good food, choice of veg and non veg. Might get crowded once in a while. On Marquette and 8th. ****

2. New Delhi: On Eat Stree (Nicollet after Hyatt): Okay place, not too expensive, lotsa place to sit, I have had better food than what they serve here. ***

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Good Hotels In MetroPark Newjersey Area

Posted by: ajith On 28 Sep 2006

Dosa Express in Green Street is very good for Dosa items .But this can get crowded during weekend nights .

Rasoi - vrey good food and they have non veg buffet lunch which cost only 10$ per person. good service too .

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Great Briyanis At Shahi Kabab Parsippany NJ

Posted by: NJ Guy On 16 Jun 2006

Food to too good and price is very reasonable! me and friends love the briyani , very tasty food.

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Posted by: SRINI On 08 May 2006


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Tangra Masala In Queens, NY

Posted by: A. Dsouza On 01 Mar 2006

this is our special and all time favorite Indian-Chinese place!'s cozy, the food is out of this world...far better than the heartburn crap that you get in Jackson Heights!! But come early on Friday night, the place is packed to the brim after 8pm especially during spring, summer and fall!
on queens blvd, close to target, take R, V, G to Grand street i guess...has a green awning....

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Udupi Bhavan Goes Non-veg

Posted by: K Srinivasan On 27 Jan 2006


I am quite sure there are several of us living in the
Fremont /Newark area visiting Udupi Restaurant in Newark frequently, well I just wanted to caution you that their service has gone to dogs (or should I say cock-roaches), because we did find the latter in the

Their excuse: they sprayed the place with insecticide, and
the cock-roach must have gotten into the batter (as if it had a
last wish on death-row to die eating Rava dosa ), the manager explains with a stupid grin on his face, so the question which begs to be asked is "What else fell into batter ?".

Here all this idiot did was give us a new dosa, of course with the same
batter, and my wife shuddered and left.

My experience in the past with Indian Restaraunts are that if they find something like this, the entire meal is on the house, this is a way of saying "We are sorry, and to express this, the tab is on the house".

PS: I did file a complaint with the Alameda County Department of Public Health.

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Posted by: south indian On 11 Jan 2006

they cook only once in a week.same food for all week

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Service In Indian Restaurants (Bay Area)

Posted by: SK On 16 Dec 2005

This applies to most Indian restaurants in the bay area ... at least the ones that I've been to: The service sucks.

I am not sure why!!? If the owners and/or workers don't like their jobs, they should do something else!

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