Problem In Shifting Posted by : Kenya Swathi On 14 Aug 2014

Here is the situation, I got admission in to a university in USA to do my masters when I was in USA on H4. I requested for i20 and they have issued it on 26th May. But unfortunately, due to emergency situation I had to go to India in the month of June and came back to USA on H4 . Now I wanted to shift my visa status to F1 . But since my i20 has been issued before me coming to India there comes the problem for me changing my visa status to F1.I t looks like I have committed a fraud. This is what my visa adviser told me Is there any solution for this??? Will they accept my visa shift at this situation???Please leave your inputs, they will help me a lot. Thanks in advance.

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Deported Doc. Posted by : Vikas. On 05 Dec 2009

To Me-desi: Instead of being sarcastic, give up your crab mentality, He commited no crime,unfortunately the letter was used against him, it was indeed a mistake to mention that he was looking for a job, think of millions of illegal immigrants entering US, while here’s a man trying to carve a career for himself,why are you zealous?

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Re:Revoked From US Posted by : me_desi On 24 Feb 2009

to the doctor who got deported..
i think you deserved it! people like you who first lie knowingly and when you get caught try to paint the situation as a honest mistake. it is because of these kind of behavior, US immigration is deeply scrutinizing each petition for a H1B job or GC.
take these IT consultants, who have totally screwed it up for India
thanks for being a fellow countryman

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Deported From Chicago Posted by : praveen On 24 Feb 2009

Hi Docter,
This is praveen from hyderabad i have the same experence deported from USA,chicago..pls mail me to we will sort our the solution to renter into USA


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Revoked From US Posted by : Indian Doctor On 07 Jun 2008

Hello friends...
I am a doctor by profession and I got revoked from California immigration office on April 2008. I am an indian but was persuing my masters of Public Health in South east asian country in 2007. During my study period in may 2007 I had applied for US visitor visa at Thailand embassay and he gave me 10 yrs B1/B2 visa.

Now after completing my studies I came back to my home town in Chennai and in April 2008 I decided to visit various universities in US.
On reaching california airport the visa officer at the port of entry asked me for hw long u wanna stay ...I said 4 months...that was the mistake i did.....
He gt suspicious and send me to senior officer...
Then he checked my documents and my bad luck that he found a letter which I had written to my uncle stating that I need a job...
He has revoked me for 5 yrs....
My career has finished nw....
Please any one having heard any such experience can help me what should I do nw?
Please guys help me how can I get a waiver for this 5 years.. also can I apply for other categories of visa if B1/B2 is cancelled nw.
Kindly help

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Returning Home ?? Posted by : Keyur patel On 24 May 2007

Hi Guys

I m sure the people who are talking about returning home will go back to India and work in Multinational Company to earn money and most
cases it would be US based company !!! So ultimately working for US !!!

People who are saying we should go back and work for the country then They should really go back and join politics, NGO or any other organisation which reach to the commom people of india.

Here it is my own personal opinion that If u r really working for US based company in INdia then Better stay back here only !!!

Each country has its own pros and cons and US is no exemption from it. so it depends on one's preferences what he wants.

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Going Back To India Posted by : Neeraj On 19 Oct 2006

I have been to US for 4 year and finally decided to settle down in India. I would like to know what is the best way to bring your US money to India? Do we have to pay taxes in India since we have already payed taxes while earning in US?

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It Touched Me To The Core Posted by : An Indian On 14 Aug 2006

Hi All,

I was learning driving in USA from a person who is from portugal, While talking he told me a sentence which touched me to my inner core. his words were "Go back and do something for your country" Let me clarify he did not mean just to leave now. he meant after making some good money, one should return to home country ( and specially india.) and do something good for your mother land.

This is just my opinion and his words.

Jai Hind.

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Agree Posted by : New On 20 Jul 2006

I like the way the last 2 posts have been written.Ofcourse its absolutely a personal choice and an individual's priority to stay back in the U.S or return to India.

I have been saying this time and again probably for 2 years now on this forum that if someone feels comfortable in U.S doesn't make him a 'traitor' Its all about comfort level and personal choice.We were all born Indians and even if not born Indians we still have strong Indians in us because of our heritage.We don't really have to live there to always proove that.

Recently we have been offered to move to India with a great oppurtunity but we still prefer to stay back because its not always about money, career, strategic business like moves. A lot of times its just about personal choice and we may have a very strong reason for that.This doesn't mean we are crazy for turning down the offer or we are disloyal to our country its just 'our personal' preference.

I guess as long as one is happy with their decision that is enough.Its all about happiness and satisfaction at the end and what gives you that is very relative.Its important to be satisfied with your decision yourself and not try to satisfy or justify it to others.

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A Personal Choice Posted by : Puneet On 12 Jul 2006

Hi all,

May be 20 years ago comparative opportunities were not available and at that point of time Indians built brand "India" by staying here.

In last 5-6 years people have a choice. They can be here and add shine to brand India or they can go back and add shine to India story.

Now is the time to make a personal and tactical choice which varies by individual circumstances. So need is to be happy by making appropriate choice.

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