List Of Good's U May Need In U S A Posted by : manisha On 19 Feb 2010

hey every one, i want to share a list with you. you can must bring this things with you.
1.tea filter (chai channi)
2.bed sheet
3.garam masala.
5.kaddu kas
7.tava (for chapati)
8.pressure cooker
9.chakla belan
10. grocery(as much as u can bring)

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Grocery Stores Posted by : Virgomom On 18 Mar 2009

Some grocery stores dont electronically scan the price of items. Instead they just key in the price. Even if they key in more than the specified amount you cannot find out easily as we mostly buy lots of things.

So we started avoiding such stores.

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Indian Store At Stamford Posted by : Stamford Ct, Indian On 05 Dec 2007

I recently moved to stamford, CT. And Visited the Only Indian Store in Stamford to Buy some stuff.
Few days after I went to New jersy in a Indian store, and when I saw the prices I was shocked. The Indian store at stamford was doubling or some times adding more than that prices for same amount of Food.
So I would advice If you rent a car and buy your monthly stuff from New jersy , still it will be cheaper than you buy from this Local Shop.

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Toys-R-US Online Sucks Posted by : Shiva On 05 Oct 2007

Bought a car seat and walker for my daugther fron Toys-R-Us online...even though web site says max shipping time is 5 days...didnt receive the item for 15 days...when called...cust.Rep mentioned they are remodeling the warehouse will take additional 10 days...i wanted to cancel the order...they wont do that and have to wait for prodcut to be shipped and returned to local shop....

when tried to return the item to local shop, they didnt pay for shipping and also they didnt refund the original amount i paid for item...they were offering local price of the item... which was 5~15$ less and also wont refund Tax%...lost $25+ for nothing....TOYS-R-US Sucks!...dont buy anything from them online.

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Apna Baazar @ Nolensville Road , Nashville TN Posted by : annoyed customer On 23 May 2007

Hi i was reading everybody's experience about Indian grocery stores, it urged me to write about the above mentioned one in Nashville, Tennessee. All Indian grocery store owners think that they are doing some kind of favour to us. They wont take credit card unless you buy something more than $10. They should learn something from other Asian stores , for eg Chinese food / other stores who always accept credit card no matter how much money you are going to spend.
This particular store is run by a guy who apparantely owns too many subway sandwiches stores across Nashville. His wife is so rude that she doesnt even reply to your greeting ,forget about greeting you by herself. The prices of each and everything fluctuates ( raised ) each time you go there. They think no end to themselves. May be thats the reason that inspite of having so much money , they look like 3rd class people. By this kind of attitude i dont think they can flourish . They are totally empty when it comes to common ettiquetes.

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Professional Experience Posted by : Gautam Bajaj On 28 Dec 2005

I shopped from Very good product assortment. They also have good customer service . All my emails were responded in less than 24 hours. They also has good business ethics..I really could feel the difference. My previuos experience had been poor. They are the worst people when it comes to customer care and order execution.
Good job "" keep it up..

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Duped By Walgreens Posted by : vshah On 29 Nov 2005

You need to send all rebate forms for Walgreens in ONE envelope ONLY for A month. So if you already sent the rebate form, don't do any more rebate shopping for that month.
We were misguided by our local Walgreens store to send the items in multiple envelopes. And we didn't receive the rebate.

0 comment Report Posted by : Ajay Phadnis On 01 Nov 2005

Never buy from this is a hoax!!!...The email id does not work. I was expecting to be delivered but it is still not..

Ajay Phadnis

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Great Order Execution Posted by : Ravi Mittal On 25 Oct 2005

I like this site for sending gifts to india. They are reasonalble. Their email response time is grt. This really lacks on most desi sites . kharidari guys responded in few hours on all my emails. The bad thing about this site is no search..So hard to find products you want. I send two gifts to my parents on diwali and they delivered in just 2 working days..

0 comment Report Posted by : guest On 18 Oct 2005 is a good site. Their brick and mortar store is based in Milwaukee and they are the best Indian grocery store in Milwaukee. I personally know the family who own and run the business and also some of their employees.

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