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Posted by: Fhu On 23 Mar 2017

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Posted by: JAMES On 26 Feb 2017

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Posted by: JIMMY LOOF On 22 Feb 2017

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Cyberappshacker Is THE Best

Posted by: emily On 20 Feb 2017

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Finding Jobs Is Not Easy

Posted by: Teresa Hurst On 14 Feb 2017

I want share my friends' experience .. she is on a student visa in USA and at the last quarter of her degree she started searching for jobs as an international students on F1 visa .. that means she was searching for OPT jobs but it is difficult and she was not able to get a job..
Then from one of my another told me to tell her to find jobs online ..
I told her she should start applying for opt jobs online as their are many online portals for opt jobs..
After some hard work she was able to find a good job on her major with the help of online job portal
Anyone finding opt jobs i would recommend you to find jobs at optnation ..
you will easily find jobs there

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Hire The Best And Trusted Hacker

Posted by: Malia Hiella On 07 Feb 2017

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Get A Blank Atm Card To Withdraw From Any Atm Machine

Posted by: gerald chris On 21 Jan 2017

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America For Studies

Posted by: America for Studies On 09 Jan 2017

Hello friends,

We (America for Studies) provide FREE mock sessions, visa counseling, admission counseling, and pre-departure counseling. So, please contact us regarding your queries.

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Rejected 4 Four Times And Attempting 5th Time Need Help

Posted by: Jagadish On 06 Jan 2017

Hi Friends , actually my visa was rejected 4 times (3 times in fall 2015 & recently in Dec 22nd 2016). In my first interview I was tensed and did a mistake about my father income. I said my father income as 3.6 lakhs I know this is very low but actually it was 8.2 lakhs (from the employment -3.6 & remaining from the rentals of our agricultural land) I forgot to mention this that's the reason what I felt for my first rejection. Coming to my 2nd interview, everything seems perfect until I misunderstood one question and answered differently because of the noisy environment around me since it was an open lobby behind me. But it may not be the reason for my rejection I believe that they felt my father’s income was pretty low. And third time I tried my luck and nothing happened in my favor, the officer asked me few questions about my university and said sorry sir I can’t issue a visa to you. And I asked the officer what is the reason for my rejection, he replied that it seems you are going to work in the united states that’s why I can’t give you visa. After this I started working in my field and recently again I applied for the same university and went to the interview with the same. This time I prepared well about my financials since I felt this was the main reason for my rejection. In the beginning the officer asked about my undergrad course & which year I passed later the officer asked me that why did you choose this university again? Here, I made a blunder mistake by saying about my financials instead of why I choose that university. I really don’t know why I did like that at that moment. After this the officer asked me about my work experience and what kind of job it is and finally again said that sorry sir you are ineligible for f1 visa under this and given me 214(B) form. So what I believe that there is always a communication gap between me & the officers because of my nervousness.
Now I applied again this month 9th for my visa interview and I need your advice about what should I do now? Is it ok applying again after these rejections? And how can I convince the officer that I am eligible for the f1 visa?
Kindly help me regarding this …….
My profile
Undergrad %: 72 in mech
TOEFL : 80
GRE : 287
University : Bradley University
Work exp : 6 months in a diff field and 6 months in my core

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F1 Visa At Kolkata Embassy Got 221g Administrative

Posted by: Sadiur Rahman On 04 Dec 2016

I appeared for F1 Visa interview for Northeastern University MSCS at Kolkata embassy on 29th November, 2016. At the end of visa interview, the visa officer kept my passport and gave me 221G administrative processing form. Can anyone tell me how much time it will approximately take ? I have to pay college tuition fees by 15th December. Any kind of input will be highly appreciated.

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