F1 Visa Experience At Hyderabad Consulate Posted by : Saida reddy On 11 Aug 2017


I got my visa rejected twice the first interview was on July 24 time 9:30 in the morning and it went on like this...

Me: Good morning mam
VO:which was your passed out year?
Me:this year 2017
VO: what is your percentage?
Me: 70% with zero backlogs
VO: what is your gre score?
VO:who is sponsoring you?
Me:my father
VO: what does he do?
Me: he is an agriculturist
VO: what is his annual income?
Me: 12 Lakhs per annum
VO: what does he grow?
Me: paddy
VO: how many acres?
VO: can you show me your passbook?
Me: first passed on the fixed deposit bonds and savings bank statements then she again asked for passbook then I passed the passbook looked at it for a while...
VO: sorry sir this time you are not getting ur visa and gave me letter containing 214b and told me this form will explain you why...

I thought that since I don't have educational loan and may be I am not financially strong enough so she rejected me...so I planned to go with my educational loan next time...

Got my educational loan sanctioned for 20 lakhs took the letter Along with other FD bonds and statements and went for the interview

Second interview on august 10 morning 11:30

Again got the same VO the second time so she sent me to the other counter where a male VO is taking the interview I was waiting for my turn..

VO: hello sir
Me:good morning sir, how are you?
VO:fine,how do you do?
Me:fine sir
VO: have you attend your visa interview before?
Me: yes sir
VO:which was your passed out year?
VO:what was your gpa or percentage?
Me:70% with zero backlogs
VO: saw my i 20 why fdu?
Me: talked about university...
VO: stopped me in the middle and asked how you are going to manage your expenses?
Me: I have an educational loan of 20 lakhs and my sponsors got liquid cash of 15 lakhs 9lakhs in the form of FDs and 6 Lakhs in my sisters account as she is also working in TCS as a software developer...
VO:what does your parents do?
Me: my father is an agriculturist and my mother is a homemaker
VO: what is his annual income?
Me:12 Lakhs
VO: how many acres?
Me:26 acres

Thought for a while told me unfortunately you are not getting your visa this time and gave me the 214b section letter...

I was in shock that what might me the reason for my rejection I couldn't sort it out...can anyone please suggest me the changes I need to make to get my visa approved I am planning to go my third interview next week...

Thank you.

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F1 Undergrad Student Visa Experience Fall 2017 Posted by : Mridu On 26 Jul 2017

Date- 25th July, 2017
Location- US Consulate General, Mumbai
Status- Approved :)
Major Details- B.S. Biomedical Engineering
University- University at Buffalo/ SUNY, Buffalo

VO- Good morning!
Me- Good morning officer! :)
VO- Please pass me your Passport and I-20.
Me- Sure Ma'am . *pass it on promptly*
VO- *types something into the computer* So, what other acceptances did you get?
Me- I got through X and Y colleges
VO- Why didn't you go for X? Why UB?
Me- It's because UB is better ranked than X for my major that's Biomedical Engineering.
VO- When did you graduate from High School?
Me- In 2016 ma'am. I took a gap year thereafter, prepared for my SATs and language proficiency tests.
VO- What is your SAT score?
Me- 1330 on the new SAT.
VO- That's good! What do your parents do?
Me- My dad's a ABC and my mom works as a Senior Manager at XYZ Operations.
VO- Do you have a student loan?
Me- Yes, ma'am . It's been sanctioned from XYZ bank.
VO- *typed something for about a minute* Okay, I'm approving your visa. Have a pleasant stay in the US and study well! :)
Me- Thank you ma'am ! Really appreciate it. :)

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Student F1 Visa Experience Mumbai Posted by : Bhargav Joglekar On 30 Jun 2017

Date: 22nd June 2017
Course: B.S in Mechanical Engineering
College: The Pennsylvania State University
Time: 9am

VO: Good Morning, can I see your I-20 and SEVIS fee receipt.
Me: Good Morning Ma'am (passing the documents)
VO: How many colleges had you applied to?
Me: 11
VO: How many admits?
Me: 5
VO: Which was your 2nd choice university?
Me: University of California at Davis.
VO: When did you complete your high school?
Me: This year in June, Ma'am.
VO also asked my father who was beside me what he did as his occupation. Father told her xxx.

VO: Congratulations, your visa is approved.
Me: Thank You so much Ma'am!

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Student Visa At Dhaka Consular Posted by : adid On 15 Jun 2017

I had my Visa interview on 15 June and I got rejected without any reason.I applied for an undergrad visa for western michigan university and i got 16k usd scholarship to fund me.pls tell me what I did wrong so that I don’t do it the next time.my interview went like this…..
VO: hello
Me:hello. Good morning mam.
VO:give me ur passport and i-20.
Me:sure,here u go mam.
VO:where are u going?
Me: Michigan ,Kalamazoo mam
VO:where did u complete ur highschool
Me:I replied
VO:who will be paying ur 14k usd?who is ur sponsor?
Me:mam my parents will be sponsoring me.
VO:took few seconds to type then said I won’t be issuing u a visa this time try again next time.

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America For Studies Posted by : America for Studies On 09 Jan 2017

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Rejected 4 Four Times And Attempting 5th Time Need Help Posted by : Jagadish On 06 Jan 2017

Hi Friends , actually my visa was rejected 4 times (3 times in fall 2015 & recently in Dec 22nd 2016). In my first interview I was tensed and did a mistake about my father income. I said my father income as 3.6 lakhs I know this is very low but actually it was 8.2 lakhs (from the employment -3.6 & remaining from the rentals of our agricultural land) I forgot to mention this that's the reason what I felt for my first rejection. Coming to my 2nd interview, everything seems perfect until I misunderstood one question and answered differently because of the noisy environment around me since it was an open lobby behind me. But it may not be the reason for my rejection I believe that they felt my father’s income was pretty low. And third time I tried my luck and nothing happened in my favor, the officer asked me few questions about my university and said sorry sir I can’t issue a visa to you. And I asked the officer what is the reason for my rejection, he replied that it seems you are going to work in the united states that’s why I can’t give you visa. After this I started working in my field and recently again I applied for the same university and went to the interview with the same. This time I prepared well about my financials since I felt this was the main reason for my rejection. In the beginning the officer asked about my undergrad course & which year I passed later the officer asked me that why did you choose this university again? Here, I made a blunder mistake by saying about my financials instead of why I choose that university. I really don’t know why I did like that at that moment. After this the officer asked me about my work experience and what kind of job it is and finally again said that sorry sir you are ineligible for f1 visa under this and given me 214(B) form. So what I believe that there is always a communication gap between me & the officers because of my nervousness.
Now I applied again this month 9th for my visa interview and I need your advice about what should I do now? Is it ok applying again after these rejections? And how can I convince the officer that I am eligible for the f1 visa?
Kindly help me regarding this …….
My profile
Undergrad %: 72 in mech
TOEFL : 80
GRE : 287
University : Bradley University
Work exp : 6 months in a diff field and 6 months in my core

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F1 Visa At Kolkata Embassy Got 221g Administrative Posted by : Sadiur Rahman On 04 Dec 2016

I appeared for F1 Visa interview for Northeastern University MSCS at Kolkata embassy on 29th November, 2016. At the end of visa interview, the visa officer kept my passport and gave me 221G administrative processing form. Can anyone tell me how much time it will approximately take ? I have to pay college tuition fees by 15th December. Any kind of input will be highly appreciated.

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J1 Student Visa With Private Sponsor Posted by : DP On 14 Sep 2016

Visa - J1 student
Program - Doctoral prgm in Org Psychology
Visa center - Chennai
Dependents - Wife and child

Here is sharing my experience of J1 student visa to USA. Mine was 1 of the rarest of rare cases where I had a private organization that is not my current employer sponsoring me for study. I have not been able to locate any documentation of such case anywhere on the internet and hence sharing my experience with you all.

My doctoral program was not funded by university hence I was required to create a source of funds. Through my network I found a private organization which was willing to fund me (for more than 50% of tuition plus living expenses for the whole family) in return for minimum 3 yr employment contract with them in India after finishing doctoral program. I had saved to fund the remaining part myself. The sponsoring organization, its legal advisor and me realized that J student visa will suit our needs the best since it necessitates (in most cases) return of the student back to his country after the course is over. Another advantage of J1 visa is that spouse of the J1 visa holder can apply for employment authorization in US. I have read that in most cases the employment authorization is granted (in my case too it was granted within the timeline specified). I was happy since this would ensure that my wife does not remain unemployed in US even as I study.

Since my objective was to return to home country anyway, J1 student visa suited me. I understand that the clause of returning to home country after finishing education can be waived off if such a request is made.

I was apprehensive if university will accept private organization which is not my current employer as sponsor to issue DS 2019. Though I had read on various websites about this being an acceptable practice, my university had not clearly stated or agreed to this. However on submission of all documents viz. letter from sponsor, sponsor bank statement, my bank statement and other university forms, we were (me & my family) were issued DS 2019 by the university.

The DS 2019 I received had mistakes. I wrote to the university and they sent me the corrected form. The fresh form and the original were a bit different in their content and hence I decided to retain both.
The visa application process after receipt of DS 2019 is well documented on various websites hence I would not elaborate on it.
For my visa interview, I ensured that I had impeccable documentation which included the following

Primary documents set that I created
- DS 160 with bar code
- SEVIS fees receipt
- Form DS 2019
- Passport
- Visa appointment confirmation letter with bar code

Supporting document set
- Documents to support sponsor’s commitment and financial ability
- Sponsors letter (original). Ensure that when sponsor issues a sponsorship letter to university, you are in the CC and hence you also receive an original copy of it.
- Sponsor’s bank statement for last 6 months
- Employment contract document
- Documents to support my financial soundness
- CA’s certificate about my asset valuation.
+ Liquid assets - Money in bank
+ Other liquid assets - Securities, MF, PF
+ Immovable assets – Properties etc
+ Other movable assets – Gold, silver, vehicles, furniture etc
Note - I had to pay good money to CA for this, however I was not asked for it by the consular. I am not sure if this is needed. My visa consultant had repeatedly mentioned to me that this is not required since it’s not considered very reliable by the consulate.

o My bank statement showing balance to support the 1st year’s fund needed
o Last 3 month salary slips
o IT return acknowledgement of last 3 yrs
o Form 16 of last 3 yrs
o My PF statement
o My LIC statement
o My shares/MF statements
o Print of the mail by program director mentioning that they were considering me for research assistant’s position.

Documents related to academics
o Photocopy of DS 2019
o GRE and TOEFL scorecards
o Original transcripts along with original degree certificates
o Original marks cards of all courses attended
o University admission confirmation letter

- Other documents
o Marriage certificate
o DS 2019 of wife and son (they did not apply with me, they applied shortly after)
o Son’s birth certificate
Note - Out of all the above documents, the consular asked me only for my primary documents. He did not ask for any other supporting documents.

Preparation for visa interview –
I had looked up the internet and prepared answers (by writing down answers exactly the way I would be saying them) for questions asked for J1 visa (most of these were relevant but others were suitable for other kinds of J visa and not J1 student visa) and questions expected for F1 student visa.

Appearing for the interview -
- You might know that visa process in India is conducted across 2 days. I went 20 minutes before scheduled time on 1st day for finger printing. We were however let in with a delay of good 20-25 minutes. Hence the wait in queue outside the VAC, on the road was really long, tiring and embarrassing. I also felt insulted for being made to stand on the road for such a long time. Hope the consulate takes note of this and ensures that appropriate waiting arrangements are done. The process after getting in the VAC was quite quick.
- On the next day my visa interview was scheduled for 9.30am. I reached just 10 minutes before schedule. I was asked to go in immediately while there were many others waiting as they had arrived too early for appointment. My guess is that in mornings the ‘on road’ wait time is relatively less. Hence for morning appointments you might want to go just a few minutes before time.
- Finger printing was done again inside the consulate before the interview. I guess it was just a check to ensure that the same candidate has walked in for interview.
- Within 15 minutes after finger printing I was before the consular. He was a cheerful gentleman. I greeted him with a smile. He asked me for my passport and DS 2019 only. He then asked couple of very basic questions like
o Which course are you planning to do?
o Who is funding your education?
I answered both questions confidently. He then signed on my DS 2019, made a mention that 2 year home residency was required due to country skill list and congratulated me on my visa approval. He handed my DS 2019 to me, retained my passport on which the visa was stamped in a few days and sent back to me. We have been in US for last 1 year now. My wife got a job soon on arriving here. I am engaged in the full time doctoral course and son is in pre school. Will be happy to answer any questions or help others.

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Universities Posted by : saikiran reddy On 30 Jul 2016

hey guys i got 5.5 in ielts ... i need universities for my score can you please help me

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I20 Wasnt Returned After Interview Posted by : sasank On 23 Jul 2016

I had attended my visa interview in New Delhi on 21st July 2016 for an F1 non-immigrant visa interview. At the entry my I-20 and Sevis Receipt were pinned using a stapler to the cover of my passport. During the interview I handed over the passport with the stapled documents. After the interview I was informed that my 'visa has been approved' . But, the I-20 and Sevis Receipt wasn't returned to me. I left the embassy and later realized that I wasn't handed over the I-20 which is an extremely important document for students entering the United States.
Has anyone faced a similar experience at New Delhi Consular Section recently? I have contacted them and informed them of the I-20 being attached to the passport. I have no idea if this is common practice for them. I really wish they send it with my passport as soon as possible.

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