22g Green Slip In A J2 Visa Interview

Posted by arijita On 30 Jul 2012

Hi I appeared for a J2 visa interview on 27th July 2012 at the US embassy in Seoul,South korea.My husband is already in the US with a J1 visa since April 2012. As my PhD defense was due on May 2012, i did not move with him and applied separately and am planning to move in Aug. However, the VO retained my passport, gave me a green 221g form and asked a couple of documents by email. To note that my husband also went through 221g AP during his application time. I wonder if I am applying as his dependents with no intention to work in the US during my stay why am I being subjected to 221g? They have asked for sponsor letter from US...isn't the DS-2019 form issued by the university confirming sponsorship? I am very worried, please can u tell me how long this process will take?My student visa in south korea will expire in Aug and hence very very worried.Thanks in advance.


    • Posted by Sun on August 01 2012 at 4:58am

      Just tell ur unvi to make a invitation letter for u confirming ur admission

    • Posted by arijita on August 01 2012 at 8:25am

      Thanks for the reply.However,as I said I am not planning to join any university in the US anytime soon.However, I have got a letter from my husband's sponsor that says about his tenure and his salary and that I being his J2 dependent will be eligible to the benefits offered to him. I have submitted that along with other docs they have asked for and lets see what will happen..Is this a common thing?This worry is really driving me nuts sometime.

    • Posted by Sun on August 02 2012 at 3:00am

      In ur case then i guess everything is fine!!!! I know the wait is really painful..m waiting since 15 days my M1 visa is under 221g :(

    • Posted by arijita on August 02 2012 at 7:02pm

      Hi thank you so much for your kind reply.Its such a helpless feeling at times that some kind words are always a boost.I hope you get your visa very soon.

    • Posted by Sun on August 03 2012 at 2:48am

      I know its a mental tramua but just dont lose hope...just pray and keep faith in urselves...u must join a fb page of 221g ppl there r really helpful...ull get ur visa don worry :)

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    • Posted by Salil on September 10 2013 at 3:24am

      Hey arijita,

      My wife just had a similar experience at the US consulate today. She was also applying for J2 and has been asked to submit these ridiculous documents which dont make sense. Please let me know what happened with your case. Thanks.

    • Posted by Arijita on September 10 2013 at 6:57am

      Hi just submit all the documents they have asked for and wait. .they will soon issue the visa it takes about 19days minimum..do not worry.Same happened with me too.

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