Applying For H1 Visa Posted by : muqueed On 14 Nov 2015

An accomplished result driven Project Engineer with 4 years of experience focused on CCTV System, Passive infrastructure (Fiber and Copper) in information and communication technology industry. Proven ability to interface with client and ensure product solutions to meet customer requirement. Exceptional communicator with demonstrated success building relationships with upper management.

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Sprint Related To Posting On 10-Oct-2007 01:39 PM Posted by : Sai On 12 Oct 2007

After talking to different representatives in Sprint finally they gave the deals what they promised to give. By this I learnt we should be very care full before signing the contract and we should ask them to provide email will all details. This will helps in order to fight back. So, never give up until u succeed.

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L9Tel Posted by : UserP2U On 27 Jun 2007

Please avoid if you want peace of mind. Forget about customer service, the company is full of unprofessional staff.

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US Calling Cards Posted by : Amr Hourani On 23 Nov 2006

comming from oriental country, it wasnt cheap to call your family from USA..

i looked for calling cards which is cheap with high quality, i tried so many of them until i saw a site called . to be honest, i found it as an extraordinary service and quality and price... the problem was that i could talk from USA to any country but i couldnt do the vice versa..

good morning America!!

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Telecom Problems Posted by : Sharmamil On 06 Oct 2006

If you guys are fed up with these co. like STARTEC, RELIABLECOM.COM, RELIANCE & others just try to contact with a co. named Osheen Communications Inc. They have a wonderful connections to call INDIA & PAKISTAN. They are very honest in their dealings regarding the rates to these destinations. I am trying this co. from last two years. Their contact # 1 800 871 6610.

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A1WIRELESS Fraud Posted by : Somasehar Kumar On 28 Apr 2006

They sent me the rebates after repeated emails. I agree that they try to avoid sending rebate checks and delay as much as possible. Their main dealer is IPHONIC. Better avoid IPHONIC. They have different websites and one of them is a1wireless.

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A1WIRELESS.COM Fraud Posted by : Madhu Kumar On 24 Feb 2006

I agree with Kavya. They told me that they have sent the checks which I have never received. When I contacted them thru email they replied back saying I need to wait for another 10-12 weeks for the checks to be reissued. Lets wait and see what happens

1 comment Report Beware Of Fraud Posted by : Kavya Kannan On 15 Feb 2006

I have bought two cell phones from A1WIRELESS.COM thinking that they have a good deal. But beware they never send you the rebates. They have a telephone number but it is automatic and it will ask you to go to the website. If you send a query thru website no one ever replies you back. Better buy stuff from amazon probably

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If you want to spoil your day and cause yourself mental agony you will then want to talk to the customer service of HYDERABAD CONNECT number 800-214-9753 .. Unbelievably dreadfull and atrocious customer service, RELIABLECOM.COM should ban it from their website or they are equally responsibly for losses for customers who buy cards from them. I cannot even recount in words how bad the service or the representive who talked to me was!
I will go on report this to one and every website who will take these complaints.


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Carefull With Startec International Service Posted by : Startec Victim On 27 Dec 2005

I recently signed up for Startec for long distance and international.I make calls to India a lot. The Marketing lady(indian) told me it was only 9 cpm. no hidden charge. First 30 mins free. I obviously requested for information in written. She said she will send the details in a package and service will be activated only if I activate it. I never received that package and to my surprise, I received first month bill from Startec with monthly fee of $6. I didn't not even Actiavte it. I thoght it was ok and started using it. I got a second month bill. I was charged 12.9 cpm and 19.9 cpm for cell phone calles. I called startec customer service and asked them to disconnect. They said, i need to call local carrier to cancel the service which was different form what i was told when i signed up for service. There is lot of fraud going on with these companies. Please don't sign up for any thing on phone. Also note that there a monthly fee+ taxes which comes down to approximately ($10/month). I am still fighting with the customer service.

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