Applied Visa In Mumbai Consular Posted by : Arsheed On 25 Dec 2013

Hi my name is Arsheed Ahmad I am Muslim guy married from Srinagar kashmir based in pune since I was 8years old with my family I have tryid apply my visa first time in delhi there I got refuse on2008 after I try again apply visa in Mumbai between 2008 to 2009 again refused today 2013 dec 26 again I got refused I don't know my answer why I am getting refuse is bec I am a Muslim I am doing business with my father in pune I love pune so much I have been Europe many times never problem I had got Uk visa too on my old passport never problem there too only in us consular I had kept all the documents complete to show them I just want to see usa jut for one time I love to see around world on my life I am happy in India with my family but want to see different country before I leave this world in one day. I really don't understand still why I am getting refused I gave always interview in English.they don't understand my feelings I feel so sad when the guy gave me back passport but still I said him thanku sir

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Visitor Visa Experience From Ghana Posted by : samuel On 06 Nov 2012

I went to US Embassy in Ghana 5th November, 2012 for non-immigrant visa interview. I have visited United States 3 times already and my visa got expired 4 months ago. The consular officer asks me the following questions. Consular Officer (CO). Answer (A).

CO. What are you going to US to do?
A. For a pleasure
CO. When was the last time you went to State?
A. 2011
CO. Where in US are you going?
A. Alabama
CO. why Alabama?
A. That is where my friend lives.
CO. Are you travelling with some one?
A. No, Iâ??m travelling alone.
CO. Why is your wife not travelling with you?
A. She canâ??t get her leave, apart from that I canâ??t pay for both of us.
CO. Where do you work?
CO. What is your salary?
A. $2060 per month
CO. How long are you been working?
A. 14 years

He waited for about one minutes and said I need to do further investigations and I will call you on the number you provide. He then ask me to give him my number which I did.

He gave my passport and a sheet of paper with many options but he tick only one which reads, â??We need to verify certain documents you have given us or statements you have made. We will contact you at the numbers provided as soon as investigations are completed. There is nothing else you need to do at this stage.â??

My worried is, the Consular Officer never ask me any document, he didnâ??t take any document either so I donâ??t understand what he is talking about. Please can you help me with the sort of investigations he intends doing? Would he really call me within two weeks as he said? What are my chances of getting my Visa renew.

Thank You.

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MY VISA EXPERIENCE Posted by : Vikas Jain On 24 Mar 2011

Today me with my wife & my six year old son had gone for the US visa interview.
This is really very disappointing that we were refused to be considered for the visa without any genuine reason. I am the owner of a Real Estate Developer company and our company is doing a business of approximately five thousand crore (More than 1000 Million Dollar) in India.
But just because I couldn't tell them the exact number of employees (in our company) instantly, they got annoyed and after that they even didn't bother to see our further documents. I mean, this is not the right way to deal with people. In fact we've heard that americans are the most sophisticated people in the whole world. But with my experience the AMERICANS are very F*******ing peoples.
I will never ever opt to go to this bloody country.
Isn't one of the main purposes for the interview, that people do not settle over there illegally? If yes,then the job of the consulates is to check that the people who want to go to the US.
are financially stable here. Please, I want a sensible & genuine answer of my question.
Thanks and regards

Vikas Jain

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Any Desi Operated New York/Niagara Package Tours? Posted by : Sandeep On 18 Mar 2007

My sister is going to visit the US with her family. They want to visit New York and Niagara falls. So we were wondering if there are any package sightseeing tours of New York and Niagara falls that are operated by Indian tour operators (starting/ending in New York or Jersey). If you know of any, please respond.

Thanx in advance.

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Any Good Place In Illinois? Posted by : newcomer chicago On 05 Dec 2006


I ve been living in chicago for 2 months,...went to St.louis in Missouri was gud. other than this, any other good place to visit in and around Illinois?or in the neighbouring state, by car drive?Pls let me know!

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Widelife Safari In San Antonio Posted by : indian111 On 12 Jul 2006

i fully agree with some on a post abt the widelife safari in sanantanio ... its a total waste ... nothg but some goats etc ... total watse of time and money ... do not go there ... at the same time the lion country safari in florida is just awesome ...

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Good Place Ic Columbus Posted by : singh143 On 13 Oct 2005

hi i wld like to know what the good places to visit in columbus ohio

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Re: Alaska Posted by : Dudess On 06 Jan 2005

Alaska is the most beautiful place on Earth. Been to hawaii, which is a tropical paradise, but Alasks is heaven.

Theres tons of info on the web, of the top of my head i can think of, which was helpful. Visit, which gives lots of useful info.

We visited Anchorage, Seward (kenai fjords, exit glacier), Portage, Whittier (prince william sound), Denali (NP, river rafting, flight seeing).

Hope this helps to plan your visit.

I wanna go there in the winter to see northern lights..soon !

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Visit Grand Canyon. Posted by : ragu On 13 Apr 2004

A visit to the Grand Canyon is an out of this world experience. After a visit you will realize why it is called "GRAND" Canyon. We visited the Hoover dam, Fire Valler Park, Zion National park and then the Grand Canyon. And while in Grand Canyon, do not miss the sunset at Hopi point. It is spectacular and a spiritual healer. And then there is Las Vegas within the driving distance ......

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SanFracisco Zoo Posted by : Stanley On 25 Mar 2004

Hi All,
Just a comment on my recent vist to SFO Zoo. I would wonder if any body would give any remark on the Zoo. It just looks like a lost world with no directions or no animals. Just waste of time and money

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