Indian Movies, Shows And Cricket Posted by : subscriber On 22 Jun 2005

Hello all,

Please try this website if you want to see hindi movies, telugu movies, serials and cricket matches.

I took subscription; it is only 10 dollars a month and you can see unlimited movies, all tv serials and cricket matches etc. All movies are latest and serials are only 2-3 days behind ones broadcast in India. You can see on computer or if you connect computer to tv, you get very good picture; like watching on screen.

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Movie Renting Posted by : Bumba On 10 Nov 2004

Try Zdag

They seem to have all the latest Hindi releases.

Also can try Netflix
You will get all new English as well as Hindi movies(2-3 months old)
They have all Hindi movies till 2004 starting from Main Hoon Na
and Hum Tum.

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Movie Downloads Posted by : JIGYASA On 23 Jul 2004

Does any one know where I can download Hindi movies for watching on the laptop.

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Indofilms Has Gone From Lousy To Horrible Posted by : David On 16 Jul 2004

Its too bad I didnt read the negative comments about Indofilms BEFORE joining. They clearly do not have enough copies of their stated 3000+ titles. My number 1 choice was in my queue for 8 MONTHS and I still never got it! On paper they have a lot of titles that other internet rental companies dont have but if they cant send them to you because they dont have enough copies, what good is that? If you feel you have to rent from Indofilms, then stick with the pay per view plan, at least that way, youll only pay for the movies you really want to see and not #50 on your list.

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Beware Of Indofilms Posted by : Samit On 29 Jun 2004

Indofilms is a very poorly managed company. I was member for 8 months. Never gor the new movies from the top of my list. It is horrible. Do not waste your money. You can not watch more than 5 movies in a month (also not from top of your list).
I had a very very frustrating experience with Indofilms.

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Http:// Posted by : Sunil On 16 Jun 2004

have anyone tried them, just curious, seems they have good titles.

3 comments Report Posted by : Sonia On 05 Jun 2004


I would like to let you all know that is a worst rental service I have ever had. They dont care to reply your email.........they are sucks!! No one care to send movies on time and even when they send you damage one bother to send another dvd asap. Their team is worst and very irresponsible. They even dont have any new titles posted on their website. Whatever they have posted are since last one and half years and no change on their site. Dont know if they are sleeping or awake.......pleas dont become their member. Although was doing really good job, but since theyve merged with them become worst. I have a very bad experience with them.

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IndoFilms The Fall Of A Wonderful Site Posted by : Anju On 15 May 2004

I have been with them for almost 3yrs. And until the last 8mos had wonderful service all the time. Now it seems weeks go by that I can not get on the site. Now my account has been suspended and I cant get it corrected. They use to had at least someone you could talk with and they would try to correct the problem now you send email and never get a problem corrected. I think once they joined with the other rental group it went down hill ... please i hope they get thier act together since it is hard to find a good renatal service that offers indian dvd. I live too far from an indian community so I have only online sources to get the feeling of connection.

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Wal-Mart Posted by : Sez On 26 Jan 2004

Wal-Mart srv less than desirable.
Not customer friendly.

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Disgusted With Indofilms Posted by : Former Indofilms user On 22 Jan 2004

I closed my account because of the extremely poor service. There were long gaps between when I sent back a movie and received the next. Although Id return them very quickly, I was only receiving 4 or 5 movies each month. When I first tried to close my account, my password suddenly would not work. It took a lot of time and effort to get far enough into their system to finally close my account. None of my emails to customer service were responded to, and my phone messages were ignored. Avoid this DVD rental "service" at all costs!!

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