DS160 Queries Posted by : SP On 05 Aug 2017

Hello All,

Need a small help

After submitting DS160 noticed salary on Temporary work visa information page and work/education/training information page was submitted different with a gap of $10 amount 'say' $6039 and $6049.

Would it matter anywhere OR do i need to fill new DS160.

Also at one place of office address, mentioned state name as Texsa instead of Texas.

Please confirm and help . Just FYI All, I have drop box this time.

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H4 Visa Refused By Giving 214(b) Posted by : Raju On 01 Jun 2017


On May 25th my wife attended visa interview at Hyderabad consulate. here is the complete conversation.

Around 10:50 AM she entered into consulate counter. Officer took the passport then the conversation went like below.

Officer: Hi, How are you?

Wife: Hi am fine.

Officer: Your Spouse working for?

Wife: Employer Name

Officer: How do you know him?

Wife: Relative

Officer: Cousin?

Wife: Yes

Officer: Father's or Mother's side?

Wife: Father's Sister Son

Officer: Where are you going to live?

Wife: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

And then Officer took around 5 to 10 minutes to check something in the system.

after that officer gave Passport and 214(b) form and said "Your are information not sufficient, read this form". Then my wife left the place.

What could be the reason for Refusal and How can we proceed further.

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H1B Interview At Chennai Posted by : Sri On 17 May 2017

I had an appointment on 15th & 16th May 2017.
Day 1:
Went to VAC. Entrance is at the back of the main road (13.053448, 80.243130)
You can go 30 minutes before. There were 3 queues, People who had interview in the next 15-30 minutes were sent to the 1st queue. Others who arrived early were sent to the other two queues. I went 1 hour early, so i was sent to the 3rd queue. They'll give priority to the 1st queue and send inside. After a while the 1st queue became empty so some of us were sent in.
Mobiles are allowed at the VAC (not in the consulate office). They'll ask you to switch off, put it in a tray & scan it. You'll also be scanned & let in.
In my case, I had applied the DS 160 twice. I paid fees with the first one & i again filled a different form. So my visa application number and appointment confirmation numbers were different. In such a case, you'll have to mention when you meet the verifier. He'll use the latest number while he puts a bar code behind your passport. Then i waited, my token was called, he asked my name, date of birth & address for confirmation and then my fingerprints & photo were taken. That's all for day 1. I left with a seal on the application & a bar code on the back of your passport. I left at 9.45 (My appointment was at that time)

Day 2 at US consulate office:
Note on mobiles: Mobiles are strictly not allowed inside. You'll be asked in the first queue. I've read about some facility where they keep mobiles for a small fee, but i did not see any - it might have been around. My hotel receptionist assured me that the room key will not be given to any workers & i can leave my mobile at the room. So i left it there. Suggest you leave it at the hotel if there's a locker facility or on their assurance. Its better.

Went to the consulate office. There was a single long queue, no multiple time based queues like in the VAC. But time is not important, you can get on the queue, i think they'll allow even if you're late. I went 1 hour early. We were sent to one queue after another, and then another queue inside the building, big relief as there was an AC inside. By that time, my whole shirt was soaked in sweat. That queue took some time where they verified the passport once again and sent me in where interviews were being done.
There were many windows where they were conducting interviews. We were directed to those windows from a queue. When my turn came, a guy stopped me & sent the ones before me to some interviewers and did it again. I got a bit nervous, but then he sent me to one window (keep your passport & I-129 on top at this point) There was one guy being interviewed, i stood few meters behind, on a black line. That guy got rejected, the VO sent him off saying something like 'entry to US has been denied this time for you, thank you'. At that point, i became very nervous, was about to step forward, the VO signaled and told 'Sir, you'll have to wait'. VO was looking something at the computer, drank some water and called me.

Before i could say good morning, VO told please give me your passport. Rest of the conversation below - forgot the exact order
VO: Which company do you work for?
Me: xxx (my indian company)
VO: How long have you been working for them?
Me: x years
VO: What's your highest educational qualification?
Me: Engineering degree in computer science
VO: Where are you going?
Me: (paused for a second, was nervous) xxx
VO: You'll have to speak louder, i can't hear; I repeated
VO: Who's your client?
Me: xxx
VO: Sir, i can't hear, you'll have to speak - the mic is there; Then i noticed the mic & repeated, spelled it out as well; VO stared at me for a second, i got even more nervous
VO: What's your designation there?
Me: xxx (As mentioned in the petition/lca)
VO: What's you annual salary?
Me: xxx (As mentioned)
VO: Took a look at the computer to the left for a few seconds, i thought i was about to be rejected. VO told without even looking at me 'your visa is approved, thank you'.

I told 'Thank you' but VO didn't even listen i think, had turned around at that time. I left, once again finishing everything by the time of my appointment

I think there are very few rejections for H1B visas. I noticed a lot of questions being asked for others, especially students - they were taking a long time with a ton of questions.

Another quick note about Port of Entry interviews: I heard one of my known contacts got rejected and sent back. It'll be disastrous if it happens. Documents & papers are very important. They'll reject if anything is missed, stick to the role which you'll be going for (Business visa / work visa). Never deviate from mentioning those kind of work only or they'll reject. If its work visa, you'll also have to maintain the impression that client cant find / have other workers who're capable of doing it. Put your related experience or anything you have to your advantage.

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H1B And H4 Dropbox Administrative Processing New Delhi Posted by : aann On 05 May 2017

I submitted my H1-b renewal documents along with my wife on May 01 2017 though Dropbox in delhi, my wife application is approved as of May 03 ,my Case shows :Your visa case is currently undergoing necessary administrative processing for h1b and h4 approved Dropbox (i am FT since 4 years and have the same company since 4 years and no visa issues so far)

I am worried if there is some issue with my application or have i received 221 G , no communication from consulate yet

Here is time line

Docs Submitted May 01
May 02 - Both Case me and my wife under Administrative Processing
May 03 - Wife Visa Got approved/Issued , mine is in Administrative Processing
May-04 -Wife Visa is in final processing for delivery,mine is in Administrative Processing
May 05 - mine is in Administrative Processing

I would appreciate any replies from people who are in same boat and are stuck my travel dates are approaching making me really nervous

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Successful VISA Interview For H1B H4 Renewal Matamoros Posted by : TEJ On 17 Jan 2017

Hello ,

I just go my H1B/H4 Visa renewal stamping in MATAMOROS on 10th January 2017 and wanted to share my experience with you guys since there were some really weird and different questions asked by both the VISA office and the POE officer.

About me:

August 2005 F1 visa in India

December 2007 H1B visa MATAMOROS, MEXICO (They still used to convert F1 to H1B back then)

November 2010 H1B Visa Matamoros, MEXICO

Feb 2014 H1B Visa Merida, Mexico

Jan 10th 2017 H1B Visa Matamoros , MEXICO (LATEST)

Since i live in Dallas, TX i drove to Brownsville TX (9 Hours Drive taking breaks)

Left the car in the hotel recommended by my agent in Brownsville.

He picked my wife, my son (us citizen) and me , then crossed the border into mexico by 6 PM Sunday (8th jan 2017, SUNDAY)

They Mexico border did not check our visa or passport , we just drove cross the border since our agent knows we stil have the valid US visa(but expiring in 1 month). The border checkpost can give ou 1 week pass for $25 per person if your H1B visa is expired on the passport.

NOTE: You can take your KIDS with you to the interviews though they don't need a visa if they are US citizens.

Checked into the hotel sunday night by 7 PM.

We had out ASC (finger prints) on Monday at 9 AM (9th Jan 2017) . Our agent took us there by 8.45, Finished it by 9.30 AM

We had a whole day to kill so went to the mall and had some good mexican food. Vegetarians will have tough time since no one know english and its tough to explain what we need.

3rd day VISA DAY

We had our H1B and H4 visas on Tuesday (01/10/2017)

We were the first one in the line and the first interview of the day.

NOTE: I am a full time employee and no layers

VO: Good morning

Me: Good morning Madam

VO: Is this interview for renewal of the same category of your previous visa.

Me: YES mam , this will be my 4th visa renewal.


VO: Pass me your Passports, petition (i797)

VO: checked the petition and asked "what do you do for the company xxx".

Me: Explained

VO: Asked for my Marriage certificate

Me: passed it over

Vo: She compared the names on the marriage certificate and checked our names to match them

Vo: Now pass me your masters degree certificate

Me: I was shocked since i finished in masters in 2007 and never ever in the last 4 interviews they asked me that.

I passed it over (NOTE: My university is a public non profit and is recognized by USCIS and is in Computer science)

VO: Now explain me how is your job related to your masters degree.

Me: I was actually Blank since i was not expecting this question and the course work i did was almost 10 years ago and i hardly even remember by subjects.

Me: just explained my masters is in CS and i do programming and project management and used some highlevel IT language like cloud computing, mobile apps , dashoard development

VO: Sounds like fun , in a sarcastic voice and smiled looking at my wife.

Asked me where in US do i live

Answered Dallas.

Wrote the visa numbers on a slip and told me to pick them up at 3 PM the same day

So the visa was successful.

Came back at 3 and picked up the passports . YOu should show your LICENCE to pick it up)

Then the agent dropped us at the border and we need to cross the bridge and get the i94 at the POE.

They charge $6 at the borer to issue it per person. And carry quarters 4 per person to enter the bridge .

POE Office interview:

THIS was interesting.

Showed the passports and i-797.

What do you do for the company. My visa is stamped till march 2020.

POE office: Till when do you have your job with your current employer.

ME: I was confused . Answered" till march 2020)

POE: Show me a letter from your employer showing that you have the job offer till march 2020.

Luckily my HR always give me a letter stating the same.

POE office looked at the letter and told i will give you the i93 only from 3 years from now (jan 10 2020)

I said that should be ok since i will be only loosing 2 months.

Then she took the $6 and gave the i94 card .

We crossed the border and entered USA. Thats my story.

I have experience A lot of new things . Please carry each and every document recommended.

Message me personally if you want to know more details.

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Need Your Help Posted by : Anand On 09 Jan 2017

Dear senior members,

I am not sure if this is right place to put my query, But i need information regarding H1. I have filed H1 last year and it got picked, i moved to Germany 6 month back on job visa and currently working. My question is can i attend H1 visa interview in Germany or i need to go home town and get the stamping?

FYI..I also previously worked in USA on H1 for almost 5 years.

Please suggest me and appreciate your quick responses.

Thanks & Regards


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My Wife Got 221G For Her H1b And CWOP On L2 Posted by : Ashish On 08 Jan 2017

I need an advice, actually my wife had a L2 VISA from A comapny and on 3rd January she appeared for her H1b Visa from her own B company. Visa Officer issued her 221G Yellow Slip stating “Mandatory Administrative Processing” on H1b and written “CWOP” (Cancelled Without Prejudice) on her L2 visa with A company. Now situation is I am in US and want my wife to join me back. But problem is H1 Visa “Administrative Processing Time” is undefined it can take anyway from 3 weeks to 1 year. I want to know what are my options to expedite her travel. Can I reapply for L2 Visa from A company?

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H4 Visa Waiver Program Posted by : Siva Kumar On 19 Aug 2016

Last week my wife went to Hyderabad visa office along with drop box confirmation letter (2 sets print), d160 confirmation (Original), I797(Xerox copy), valid passport & previous passports (original)& and two photographs (USA visa standard).

Awesome experience, they have treated and helped excellent and issued the visa in 4 working days

Visa waiver program is really excellent and helpful for H4 visa applicants

All above said documents mandatory and should be valid, you will get H4 visa

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H1B Transfer When H1B Amendment Is Pending With Current Posted by : GANESH CHUKKAPALLI On 24 Jul 2016

Request you to answer my below query.

I have valid H1B Petition to work in Location A for Employer A till Oct, 2018.
I moved to Location B for same Employer A on may,2016.
Employer A filed H1B Amendment for the Location change in normal processing. Which is currently pending.
Now I got very good oppurtunity from Employer B.They will file H1B Transer in Premium mode.
Sir, is it advisable to go for H1B Transfer while H1B Amendment with the current employer is in pending status?

Is it a risk? If yes, what kind if issues I may likely can face?

A quick reply would be really greatfull.


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My H1B Application Posted by : Rahuk On 15 Jul 2016

My H1B was applied from a Company A in 2014.My Petition was approved and I have the Receipt # & copy of I-797B & I-797C? I have never travelled to US.
and have never got it stamped. So Now…

a) Is it compulsory that I need to travel to US under Company 'A' for the first time.

b) Can I leave Company A now and I share the above details to any other Company who is willing to send me to US ( if yes, what is the that I/Company has to do?)

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