Success On 221g Blue Slip

Posted by: Shahaji On 11 Feb 2012

Hi All,

I had attended a H1B renewal interview at Mumbai consulate along with my wife. A consulate officer gave me a blue form (221g) and requested most of the documents listed in the blue form from employer as well as few documents from my side. I was horrified because of number reasons. First and foremost reason was, I was supposed to be on vacation of 2 weeks. Considering 2 weeks vacation, I had left all my life (rented house with lot of stuff, car, etc.) back in states. Fortunately my employer was very supportive in this situation. The employer arranged all the documents in 2-3 days and shipped to me. Below is the chronology.

1. H1B renewal interview - 01/24/2012: blue form
2. Submitted all the requested documents - 01/31/2012
3. Received first response from the consulate - 02/07/2012: Requested to submit passport
4. Passport submitted - 02/08/2012
5. Passport received with Visa stamped - 02/11/2012

Bottom line is, please do not press panic button. I can understand that it is very normal to be panic in this situation but unfortunately nothing much we can do except taking care of requested documents. Believe me, I had lost quite a few lbs in these days. The wait time is not pleasant at all.

All the best. Hope for the best!


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  Posted by Venkatesh 5 years ago:

Hello Shahaji, I am planning for a travel soon and will have to go for stamping. Unfortunately, my employer is new to H1B cases, I am a direct / fulltime employee. Could you please tell me what are the documents that was asked in 221g Blue form.
Thank You!
  Posted by Shahaji 5 years ago:

1. Employer tax return for last two years
2. Notarized list of all the employees with their salary and start and end date
3. Your professional profile
4. A letter to US consulate from personal department stating job description and responsibilities you would be performing.
5. Your tax return + W2 for last two years
6. Pay stub of last one year.
7. Bank statement of last year.
8. Last but very important. Financial statements of employer.
  Posted by Sameer Pandit 5 years ago:

What a surprise? I m hearing that the 221-G (Blue Slips) are taking a min of 3 mths to clear. Congrats Shahaji. Can you please tell me if you submitted the documents to VFS (mumbai) or in BKC complex?
  Posted by Shahaji 5 years ago:

Its really depend on case to case basis that how long it would take to clear 221g. As per as submitting documents is concerned, its really does not matter where you submit the documents. I had submitted at VFS Pune. Every VFS office takes a day or 2 to send those documents to consulate.
  Posted by victimofblueslip 5 years ago:

Shahaji....u truly r a lucky man.....i got a blue slip requesting with exactly the same kind of documents as your's....i have applied for H4 n still they r making me go through this hell....anyway I have submitted all the docs from my husband's company and am just waiting for a response from u said the wait time is not pleasant at all n i wish it just gets over asap.....
  Posted by victimofblueslip 5 years ago:

Venkatesh....if possible...postpone ur travel...m sorry if i m scaring you but my husband's employer is also relatively new to H1B cases....probably because of this reason I got a blue slip....if they could stop a dependent from going to the US....m sure they can stop any1....
  Posted by Kalpesh 5 years ago:

Shahji, i have received the Blue form and need to submit all the mention document which you have stated. I just want to know about point "A letter to US consulate from personal department stating job description and responsibilities you would be performing", what your employer had mention for this point.
  Posted by Shahaji 5 years ago:

Hi Kalpesh,

This should be a letter to consulate officer from your personal department or HR stating your job description and duties you perform in day to day office hours. The letter can have two sections, one with job description and another with your responsibilities. I hope this makes sense.

All the best!
  Posted by Andy 5 years ago:

To victimofblueslip,

My wife submitted docs on 1st march, no update from consulate yet. Any update on ur H4 221g? How are u tracking the status? How much is the avg. processing time for H4 221g blue slip?
  Posted by nirali 5 years ago:

Hi shahaji
same problam my husband they ask same document my huby interview date 02/09/2012,applay all document 03/29/2012 i m worry for this case and i m merry with niraj last year usa i m hear greencard holder last month appaly for my citizon ship?
  Posted by Shahaji 5 years ago:

Did your husband apply for H1B or H4. If he has applied for H1 then its completely an independent case where you do not have to worry about your position and citizenship application. If he has applied for H4 then you need to provide all the documents consulate officer has requested. Since you are an GC holder, your case is pretty strong. As you have already submitted all the documents, just wait for a positive response.
  Posted by nirali 5 years ago:

Hey shahaji
how r u? my hub recive e- mail,and he is going to mumbui consulet in manday 04/09/2012 i think for interview what do u think why the ask come to the mumbai i dont understand what can i do...
thank's nirali
  Posted by Shahaji 5 years ago:

Hi Nirali,

I am doing well. Thanks. It's a good news that they have responded within reasonable time frame. I am not an expert, but it looks to me that they need some clarification on the documents submitted. I would take this positively, because usually they raise queries and ask to respond through postal mail. Let's hope for the best. Make sure your husband carries ALL the possible documents.
  Posted by nirali 5 years ago:

hey shahaji
I m sorry,but my huby not recaive e-mail but mumbai consulet call in cell phon and they ask come tomorrow (appointment) but my huby say is not possible tomorrow that's why he is going manday..
  Posted by nirali 5 years ago:

Hi shahaji
how r u? thank's for rep me..
i have one que more if u have a time ple's
Greetings from the Nonimmigrant Visa Section of U.S. Consulate General

You DO NOT require scheduling another appointment. Please visit the
Consulate General any business day at 10.30 am for a re-interview with
your pending letter, passport, courier envelope and other documents
pertaining to your visa application
so shahaji which ple's pic up the courier envelope,and what do u min documents pertaining
  Posted by Shahaji 5 years ago:

You can get courier envelop from any VFS office. Documents pertaining means documents related to your job and all supporting documents you had carried at the time first interview.

If your husband had phone call from consulate then I don't think you need to follow this email because these two things sounds contradictory to me. I would make a phone call consulate or VFS number and let them know exact details of received phone call and the email. I think they would best guide you.
  Posted by nirali 5 years ago:

Hey shahaji
thank's for help me but now is very big issue today my huby going to the consulet and ask same que about job and me and after they give him 212 (a)(6) do u have any idea for what can i do...
  Posted by nirali 5 years ago:

212 (a) (6c) (1) misresenation
  Posted by Shahaji 5 years ago:

Sorry to hear that. Considering seriousness of the matter, I would suggest you to consult immigration attorney immediately.
  Posted by XYZ 4 years ago:

Hi, I attended H4 interview on 10th May 2012 and was given a blue slip. They had asked me to submit some of my husbands company's documents at VFS. I submitted the same by 14th May 2012. Since then I havent heard from them. The documents were in perfect order as per their requirements. How long does it take for them to get back? Why are they asking for so many documents for H4?
  Posted by XYZMUMBAI 4 years ago:

Nowdays it is usual to ask for more documents,when dependent is going alone for stamping. If you have all docs proper nothing to worry about...
  Posted by Portia 4 years ago:

I have attended my L1B Visa interview @ Chennai Consulate on 11/06/2012. The consular has asked me several question and handed over the passport to me. Alongwith the Blue Slip with the point selected as “Your blanket L1 application is not clearly approvable under section 8 CFR 214.2(I)(II)(D) and INA101(a)(15)(L)”.Also in the I-129S form the Denied(Reason) is mentioned as “Not Clearly Approvable” Can anyone tell me whether this is a Rejection or any other possibility of success after few months
  Posted by XYZ 4 years ago:

But how long till i hear back from has already been 6 weeks.
  Posted by XYZ 4 years ago:

Still no update on my visa status.. Though it has been 2 months already
  Posted by M 4 years ago:

I attended H4 interview on 18th may 2012 and got 221g blue slip. I submitted all docs on 27th june 2012. Still no updates on my visa status.
  Posted by XYZ 4 years ago:

Hi M any updates? My interview was on 10th May and got blue slip..still no updates
  Posted by loadrunner 4 years ago:

got blue slip from Mumbai consulate, dates below -

1. Visa interview on 3 April, got a blue slip
2. emailed required documents on 3 June
3. Got email from VFS to submit the same documents in hard copy on 12 July
4. submited the same on 13 July
5. Recieved a mail from mumbai consulate to submit Passport to VFS on 23 July,
6. Submitted the documets on 24th July

does this mean that my visa is approved? How many days does it take for VFS to give the passport back?
  Posted by XYZ 4 years ago:

Ya i think you got the visa..Please update once you get it..Also can you please let me know what time you got your email??
  Posted by lodrunner 4 years ago:

got the email at 3.30 PM IST on July 24th
  Posted by Loadrunner 4 years ago:

Hi All,

I have got a mail from VFS today that my passport is ready for pickup or would be couriered tomorrow. Also the status of the visa on CEAC site shows ISSUED. I think i have got the visa, i will only know for sure in next few days when i get my hands on the passport!

URL to check your status is pasted below. please bookmark the same, its not available on site anymore
  Posted by M 4 years ago:

Hi XYZ ..
still no updates
  Posted by Sarda D 4 years ago:

Hi LoadRunner,

10 days back I got a mail from US Consulate to submit few docs.

I did that via VFS.

But when I check on, it shows refused. I am not sure what does that mean.
  Posted by XYZ 4 years ago:

We got email to submit the passport finally, I hope we will get it soon with stamped visa on passport:
Interview Date : 10th May 2012 for H4 visa
Document Submitted : 14th May 2012
Email received to submit Passport : 3rd Aug 2012
Passport submitted : 3rd Aug 2012
Waiting for passport.
My H1B is on EVC model..I got my stamping without any issue but they gave 221g to my wife...
Hope it will help to others who are scared and people who are sending out wrong information like EVC model = Reject.
  Posted by S Kumar 4 years ago:

H1B Stamping - 221g blue slip at mumbai consulate
I attended H1B visa interview on 25th June and got 221(g) slip. Submitted all the document on 23rd of July.
Employment type - full time employee in small but reputed company/internal project
They asked me employer details, project details, employer office photos and pay slips .

What timeline I can expect to complete the case?
  Posted by Loadrunner 4 years ago:

@Sarda D

Refusal is your current status, before review of your documents. There are only three status, Refused, Admin Processing, Issued.

Keep checking and dont loose hope. it will happen in due time
  Posted by rs 4 years ago:

Hi S kumar any reply from mumbai consulate I got same 221g blue on 27 July u seem to b one month before me
  Posted by Sunil Sutar 4 years ago:


I had applied for H1B Visa and following are the details –

H1 Visa Interview Date: 20 Oct 2011.
Status on 20 Oct 2011: Received blue 221(g)
Expected Documents submitted on: 2 December 2011.

Since then there is no update on any site. My H1B is fresh/new one and Petition is approved for next 3 years upto Jan 2014.
My patience is killing me. Wait or change my current employer. But changing current employer and to have H1B /L1 from next employer may need 1 more year.

So waiting with patience
  Posted by khan 3 years ago:

Hi..I had my immigrat interview on 1 July 2013 in embassy and consular officer take my passport and medical and gave me blue slip to submit joint sponsor. A week before I submitted all documents my status change into administrative process to REady.ready for interview. But I already had a interview. ....what does it mean???? Plz do reply me plzzzz waiting. ...
  Posted by sherieff 3 years ago:

Hi need ur help , I was been denied for B1 visa under 221(g) blue form with case number got the reason need to submit additional doc . Can any one help me what all documents I need to submit pls. Thank you
  Posted by blueslip221 2 years ago:


I been given 221(g) blue slip and told to send project details by email. do i need to send this or ask petitioner to send.
  Posted by godfred onnomah jnr 2 years ago:

went for an interview on the 4th of august 2014 and i was told to come on the 10th of aug,i was given a blue sheet wrtten on it visa collection ticket and time ,what is the meaning please ?hope its a gud news
  Posted by Shree 2 years ago:


I had my visa interview today at the Chennai Consulate and I was given a 221(g) Blue Slip as well asking to submit a detailed project description and asked me to email them.
Already informed the employer regarding the same, and my husband who is already on H1 in USA with the same employer will take care of the document.
Just need to know how soon can I expect this to process after I send them the documents in email.
  Posted by Sai 2 years ago:

Hi Shree,
Did you send the email. Mine is also same case asked me to submit
Project desc through email.

  Posted by Shree 2 years ago:

Hi Sai,

Yes I had submitted the PDD on 13th Dec. Still my case is in Administrative Processing.
Its been 1 month since my interview and still no response from Consulate.
Hoping for the best...and all the best to you too.
When was your interview date ? Mine was on 5th dec'14

  Posted by nippu 2 years ago:

Has anyone got their visa approved who were asked for project description?
  Posted by Shree 2 years ago:

Mine is still in Administration Processing.
I had submitted the required PDD on 13th Dec, and its been more than 6 weeks now.
Just hoping for the best !
Requesting others to please share their experience on the same, with Interview Date and other details.
  Posted by Rishi 2 years ago:

i had my interview today on 9th March 2015 , for L1A category individual petition , VO kept my passport and took all docs i was caring but when i just checked on ceac it says refused , but does that means its still in processing as passport status shows it still wit post and for my rest family is under administrative processing ?
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