First H1B Visa Stamping In Mumbai Consulate APPROVED

Posted by PraG On 04 Aug 2012

First of all thanks a lot to Path2USA , because these 2 sites I was referring continuously.

On 2nd Aug 2012 I had my interview scheduled on 7.45 am in Mumbai consulate. I guess this the first slot of the day anyway I reached there at 7.10am and there was log Queue outside so I stood in the line with the documents then VFS guys were checking the documents of everyone and asking them to keep it handy before entering to consulate. After that I entered and had security check then we went to another section where Token no. was allotted with a pamphlet of "Know Your right" and after that we had our finger print done and sat in front of monitor where the token no. with its interviewing window was displayed so after 20 min my no. was displayed and I went to that window so I was little tensed though it was my second time to US consulate first time I had came for Business visa and it was granted. VO Asked me below Questions(Not in sequence).

VO: Why are you going to USA?
Me: For Temporary Employment in the US

VO: Which is the Comp?
Me: Answered

VO: what they Do?
Me: Answered

VO: Which is the Current Company?
Me: Answered

VO: What they Do (current Comp)
Me: Answered

VO: Role in the current comp? and What will be your duties in new comp?
Me: Answered

VO: Have you ever been to USA & For what Purpose?
Me: Yes for training

VO:What is the salary in US?
Me: Answered

VO:Are you married?
Me: answered

VO: did you read this pamphlet pointing towards white pamphlet which i had got while the token was allotted.
Me: yes

And finally golden words came out"Your visa has been approved"
Just want to advice be confidant and think Positive


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