H4 VISA Interview At Hyderabad Consulate

Posted by suresh kumar d On 05 Apr 2013

OFC on 4th April 2013

My wife went to OFC for fingerprinting on 4th april 2013 at around 9:15 AM even though the appointment is at 10:00 AM. She was allowed inside and with in few minutes, the finger printing is done and new digital photograph was taken by the personnel. My kid's photograph(paper) was taken and again took as a digital photograph. The appointment letter, DS160 forms, and MRV fee receipts were checked and stamped that they were verified. Then kept all these documents long with i-797A copy in passports and given back.

VISA Interview on 5th April 2013.

My wife alone went in for interview with all the above verified documents and other copies like, 1) My company offer letter,2) Purpose of travel letter given by my employer (this is important),3) last 6 months bank statement, 4) verification letter from bank with some decent amount of 20K in savings(as a safer side i did sent this),5) i-797A copy,6) i-129 copy, 7)client letter,8) LCA, 9)SOW, and other docs provided by my company, 10)last 6 months paystubs,11) all years tax returns, 12)all years w2 in original, 13) my past experience and relieving letters,14) my education certificates, 15) my passports all 36 pages, 16) marriage certificate(original), 17) birth certificate of my kid (original),18) marriage wedding cards, 19) wedding photos and confidential docs given by my employer.

She was called by the consular officer and asked the passports along with the verified copies set at the time of OFC Finger Printing and now started interviewing.

Q1) Is he working for xxxx company
A1) Yes,

Q2) What is the type of company? is it a shoes manufacturing company? (Tricky and confused question, this is all part of their routine only)
A2) No, i am not sure. (Really, i forgot to tell my wife that it is a consulting company). Officer has insisted twice on this and my wife gave answer as no idea.

Q3) what is his designation?
A3) Software Design Engineer and works on SQL Server

Q4) Again posed Q2.(Tricky Question)
A4) No Idea

Q5) How much salary he gets
A6) She said the amount mentioned (as per salary mentioned in LCA)

Q6) .Where did you first met your husband
A6) During my wedding time

Q7) How long you both have been Married
A7) Seven Years

Q8) Do you have 2 kids right? (Tricky questions)
A8) No, only one kid

Q9) Is it love marriage or arranged marriage
A9) Arranged Marriage.

That's it, Consular gave some pamphlet and asked to read it. (It is about Do's and Dont's while travelling to USA)

Returned the documents kept in the passport and said to leave the counter. Consular officer kept the passports with her.

My wife said , Thank you Madam and consular officer gave a smile.

No single document was checked. Lucky here :)


    • Posted by bhavani on May 04 2013 at 10:51pm

      after visa approved how many days took to get your wife passport

    • Posted by ram on November 14 2013 at 6:44pm

      Hi suresh
      How many paychecks need h4 visa

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