Query On H1B Visa Posted by : Sarayu On 05 Oct 2015

Hello Friends,

I will be attending the visa interview in the next month. My employer who filed my H1 petition is very small company and has revenue of 150000$ and they have only 2 employees in their organization. Will there be any issue in giving visa on such a small company? Kindly post your suggestions.


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US Embassy Singapore Pls Help Posted by : MH On 04 Oct 2015

Hi ,

I got 221g yellow slip requesting , W-2,W-3 of three years from company,
Currently I am holding employment pass and working in a local company Singapore.

In this case, my W-2 form will be income tax from Singapore ? or is it related to all W-2 forms of employees working with U.S petitioner?
Please kindly advise.

Thank you for your help in advance


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Working From Home For The H1B Sponsoring Company Posted by : Baps On 04 Oct 2015

I joined an US based company on Oct, 2014 and started working form home remotely as they don't have any office in India. They sponsored my H1b and my I-129 approved on 29 Sep 2015. Now I am planning for the visa interview in the US consulate.

Now if the VO ask me where is your office in India? I have to say My home. Currently in India I can't be an employee for them as they don't have any office here. I am currently working for them like a consultant/freelancer/contractor(whatever you say). My employer pay my salary through Paypal every month. I am afraid after hearing this the VO can reject my VISA.

Please help me. What I exactly need to say if VO ask me about my current employment.

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H1 And H4 Interview Chennai Posted by : Sreenath On 26 Sep 2015

Total applicants 3

Myself on H1B

Wife and child on H4 visa

OFC Date: 22-Sep-2015

Biometric Time: 3:30PM

we reached OFC center chennai around 2:30PM and as we are standing with a small kid(less then 3 yrs) so security person asked us to get in to the building. Our photo's and Bio metric taken and then whole process completed less than 30 mins.

Main interview was on next day morning 8:30 AM

We reached consulate by 7:30 AM and carrying some biscuits, cakes for my daughter. Initially security person told me we cannot carry any thing to inside the consulate and need to dispose everything. We told ok and then moved to queue but when the security person saw we are with small baby,
he asked us to come forward to proceed inside the consulate.

1st verification is checking if any mobiles, CD's or any closed covers with you, if you are carrying any thing they will ask you to put them out side of the consulate (there is private counter where he will keep all our luggage for some good amount) then they will scan all our documents and perform complete checking.

Then can you can people sitting with little tense and preparing for interview.

Later you will be asked to move into another building where actual interview takes place.

2nd verification is checking the passport and visa application details then they will put a sticker on your passport. As we are with small baby they put an additional sticker which indicates for priority...:)

Then asked to move further, 3rd verification is comparing the bio metric details which taken on previous day.

Once you complete this you will be asked to move into actual visa interview queue, where your final tense starts.

As we are going with small baby and the supporting staff asked us to go ahead and sit in the preference area, we went and waiting for consular to start the process, all this process completed by 7:55 AM

My daughter asked for water and we are not carrying so my wife took daughter to have some water mean while consular came and asked officers to proceed for interview, they asked me to proceed by the time my wife also returned so we went in front of visa officer.

Greetings exchanged.

As i am working for an MNC, Visa Officer told ohh you are working for XYZ company very nice.

asked for passports to share.

Then she asked

What is your highest education ?

Ans: Bachelor of Technology

and then she immediately asked what is my wife highest education?

Ans: Degree

Who is your client?

Answered as i am going to work for US organization and there is no end client involvement.

she told OK.

She asked about what is your married date?
i am not able to hear correctly and asked for excuse then she repeated the question and still i am not able to get the exact question then she pointed as Marriage then i answered appropriately.

She turned my wife and told with a big smile Madam,looks you are troubling sir a lot that's way he forget's marriage date also...all are with big smiles.

Visa Officer immediately told i am clearing your visa application and this is the rights for you in US.

By 8:15 AM we are out of US Consulate and how sweet this will be.

I prepared a lot on the visa interview and referred several sites for additional details but nothing is asked and no questions. How lucky to have this interview. Always try to be faith on god and trust on your luck.

Today i verified in us travel docs site and status appearing as "Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery"

I am exited to receive my passports, as there is holidays in this week hope i will get by next week.

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Employer Lost I797 Posted by : shaks On 19 Sep 2015

Hi , my employer lost I797 original and dont even have a copy of it.
My Stamping interview is scheduled next week and i may need to fly by 1st week of Oct.
here are my questions:
1. can i attend the interview without I797 copy?
2, can i get a copy of it in any website with my Approved Receipt Number?
2. If i shouldnt attend the interview then what is the time-frame to get the duplicate I797 copy from USCIS?

I'm worried , Experts please advice

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Successful H1B Stamping At Mumbai On Sep 16th 2015 Posted by : Neeraj Maurya On 19 Sep 2015

Hi All,

I got lots of help from this site. Sharing my stamping experience at Mumbai for the benefit of others.

Just a little background: I am a cap-exempted candidate because of earlier filing (In Mar-2011), but visa was never stamped and never traveled to US. The previous stamping was rejected with 221g yellow at Hyderabad. The petition was reaffirmed in May-2012, but the petition was valid only for 1 year and expired in Mar-2012.

Being a cap-exempted, got second sponsorship from same employer in May-2015, this time in premium processing. The petition got approved in less than 15 days in Jun-2015. OFC interview was scheduled on 13-Sep (Sunday) for finger printing/photo and consulate interview was on 16-Sep.

OFC interview was at 1:00 PM at Bandra, trade center. I reached there by 12:15 PM and found some 15-20 people waiting in queue. Security checked appointment letter and passport and allowed inside, well before time. Another counter inside the premises again checked the document and was queued to be serviced from any of the 16 counters. My turn came in 5 minutes but there was some technical issue and I was shifted to another counter. After finger printing and photo, i was searching my wife at 12:45 PM out at main gate well before my schedule interview time :). She accompanied me to take care of mobile and bag as there is no locker facility. Later i found there is locker facility asking 200/- INR. The entire process took 20 minutes.

Note: Just carry Passport, DS160 submission confirmation, Interview Appointment Letter for OFC.

Consulate Interview was at 10:00 AM at US Consulate Bandra, Mumbai. It takes 1 hour from my station till bandra but because of train derailment 1 day before at vileparle, the journey took 2 hours and I reached somehow at 9:55 AM finding myself among somewhat odd 200 people. After security check the coordinator checked my appointment letter and asked if I am for H1B. On my positive answer she gave me a pamphlet which explains human rights and emergency numbers in USA, and pointed me to sit in an open area (with roof) opposite the main building, where around 200 people were already waiting. Serially they were allowing 50-70 people inside the main building where people were routed to 3 counters where fingers were rescanned and then sent to the final queue. There is no token numbering and people were redirected to any of the available counter out of 39 counters from the queue. My turn came and I was redirected to counter no 25 where a lady VO was interviewing a family. Because of sound from surrounding counters and people chatting in queue, I was very stressed, wondering if I will be able to listen and understand the questions of VO, who was little soft spoken.

My turn came finally (The extreme stress moment).

VO: Good Morning. Your documents Please
Me: Good Morning. (handed over Passport, I797B, I129 copy, LCA copy)

VO: Which company you are going to work?

Me: Its XXXXX XXXXXX doing business as (dba) XXX INC.

VO: What is your designation?
Me: Programmer Analyst

VO: How many employees this company has?

VO: How much is the pay?
Me: XX thousand USD per annum.

VO: What is your highest qualification?
Me: Master in computer applications

VO: Which project you are going to work?
Me: told the product name

VO: What is this project all about?
Me: Started explaining but she stopped me asking me to come closer to speaker. I finished in 3 lines.

VO: Is it In-house project.
Me: Yes

VO: Are you going to work for client.
Me: No

VO: Are you married
Me: Yes

VO: Is your family accompanying you?
Me: No. Not Now.

She seemed satisfied with the answers and pointing towards the pamphlet at counter

VO: Have you read this?
Me: Yes. (I had read that when I was in waiting area)

VO: You will get your passport in 2-3 days. Thank you.

She returned remaining documents to me and kept the passport. I greeted her and left the counter.

It took nearly 2 hour for the entire process. Outside consulate gate at 11:55 AM, I was again searching my wife who was sitting just sitting beside the pedestrian, along with other waiting people to share the good news.

There was no SMS and email to notify passport pickup, but 1 day later I checked on passport tracking which showed “Ready to pick up”. I took the driving license copy with me and collected the passport from the trade center, with stamped visa ?

Good luck guys for your successful stamping.

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Query On H1B Visa Posted by : Rams On 18 Sep 2015

Hi all,

This year i have applied for H1B with 2 employers and both are approved. Next week i am going to attend H1 Interview with Company A, What possible questions will get on this case also do i need to mention this in my DS160 form.

Thanks in Advance!

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H1B And H4 Experience On 14Sep2015 At Kuala Lumpur Posted by : suren On 16 Sep 2015

Sharing my experience here.

Appointment Date: 14 sep 2015
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Visa:H1B and H4

We have booked 8.15 slot and reached embassy by 7.45.

There was a big queue(which is usual) and security ppl asked 'People with 7.45' appointment to stand in Q and rest all can sit for sometime.

After 45mn, got our turn at security gate.

we have given our appointment confirmation and ID proof and got security pass and stickers back on passports with our names.

Scanned all our bags and all items we were carrying.. Then got inside embassy building.Scanning again of our items and then entered into one of the halls.

There the employee on duty asked to stand in one queue. There at one of the counters,they verified passports and given a white booklet with US rights to go thru. Then we were asked to go to next counter for finger print scanning. Once done with finger printing got token for interview.

Our token number, displayed in 15mins.

Interview with VO:

Greetings exchanged.

VO: can I see ur petition.
Me: yes. Given my I797 approval.

VO: how do you got this job?
Me: Explained.

VO is going thru petition n checking few things on system.

VO: where do you live.
Me: Explained.

VO: How long have you been staying here?

Me: Explained. .

VO checking back something on system.

VO: Have you gone thru this booklet showing "white booklet which has US rights" info.
Me: yes..going through.

VO: what is it about?
Me: There are US rights for all types of Visas.

VO: Can you Explain
Me: Explained couple of from booklet which I have glanced while waiting.

VO: Can your employer surrender your passport?
Me: No.

VO: carry this booklet with you while going to US,and call helpline incase of any issues if you face.

"Your Visa is Approved. We will send your passports".

Came out of interview booth and asked the employee on duty in the hall regarding next step. He informed us to check status next day and collect passports after 430pm at Aramex as ours is pickup.

Next day morning 15 sep 2015:

11am : CEAC status updated to "issued".
2pm: passport tracker also updated as processing for delivery
5pm: Gone to Aramex,PJ and collected passports.

Fast & Nice experience.

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H1b Visa Interview Experience In KL Malaysia Posted by : ITGuy On 15 Sep 2015

Hi All,

I have attended H1B visa interview in Malaysia in the 1st week of September 2015,i was given yellow slip.

My interview was at 8:15Am i reached the place 1Hr in advance.Finished the security checks, then done with finger prints scanning.Waiting for my number to be called.

me:- Good morning officer.(Gave my passport and I797 )
VO:- Looked at me. how long are you working for this company.

me:- This is a new company i will be working for in the US.
VO:- how long are you in Malaysia.
me:- Last 6+Yrs.

VO:- How do u know this company(US).
me:- They have contacted me by seeing my profile online.

VO:- what are you going to do for this company XXX.
me:- Answered (in a single line).

--- I was waiting while VO was away for a while
VO:- How do u know this company. (SAME question)
me:- They have contacted me seeing my profile online. (again i answered)

VO:- how it happened online.
me:- detailed.

VO:- do u know anyone in US.
me:- no.

i am actually waiting with lot of documents like education certs, experience certs and many others, none of which was asked.Even i had a sealed cover sent by my petitioner in US.

VO gave me a yellow slip. its written.
"How was the position granted.
what are the responsibilities.
we will contact you" on it".

i thought the case is rejected and was disappointed. one guy in the embassy smiled at me seeing the slip. he said if a white slip is given petition rejected. Your yellow slip means still admin working in process.

Even today it shows admin work in process.

Any advice please.


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Query On H1 Visa Posted by : Sarayu On 10 Sep 2015

Hello Friends,

I will be attending the visa interview in the next month. My employer who filed my H1 petition is very small company and has revenue of 150000$ and they have only 2 employees in their organization. Will there be any issue in giving visa on such a small company? Kindly post your suggestions.


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