H1 And H4 Visa Exp At Chennai Consulate Posted by : Gopichand Mallavarapu On 04 Nov 2014

Some Back Ground:
My B1 Visa Rejected in 2010 at Chennai Consulate
My L1B Visa Rejected in 2011 at Chennai Consulate
I was not prepared well for the above 2 interviews. I accept my fault here.
Today my H1B, 2 H4 Visas approved with a single question at the same Chennai Consulate. I expected a lot of questions from the Visa Officer based on my earlier rejections. I had one thing in my mind i.e Get the thing where you lost…
Interview was scheduled at 10-30am
Me: Hello, Good Morning (Visa Officer looks like an Indian but I am not sure of it, age was approx 45+)
VO: Good Morning
VO: Give me your Passports
Me: said Okay and given them
VO: Who is your Client
Me: Told the Client Name xxxxx
VO: Can you spell the Client Name
Me: Spelled once, he was not clear
VO: Can you spell again
Me: Spelled, he got it.
VO: Your L1B was refused earlier right?
Me: Yes
VO: Your VISA is approved
Me: Thanks

That’s all. I stayed maximum about a minute, with a single question he approved my H1B Visa.
My Thought process analysis:
I feel the Visa was granted purely based on the data given in the DS-160 forms of all of us. I honestly mentioned about my earlier Visa refusals, my wife’s duration of stay on B1 Visa earlier, etc. If I am not wrong, the decision was already taken before I come for the interview. I don’t disagree if someone says no to my analysis.
All the best.

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H1b Experience In Chennai Consultant Posted by : jay On 03 Nov 2014

VO: good morning
me : good morning
VO: passport pls.
me: give..
VO: your employer name?
me : XXX
VO : which project your are travelling?
me: YYYY
VO: (they working parallel). asked about employer businesses...
me : I explained..
VO : he looking somewhere and say that ur visa are approved
me : thank you

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H1B Visa Interviews At Mumbai Consulate Posted by : mondal On 31 Oct 2014

Question Asked:

After greeting exchange

VO: you work for the XXXX company?
Me: yes

VO: how long you have been working with this company?
Me: Answered

VO: Your Highest Degree?
Me : XXX

VO: Project Description?
ME: said

VO: Your Highest Qualification? (asked again)

Finally, the Golden words "Your visa is approved". Read the white pamphlet.

Good Luck :)

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H1B And H4 Visa Interviews At Chennai Consulate Posted by : kkumar On 30 Oct 2014


Thanks to this forum which has enriched my knowledge and prepared me for the interviews. We had the interview scheduled at Chennai on 27th October 2014. The OFC consummated as usual with the same questions to me and my spouse:

- What is the reason for your travel to the USA?

We also had to update the DS-160 forms since our original Interview was scheduled at Hyderabad but later scheduled at Chennai. Please do remember to update the application numbers during fingerprints and biometric at OFC.

On the 27th, we were astounded to see the huge queue in front of the consulate. Our appointment was scheduled at 11:00 AM. After waiting for 1.5 hrs., a person finally updated the bar code at the back of my passport. He did not ask for my spouse's passport since dependant is not required. We were repeatedly informed that electronic goods are prohibited. The security check transpired as it happens at the airport. Finally, we moved into the consulate building.

We sat in front of the 24th counter. We witnessed the interviews that were going on. Most of them succeeded. However, there were few rejections as well. The consulate was a pleasant lady at the 24th Counter. She greeted us and this is how it started:

VO: Good Morning. How are you doing today (with a smile).
Me: Very Good Morning. We are good. How are you doing?
VO: Good. Thank you. Passports please.
Me: Handed over the passports.
VO: 1 min. please. I need to check on my daughter.
(she typed something on her mobile).
VO: Who is your petitioner?
Me: Ansewered.
VO: Who is your client?
Me: Answered.
VO: (To my spouse) what is your highest qualification?
My spouse answered.
VO: How long have you been married?
VO: Where would you need to travel?
VO: It is a beautiful place. Are you excited?
Me: Yes.

VO: You are all set. Your visas are approved. This is a pamphlet that defines your rights in the US.

We: Thank you so much. Have a good day!

The interview went smooth. We were happy. Simple piece of advise: Please do not panic. Know your documents and the contents. Be prepared with your answers. Be confident.

Wish you all the best

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H1B Visa Interview Experience Chennai Posted by : Nishanth On 27 Oct 2014

I have completed my H1B Visa interview on 24th Oct 2014.

My PAI interview in scheduled on 10 AM 24th OCt 2014. I reached 9 AM to the consulate center in Chennai. There was a very long queue stood on the left side near to the Gemini Flyover (Safire bus stand). I too joined the queue. Slowly queue was moving and reached the main chekcing gate at 10.45 AM. even that time they have asked 'anybody is there for 9.30 AM appointment'. That morning was very very slowly moved. At 11 AM they have verified 10 AM appointment candidatesand allowed very few to the next entrance. My bad i was the last one and waited for next batch. Again 11.10 AM they have allowed another few 10 AM candidtaes. this time i'm the first one moved to the next Gate.

Here another 20 mins waited. next one guy was put the Seal and one Guy was checked with the metal detector (kind of) and allowed me to the next gate. there again they have checked (any electronic items like Mobile/Pen drive/CD etc..) and then allowed me to enter the Visa Interview room. It is a seperate building inside the campus.

Here One guy sitting in front of the computer asking our Passport and Appointment letter and aksed us to entre the interview room. Again queue (4 queues), here they asked us to go yto the counter whcih is less crowd. There checking our passport. and asked us to wait in the row chair....

Here our REAL interview is going to happen.. Very nurvous everyone. That guy asked me to go to the counter ##. Infront of me 2 guys & 1 couple stood. All their Visa's got approved. Now my turn

HE: Hello Good morning
Me: Good morning

He: Pass your passport
Me: Sure (passed inside the counter)

He: Which company you rae from?
Me: XXXX ( i wore my company tag)

He: Which location you are going to travel?
Me: State

He: Who is your client?
Me: xxxxx

He: Whats your designation???
Me: (Confused) and told India / Us designation

He: OK sir. I approve your visa. Please red this pamplet and have a good day
Me: Thank you and Left...

By 12.20 PM i left from the Consulate. It was really very nice experience and before my interview day i didnt slept many days. Once all went well, i was very happy. This path2usa is very very usefull to read before appearing to the PAI. Thanks much path2usa.

Please be clear what you are saying and speak confident. Thats it. Its very friendly interview. The information what we provided the samer only tehy are asking. So no worries. All the very best to all :)

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H1B Interview At Chennai Consulate Story Posted by : Rohit On 15 Oct 2014

Hi Guys,

Today I had attended the H1B interview at Chennai consulate. I want to share my experience because I prepared well but still lot of nervousness and as per my preparation I'm not upto the mark in my interview. Finally the interviewer was kind to alot me the visa without much troubling me.
Very small and very important things at the interview
Don't be nervous(I couldn't stop it but tried to control it)
Don't practice any thing
Don't listen to anyone till u go to the interview(let the mode be passive)
Activate all your sense's while interview
Prepare for the worst experience for 5 mins
Confidence should be obvious

Ok coming to my interview

9th Oct 2014 was my OFC appointment at 3.30 pm
Earlier there was a small drizzle but within no time Chennai catch up the heat
I went at 2.45 fully sweating, they allowed us only at 3.30
Before we observe some cooling of air conditioner my OFC is done
General checking s sticker was attached and token was given. Seen the screen there where around 8 tokens before me so I was seeing back but in one shot all the tokens were displayed including my token.
I was checking the counter and went within no time that guys as taken my finger prints and foto and asked me to leave
I prepared a lot but nothing really worked there. No hi hello no wishes
Nothing. I was irritated that I was not able to perform. Slept for 1 hour and felt better. Spoke to my brother and discussed about few questions as he was already there for 7 years there.

Next day(The big day)
Just make sure u do normal things don't start ur morning which is not comfortable
At interview tried to be cool and full passive mode till the interview
Entered the second building with all the routine check ups, given a token and finger print was verified and then sitting in waiting hall where u can here n c interview but don't bother just ignore. I tried to listen to the questions and tried to prepare my answers but don't do it
My token was displayed and was waiting in the queue. I had a look at the interviewer he was around 40age and appeared to be a serious guy. I prepared for the worst seeing him and the interviews he was taking. One guy was wearing company I'd card, he just pointed out and asked him to remove as this is not his company. I was like suprised to that.
The guy before me went to the interview, I was tring to be normal with a smile on the face.
He went for a business visa and the interviewer didn't asked anything just said ur visa is approved.
I was suprised and fumbled a bit and jumped to the interviewer.
I have taken lot of documents and I prioitixed and taken 2 set of documents folders with me and kept rest in the cover got it with me.
I went and kept the cover down and kept the folders side by where the interview can see it
Given my passport
he checked something and asked the first question so u r going to work for xyz company
A. I explained it as my emploer is xyz but I will be working for abc client( my brother was saying u would have told yes instead of giving explainations but my arguement was different that how can I say yes when I actually working for abc just the employer is xyz, its upto you whatever seems to be right but just with confidence)
He asked which client and asked me to spell that(this question only because I had given him the explaination but I was ok as I have a answer towards that)
Now I'm bit doutful about the answering internally, meanwhile he checked something in the system about the client I guess
Then he asked something but I heard only lost passport and visas(I missed it because I was not concentrating on what he was asking and thinking about the answered questions, please don't do this, concentrate on mic u speak and speaker where the interviewer speaks.
I answered had German Visa again thinking I would have told Schenzen visa.
Then the interviewer told Sir please listen to the questions carefully and anwser(then taught its gone)
Asked the questions agian Do u have any valid US visa?
I said No
Then next he told UR VISA Approved and said something giving the form but hardly I heard something after approved.

Later realized that when I going back to bangalore that I didn't pay any fees for couirer and tension started again then I called to the customer care then they confirmed that they are no charges as of now. they stopped taking itseems.

After all this also I got this visa only because I think
I was confident in answering whatever they ask irrespect the the question they ask
My documnets where clear with all the details relevant, thanks to my comapany
Last but not least I got already stamped with schenzen visa twice before(he might think he has gone outside India and he definetely knows things around)

Hope this helps someone

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H1b VISA Experience In Hyd Consulate Posted by : Narendar On 09 Oct 2014

Hi All,

Thank you all for sharing your experiences, it helped me alot.

I was very much tensed before the Interview but It was very easy and good experience for me at Hyd Consulate.

Please find the details below.

Me: Good Morning
VO: Good Morning.

VO: Who is your petitioner?

VO: Who is your point of contact.

VO: Which Project you are going to work them.

VO: What is this project about.

VO: Who is End client for this Project.

VO: What is your highest Qualification.

VO: Master of science in what ?

VO: Your VISA is Approved.
Me : Thank you sir.

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H1b Visa Stamping Experience At Chennai Us Consulate Posted by : Sagar On 09 Oct 2014

How long it will take to resolve this (221g) query.


Me : Good Morning! Sir ,

Vo : Can i have your passport Sir
Me : Yes sure

Vo : Who is your Employer? Sir

Vo : Can i have your I-979B Sir
Me : Yes sure Sir ---> Walked with I-979 B to his colleagues and backed to place without meeting them

Vo : What is your highest Qualification
Me : Master of technology from Indian premier institute

Vo : Who is your Client ?
Me : it is internal position @ ABCXXXX.

Vo : Can i have project details
Me : Yes sure Sir

Vo : GM -General Motors
Me : Yes Sir

And he issued 221g by saying " Project details are not enough , it has only 5 lines . We need detailed documentation.. please arrange for us
The query he asked is "
A detailed description of the project to which you will be assigned include a complete technical discipline of the project, employer, timeline,current status , number of employees assigned ,work-sites locations,and marketing
analysis for the final product "

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Visa Approved CHENNAI Posted by : Ravi On 08 Oct 2014

Hello friends,

I want to share my interview experience with you all folks, I was interview on 18th September, 2014 place Chennai.

Interview was around 5 min.

It was 11:00 AM

I : Good morning sir,

VO: Not replied

I: Good morning Sir (again)

VO: Good Morning


VO: Which company you are going to work for ?

I : XYZ (Wrong answer, I misunderstood the question thinking he is asking my current company. )

VO: No that’s not the company which has field the petition.

I : ABC (corrected my answer and replied politely).

VO: Are you going to work for client.

I : No sir, I am going to work on the product on the company named ***something***.

VO : what is the name of project

I : Answered ***something***

VO : Explain me the project on which you will be working.

I : I am going to work on….....Explained.

VO : Who will be using this software/who are the clients (Very Key question)

I: Since its a product there can be N no of clients

VO : Can I see your project Document.

I : I gave him (I was big bundle of papers which VO just looked at it and returned me after seeing it hardly for 5 sec)

VO : How may employees are in the Company ?

I : X and repeated once again with figures.

VO : What is your Highest Qualification?

I: BE Electronics

VO: what

I: Bachelor of engineering in Electronics.

VO: After typing for long. here comes the wonderful word – Your VISA is approved. Have a nice trip.

I : Thank you Sir.

VO gave me a 3 pager stating that please know your rights and go through it before you travel to US

All the best dear friends. Thanks redbus2us.com it really helped me in preparation.

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I Need Clarification Regarding Consulate Location In In Posted by : chandu On 07 Oct 2014

My 797B has mentioned with consulate as CHENNI but I would like to attend visa interview at Hyderabad
Is this create any issues?

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