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How I Get Cure From Herpes Virus Call If You Need Help

Posted by: RUTH MARIS On 18 Mar 2017

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Herpes Cure

Posted by: faith On 09 Mar 2017

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Posted by: JOHNSON LOPEZ On 20 Feb 2017

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Unpaid Medical Bill For Dependent Parents Appeal Proces

Posted by: siddhartha mishra On 19 Jun 2016


My father while on a visit to the US to my sister had to be admitted to the hospital for respiratory tract infection and the bill came out to be USD 25000. My father has an insurance which doesn't cover any pre existing disease and so we are in a precarious situation to pay this amount which is quite a large sum for my father or me to pay(i live in india). My sister also doesn't have a job in the US and so its a very difficult situation for us. Can somebody help with what the appeal process is to reduce the bill. Should the appeal be made to the hospital or to the insurance company.


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Good Experience With Atlas America HCCMIS

Posted by: DesiMan On 24 Feb 2015

In my case HCCMIS came through. My parent had to be hospitalized (life threatening) for a day and our bill came to under 15K. I presented the HCCMIS card and it went through. The process was slow, but it did go through and all the bills were resolved. I had to call on a few occasions to follow up, and the hold time was about 20 minutes. However, at the end of the hold were courteous and professional CSR's. No issues.

Few tips:
1) Get on to pre-cert asap. In fact, look up pre-cert doc at sign up, before any issues, so you know what to expect.
2) Get a Health care Power of Attorney for your folks. It does need 2 witness and a notary. GET IT DONE! It will allow you to sign in your folks when they cant, and not make you responsible for medical costs.
3) Get out of hospital asap. Doctors often suggest observation for 2 days. On a case by case basis, it may not be necessary. Mine was 1 day because I could question and leave. Parent has been fine since. Use judgement, because you could be back at ER if wrong and repeat all the same procedures again.
4) Use an insurance agent. Someone who can work with you and has inside line (you would think). I did not have to engage mine, but it is good to have a backup.

I went through the same mental agony of which insurance to choose. Will they pay if need arises? I never expected to use it, but when I did, I was glad I chose well.

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Visitor Insurance Experience With HCC Medical Insurance

Posted by: BJ On 05 Sep 2014

We had a horrible experience with this Insurance company which we purchased through Visitor Insurance site for my mother. We paid premium for almost 9 months and during the stay she had to make Doctor office visit three times. All the claims were denied by the insurance company. Actually they never responded to the doctor's office. When you call no one picks of the phone or by luck someone did they will say one standard explanation that it was not covered due to pre-existing condition. Normally you would expect an insurance reduced rate to be charged. But the doctor office charged full rate. We are dealing with those bills now, over $1500. Very bad experience. Even I went to cancel my policy but no response. They don't want to refund the premium I had paid for future months. This is a horrible company. I will never recommend anyone buying from HCC Medical Insurance services.

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Unpaid Bills For My Parents 2 Years Back

Posted by: Raj On 17 Jul 2012


My parents had visited us 2 years ago and during their stay , my dad was admitted in the hospital and he had a surgery here. Hospital bills mounted up to almost 30-40 K. Even though they had visitor insurance then, they denied it.Since we were not able to pay such a big amount, it went to collections. My parents left to India shortly.
They are planning to visit us again in a couple of months. So I would like to know if they would face any immigration issues on arrival to US? or any other issues later? It would be really great if you could provide some information regarding this.

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HCC Medical Insurance Via Insub A Painful Experience

Posted by: Sami On 01 May 2012

Recently I got a health insurance for my father-in-law. Last month, before he left for India, he got shingles and was admitted to hospital for 2 days. A bill of about $10000 has been denied by HCC stating that '23 this condition is not covered due to pre-existing limitation'. Phone calls to customer care are almost never answered and I have to just wait for a long time. I still do not understand how such infections leading to emergency can be called pre-existing. After reading through several reviews about HCC in few forums, I realized that the same answer is provided to many people generously! A bad experience! I will not buy this insurance in future.

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HCC Atlas Medical Insurance Very Very Bad

Posted by: Vijay On 14 Mar 2012

Never in my life will I buy travel insurance from HCC. I had purchased HCC travel insurance for my in-laws from India for six months. They did not even cover their office visits to physicians stating that the patient was not eligible for coverage on the date of service. I called them and waited for 30minutes before somebody answered and they confirmed that the coverage was active on the date of service. They asked me to wait for another 30days to reprocess the claim. Haven't hear from them yet.

Renewing the insurance to extended the coverage was another hassle as they kept double charging my credit card and I had to call them several times to correct the charges. This is such a pathetic and irresponsible insurance company.

The cost of purchasing the insurance for 6months turned out to significantly more than the combined total of all the six months medical bills. I deeply regret having used this useless money-minded company.

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Can Some One Give Good Experience

Posted by: Sam On 25 Oct 2011

Need to buy health insurance for old parents, does any one hasgoodexperience?

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