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HCC Med Insurance, Atlas - Bad Experience

Posted by: Jerzy Krzeminski, visitor to US On 29 Sep 2010


I am a tourist from Poland, male, 56 years old, /Polish citizen/ and I often
spend vacation in Florida /twice a year recently/. For that I always had
travel medical insurance, always from company HCC Medical Insurance.
This insurance, Atlas 4, I bought from HCC web page and pay with credit card. I always had HCC Medical insurance before but never claimed anything as nothing ever happened. Until then.

In the morning of 4th Nov 2009 I noticed pulse 150 beats/min and went to see doctor in a outpatient clinic in St. Pete, FL. A doctor here has done EEC and called ambulance which took me to Bayfront Medical Center, St. Petersburg, FL. I was diagnosed with A-Fib /Atrial Fibrillation/, treated with tablets and discharged next day. The service in hospital was good, efficient and friendly.
A admin nurse from hospital contacted HCC Med Insurance /before doctors see me/ for pre-certification and took $ 250 deductible from my credit card.

Total bills were close to 12,000 dollars /ambulance, hospital, consultants/ and hospital has sent bills directly to HCC. Now, Sept 2010, I received Explanation of Benefits and HCC deny to pay any of those bills calling Pre-Existing condition. I have never in my life been in hospital and never had arrhythmia before, I am treated for mild hypertension and have no other diseases. The outstanding bills were sent to payment collectors by now.

HCC Med Insurance did not explained why my sudden illness was qualified as Pre-Existing condition, just informed me in a short letter dtd 7th Sept 2010.

I do not know what I can do now.

Jerzy Krzeminski /

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Let Me Help

Posted by: Rajeev On 14 Sep 2010

Sorry to hear that you are having this issue.
Did you communicate with the insurance company and make your points/supporting documents to ? did you actually know what is the Doctors report or diagnosis on this ?
Unless, the complete information is known, it is not fair to put blame on insurance company completely.
Can you please email me ( , the details including Policy number and some brief about this claims, and let me see If I can help you with this, If this is indeed a valid claim, it should be paid.

- Rajeev

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Atlas America Plan By HCC Medical Services

Posted by: rahul On 14 Sep 2010

I got full comprehensive coverage for my parents through Atlas america. My father contracted malaria and was taken to the hospital for treatment. They squirmed their way out of paying saying that its a preexisting condition..!!! Thats completely wrong .. they say that he contracted the condition on the day the insuracne went into effect..whats the idea of effective day then.. you cannot use insuracne for a certain number of days after u buy it then..!!

I make a strong suggestion for not buying insurance from this company.. they are very bad at customer service..and are very unreliable.

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InBound USA : Covered 10 % Of Medical Bill Of 10000$

Posted by: Sufferingbuyer On 18 Nov 2009

I purchased Plan B,75000 from inbound USA for my mom Age : 63 yrs.She was rushed for Seizures to the Immediate care center.They Did CT Scan,Radiology,EEG,Cardiogram etc.The Bill comes upto 10000 USD.Inbound USA paid 1K.What should I do..I am really tensed.Please help me as soon as possible.

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Oriental Insurance

Posted by: SH On 12 Oct 2009

On 24th Aug i had posted my concerns with Oriental insurance / Coris.

I was informed recently that the claim has been denied due to pre-existing condition. The hospital and the doc office etc are sending me reminder notices and I do not know what to do next.

I will really appreciate if someone can advice what I should do next?

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Oriental Insurance

Posted by: SH On 24 Aug 2009

My father recently had a heart attack while visting us in USA. He had to be rushed to the ER and was operated. He was at the hosptial for 6 days and now I am very worrried with the hospital payment. He has Oriental insurance but I am not sure if they will cover the bills.

if someone had any experience with oriental insurance, I would like to know. Also any input in this regard will be very helpful.

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Hospital Bills

Posted by: govinda108 On 20 Aug 2009

Dear all,
I have been reading this forum over the past week or so. I wanted to share my experiences with you so that it may be of help for anyone in the future.

My m-i-l (72 yrs) was visiting us for 6 months. Towards the end of her stay, she developed an urinary tract infection that quickly escalated to high fever, shivering, etc. We had to call an ambulance and take her to a hospital. She was given antibiotics, IV, etc, but due to her age, she took 2 days to recover. We took seven corners inbound usa insurance which provided minimal coverage. The hospital bill was ~18K of which the insurance only paid 10%.
I was trying to see what the best option was to address this situation, given that our savings are almost zero. Finally we decided to take this head-on. We went to the hospital billing department the day after we received this final bill and pleaded with them to reduce or waive the charges since we are unable to pay them. We told them that we can pay 1K max. They contacted the CFO who immediately waived the charges. He was surprised that we even came and talked to him, since we are not technically obligated to pay the bill (It was addressed to my mil). We thank the all merciful Lord Krishna for his compassion. We also wanted to share our lessons learned -
1. If a person is old and susceptible to such illnesses, think about the insurance/costs before inviting them. If one needs to invite them here, one should get a really comprehensive policy.
2. If a situation like ours does actually happen, then it is best to take this up with the hospital directly. Not responding may actually be worse than pleading with the hospital for a waiver.
3. Fixed coverage plans like inbound usa cover almost nothing, so there is no point in banking on them for coverage. We fought tooth and nail with them with the claims, but to no avail.

Jai Srimannarayana.

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I Can Help

Posted by: Rajeev On 13 Jan 2009

Where did you purchase this policy from ?
If you have purchased through, please contact me at and I can help in this matter.


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Unpaid Bills - Help

Posted by: Rajeev On 26 Jun 2008

this article will help

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Unpaid Hospital Bill

Posted by: help me On 26 Jun 2008


Does any one have any experience of unpaid hospital bills . My Dad had to be admitted to the hospital in 2007 , got a 20K bill which insurance didnt pay.

It went to collections didnt do any thing . Any idea what is gng to happen when they are coming back again ? The plan to come in fall

please mail to any help or input will be really helpful.

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