Visitor Visa Denied For Sibling Need Advise Delhi Posted by : Nick On 18 Aug 2017

Hello .. first off I love this site / forum.. great work and good people ..

Here is my issue: Mom’s Visa approved but Brother and Niece rejected (Group appointment)
I am a Naturalized US Citizen and have lived in US for 12+ years and citizen since 2013 June. My mom had a B2 visa and visited me few years ago and her visa expired this yes .. so while renewing her visa I also added My brother and his daughter to the application .. I also gave them a filled-out I-134 with other docs etc.
Some Background: Brother is single dad (divorced) and living with Mom and grandparents in a joint family.. he makes around 80K annually doing a part time job and another 2.0 lakh annually via managing family rental properties etc. he also cares for old grandparents and hose chores etc.
At the interview the VO just focused on my brother and asked him how much does he make from his job in an year.. he said 80K as he had an experience letter .. he did not mention other income but he did have his bank statement etc that showed sufficient funds.. VO did not ask for any documents and questioned him on his divorce and asked for the legal docs .. he shared the docs and then VO again asked if he makes 80K annually or monthly
After my brothers answer VO looked at my mom and said Ma’am I am separating your application from this group and approving your visa.. then VO looked at my brother and said I am sorry but your and your daughters visa cannot be approved at this time.
My mom interrupted the VO and asked if she could reconsider my Nieces Visa as she is very keen on visiting Disney.. VO politely and very respectful told my mom that since this is a dependent application she cannot allow that. VO did not give any formal reason of denial or and form / stamp in the passport.
I would greatly appreciate if someone can give me some tips on what I can do to reapply visas for my brother and Niece.. I am thinking the following.
For My Niece..
Obtain a school certificate showing her vacation days and comment that she needs to be back in school on a certain date.. Have my mom get a sworn affidavit that says that she is travelling to US to see her son and would like her granddaughter to accompany her for this trip during vacation.. I will create an invite letter as well along with I-134.. I will also create a notarized certificate committing that I will ensure their return to India. On DS-160 under rejection comment I will mention initial visa application was denied as she was a dependent on father’s application who’s visa was denied as well. Since she is under 14 I will have them use the drop box.
For My Brother
On the Fresh DS-160 I will have him add management of rental property as additional income.. add bank statement as back up with a sworn affidavit.. I will also mention that this trip will be funded by him and that since he manages the property, works in a part time job and cares for elderly grandparents he will have to return to India
Additionally I will mention Reason for Denial was : insufficient proof of income and communication gap (my brother does not speak fluent English). I will ask him to take the next appointment in Hindi.
I would greatly appreciate if someone can advise if my thinking is in the right direction ? any suggestion or advise will be greatly appreciated.

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Visitor Visa Rejected For My Dad Plz Help Posted by : Isthi On 08 Aug 2017

My mom already posses 5 year multiple and visited us again this month and we planed to get my dad for 1 month period but his visa got rejected.

Translator requested and given native language.
Vo. Why are you goin
Dad. To look around cities and pls es also see my grandson.
Vo. How many children you have
Dad. Only 1
Vo. What's you son doing.
Dad. Working as a software engineer (messed up the answer it's network engineer)
Vo. Where is he staying and working.
Dad. In nj and the company

Sorry ur rejected.

Please advice for second try. No documents looked

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Rejection Of Visa Posted by : Srinivas kalanidhi On 05 Jul 2017

Dear sir, myself and my wife went to hyderabad us consulate for interview on 29/6/17 on visitors nephew who was working in American Airlines sent me an invitation inviting me to visit for 4 weeks. Person in counter No. 12 bluntly rejected visa without seeing any documents.i hv properties worth 2 crores in hyderabad and my children are working in Hyderabad. Everyone who wants to see USA doesn't mean that they will go to USA for settle down.i am a senior advocate in High Court in put some experienced persons there, because we have spent Rs 22000 .India is the best country to live and we are happy here. The way ur persons interview is that as if we are going to settle down there.dont be in a wrong notion that everyone who wants to go on visitors visa will settle down there. Even if you approve visa in USA we are not allowed to stay not more than 6 months.I am 56 years old and I have no intention to settle down there.i have a life ambition to see USA once in my lifetime and to see the culture and some important places.people who went there told me the neatness the roads and the discipline, but ur person disappointed me. I hv decided not to apply again in my life time. Thanks

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I Need To Apply For B1 Visa For My Kids And Wife Posted by : Olisaemeka pascal On 04 Jul 2017

I have a valid B1 /B2 visa since last yr and I have being travelling to united States since but have not gone with my family,this time pls advise me on how to apply with them so they can go with me to united States.thanks

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Visitor Visa Experience Posted by : Kamleshkumar Patel On 14 Jun 2017

hello sir, i am 48 year old government servent working as a very honourable post of accountant in college. My wife is also working as a teacher in government primary school. We both have pensionable government job.My confirmation number is AA006YE386 and my wife's confirmation number is AA006YE4F6. We recently applied for the visitor visa of USA but got rejection eventhough, I had all relavent documents which comes under the rules for visa application form. My home is situated in India as it is my home-country. My two children are now studying in their relavent fields so, there are no any chances for us to settle at USA or to work there as we have very good income from our fields. Also there is no chance for us to settle in USA as we both are government servents which is one of the strong reasons for us.

We both were so much disappointed with this rejection because we were not properly interviewed by consulate as they not asked us questions regarding anything, to what extent is it right? We also had so much expanses for the whole process of visa application but not get proper feedback in return. We are applying visitor visa only because we want to meet and visit my sister's son who is green-card holder of USA.

Please do notice my all problems and give us proper feedback next time we apply for the visitor's visa of USA.

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B2 Visaat Mumbai Consulate Posted by : Anand On 13 Jun 2017

Got my B2 visa at Mumbai consulate today. Very happy. Thank you P2U

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Experience At Delhi Consulate Posted by : Rajesh On 13 Jun 2017

Went for visitor visa the visa in 2 days time

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Visitor Visa Experience Of My Parents Posted by : Akshaya kumar On 17 May 2017


I recently graduated MS program and invited my parents for the graduation ceremony. My parents dream was to see me graduate in the US and they were very excited to make the travel and see my university and other places. My university was helpful in this matter and obliged with all necessary documentation.

I have two sisters also and one of them wanted to accompany my parents. With the hope they will get the visa, they made travel arrangements also. They went to Chennai US consulate this March and to my shock they were refused 214b. As usual no specific reason, no checking the documentation. The officer was busy asking questions and typing.

I went through the forum and experiences and felt that the officer was looking at ties to India and we wanted to try without my sister. They tried again in April and the officer asked them why didn't my sister accompany them. My father replied the ties to India thing we discussed earlier and hoped that the officer will give them the visa. Refused again!

At this point I and my parents were clueless as to what the officers were apprehensive about and found one reference on the forum. They were consultants someone on the forum mentioned and found success with. They did all the application part and counselled my parents on the interview part. I felt their services were a bit expensive but who cares at this point, all we wanted was to get the visa.

To my surprise and contrary to what i have read on the forum, they wanted us to go for the interview within 10 days of the refusal. They prevailed on us with their point and got the appointment. My parents went for the interview without my sister and this time the interview was longer, more questions, inspection of my passport copy and issued.

My parents were on cloud 9 and i was ecstatic after all it was mine and my parents dream that is about to come true. When the passports arrived the visa was for 1 visit only and not multiple entry. The consultant assured us that the once my parents come back from US and apply, the visa will be for 10 years multiple entry. They even assured us that they will get the visa done for my sisters also.

My suggestion is that if refused once, it is better to take professional help instead of experimenting and prolonging the agony. If anyone is interested in contacting the consultant we approached, they are Visa Vikings and their phone # +91-9949938272.

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Visitor Visa Experience At Chennai Consulate Posted by : Sandra On 16 May 2017

My sister in law went for the interview. She had an invitation from my another brother who stays with his family in Dallas. The interviewer asked her how she is travelling to see her brother in law family without her husband since her husband(my older brother) was not going to travel due to his job.
She was refused the visa.
What should we have answered.

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Visitor Visa Experience In Accra Consulate Posted by : Adjoa On 15 May 2017

Me : Good morning (with a broad smile)
Vo : Good morning (with a welcoming smile)
Vo : Please pass me your passport
Me: OK
Vo: what are you doing in the US
Me: my husband is going on a seminar and I'm accompanying him
Vo: how many children do you have
Me : 1
Vo: how old is he
Me: he'll be 3 in June
Vo: what work do you do
Me: I'm self- employed (and then I explained)
Vo :what's the name of your company
Me: mentioned
Vo: what work does your husband do
Me : mentioned
Vo : has your husband travelled to the US before
Me: no
Vo: have you travelled outside Ghana before
Me: yes I have
Vo: where
Me: China, dubai, and Togo.
Vo: what's your date of birth
Me: mentioned
Vo: do you have your husband's visa page
Me : yes please (handed it over)
She typed a lot on her machine then asked to take my biometric data
Then she said I can pick up my passport in 2 working days at DHL office
She didn't ask for any other documents apart from my husband's visa page
Hope this helps. All the best.

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