Visitor Visa For Girlfriend

Posted by Windelev On 03 Mar 2005

I have tried several times to get my girlfriend a visitor visa and the last time, in November 2004 I joined her myself at the US Embassy in Bangkok. She was again turned down on the grounds that, " She has not shown that she has sufficiently strong family, social or economic ties to your place of residence to ensure that your projected stay in the United States will be temporary".

I do not understand this, as she has no ties to the United States. She only wishes to visit me. All her ties in her whole life are with Thailand, her home country. And I took offense to the fact that the officer in charge did not believe that I would make sure she returned to her home country.

Is there someone who could advise me, how I can prove to the officer in charge, that she will return? Can I post a bond? I am eventually going to move to Thailand and marry her, however I would like to show her USA, while I am still here.

Claus Windelev


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