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    nsneelam Guest

    Default Birth Certificate From India

    I need birth certificate from birth registrar office (India) for my green card. I tried to get it, but in that office my record contains wrong information. All my family record is correct, only my name and birth date is wrong. They are not ready to give no record found certificate. What I can do to get correct birth certificate or there is any other method which I can opt to get birth certificate.
    If I can get early reply, I'll be very thankful to you.

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    Murali Guest

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    Monu Guest

    Default Birth Certificate

    I am also having the same problem, As soon i get the answer, i will let you know.

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    tifish Guest

    Default re

    Get affidavits from your parents that you are their child and also that you were born on ***** date.

    alternatively there should be a way to get your details corrected. Do you have a birth certificate from the hospital. Can you get a birth certificate from the hospital which can be given to the registrar of births to correct the information. if ur people can spend some time at the registrars office they should be able to get things done.

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    Jayesh Guest

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    Try to get it from Indian consulate. They provides the birth certificate from the details of passport

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    Jeet Guest

    Default Is it Ok ??

    Is it Ok to get it from the Indian consulate abroad or the US Consulate may ask questions about its validity??? Since it does not belong to the originating authority....Has anyone got something like that and has been Ok with the process?


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    countryman Guest

    Default Is it Ok ??

    The birth certificate from Indian consulate is not acceptable.

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    gayatri Guest

    Default birth cert

    i also have the same problem..regdg birth certificate.
    it has wrong date of birth..and the people at registrar office are not ready to correct it neither will they issue a not available certificate. what is a solution for this? can we check with the Indian consulate? Did anybody have a similar problem?
    it will be really helpful, if i get an early reply..

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    TustinCA Guest

    Default Affidavit

    I had the same problem. The date on my birth certificate is ahead by a day. The solution was that my father had to make an affidavit stating that it is incorrect and the correct date is this one.
    This had been accepted in my green card processing.

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