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Thread: Assistance in Chennai Consulate for Physically Handicapped

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    Question Assistance in Chennai Consulate for Physically Handicapped

    I'm applying for a B1 visa for my father for a visit to the US. He can stand but cant walk on his own. I think they will NOT allow any one inside except the person attending the visa interview.
    a) Are there any facilities for physically handicapped people seeking US visa at Chennai Consulate?
    b) Can my father use a wheel chair or something to enter the consulate? He is currently not using any wheel chair and walks with the support of others. So he cant push the wheel chair all by himself even though if I get one.
    c) Do we need to produce a doctor certificate stating the physical disability as a proof?
    d) Will the certificate from a local doctor work or do we need to get it from a certified physician?
    Request you to kindly answer my questions.

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    Please email the consulate and check with them. They would have some exceptions for applicants with disabilities.

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