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Thread: B1 Visa documents for interview - What order to arrange ?

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    Question B2 (Tourist) Visa documents for interview - What order to arrange ?

    I'm sponsoring my parents for B2 visa and wondering at what order
    the documents have to be arranged when they go for visa interview ?
    (Chennai,India consulate).

    Actually, I'm trying fo find out how VFS or the CO would like to have the
    zillion papers arranged ? So that my parents will be kind of prepared
    when they deal with the VFS folks (at the enterance ?) and CO at the
    interviewing station.

    I'm sure some of you might have wondered about this question
    earlier and may have few tips to share based on your past experience.

    Anyways.. I'm thinking of the following order. Please share your thoughts.

    The usual stuff :
    Two Passports.
    Two HDFC Reciepts
    Two Visa issuance fee Demad Drafts.
    Two Photos (each).
    Visa Interview appt letter (applicant 1)
    DS-156 (applicant 1)
    DS-157 (applicant 1)
    Visa Interview appt letter (applicant 1)
    DS-156 (applicant 2)
    DS-157 (applicant 2)

    Supporting Docs from sponsor :
    Form I-134 (one copy)
    Letter from Bank (in letterhead)
    Formal invite to parents.
    Letter to CO @ US consulate
    Employee verification letter (company letterhead).
    Pay stubs
    Bank statements and other financial statements.
    3 year Tax returns and W-2 copies.

    Supporting Docs from visitors :
    Tax returns
    Bank passbook/statements
    Misc Financial papers.
    Family Photos.

    PS : I will try to keep the first post updated with any additional information.
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    It is Tourist(B2) visa and not B1. any way.....
    there is no defined or offcial way, you can arrnage them in logical order.
    Top most will be application related like forms, fee receipts, passport, letter of inivitation, letter of visa request , I134.
    then sponsored documents in one set and applicant's documents in other set.
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    Thanks Murali !

    (original post corrected with B2 visa).

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