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Thread: DS156 - Q.22 - When Do You Intend To Arrive In The U.S.?

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    Post DS156 - Q.22 - When Do You Intend To Arrive In The U.S.?

    Dear Path2USA team,

    I have a question while filling up DS156. Q.No 22 says "When Do You Intend To Arrive In The U.S.?".

    I have read the guide lines on Path2USA for filling up DS156 - the probable answer for this question is mentioned as a generic statement "First week of March 2005".

    But while filling the date online.. we need to provide exact date/month/year (dd-mm-yy in dropdown menus).. My in-laws VISA interview is on 20th July, can we mention the specif date of arrival as "29th July 2006". When we do this is there a chance of the Consulate officers.. asking - "do you have your tickets and other things booked". This may lead to many more unnecessary questions.

    Or we can just leave this blank..?

    Please advise as soon as possible, as I need to send the documents from UAt to India in couple of days.

    Highly appreciate your help.

    Thanks & Regards
    Rohini Kasturi

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    Provide a tentative date.( need not to be a final date)
    Note: No Legal Advice.

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