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Thread: Which model of the car is better in Honda Accord?

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    Renuka Guest

    Default Which model of the car is better in Honda Accord?

    Hi Guys,

    I want to buy a new Honda Accord. Now I want to choose the best models among available. Can ou please tell some pro and cons about Honda Accord (EX Automatic Vs Ex Aotomatic V6)

    Thanks in advance.


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    rr Guest

    Default re

    A BMW,Acura,Mercedes are definetely better than Honda Accord.

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    Renuka Guest

    Default Thanks

    I am more specific between Camry and Accord. CAn you give more specific answers.

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    ravi Guest

    Default model EX

    model EX

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    Renuka Guest

    Default About EX V6

    I have heard that Honda Accord EX V6 consumes more Gas than EX itself. Can you throw any commets on that.

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    Shree Guest

    Default Accord

    Probably does. EX probably has 4 cylinders while EX V6 has 6. More the cylinders, more it is a gas guzzler !

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    Friend Guest

    Default Accord


    I have an Honda Accord EX with Leather, believe me it is a WASTE invstement... I would say this because...

    1) What is the use of Moon Roof can't you live without it?

    2) I have leather seats and don't feel the necessity of it at all

    3) All accords have Keyless entry system and EX is no different.

    Inspite of making the list longer I would recommend you for a Civic LX which is more than enough if you want a new car or BETTER go for a OLD car!!!

    Believe me you will realize it!

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    Real Friend Guest

    Default Accord

    I think the friend does not know what is meant by the things he described and where to use them. These are people who have just bought it because everybody is buying and later realize that these are not useful to them.
    A moonroof will give you the pleasure while driving in the summer evenings.Its so pleasant to drive back home in the summer evenings wiht moon roof that one cannot describe. Also the leather seats comes very handy if you are in the notheast area where its winter for more than 6 months. Also if you have young ones (infants )in your car its very easy to maintain from inside. you wont buy cars every month or for that sake every year but you do drive your new car every day. So go for v6 with out any further thoughts as v6 is a pleasure to drive. Forget about Civic or for that sake any other smaller car or used car. I think this friend is some car dealer who sells peice of craps and want to misguide you in some or the other aspect. Again i am not a sales person or promoter of accord. so buy any car of your choice and have the options of v6 and moonroof for sure and also the leather if you are in the north east area or you have yonng kids.

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    Renuka Guest

    Default Thanks "Real Friend"

    Thanks "Real Friend". I have posted this message last year i.e May 2002. I have already purchased Accord EX V4 in 12/02. I should have bought V6 as this will save you from sudden lane chanes and Yellow light crossings. Anyway I am satisfied with EX V4 to most of it's usage.

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    Friend Guest

    Default Cool!

    Well, appreciate your negative comments... (That's all you wanted to do right?). On the same note I'm happy that a fellow Desi bro should be probably in a very good job.

    First , Pal, I live in cali and I put in my thoughts... I never ment that those are the only thoughts so it is up to you to accept it or not.

    Second, The economy is so bad, people are loosing jobs everyday even today and at this point of time I wish to alert a fellow indian not to get carried away. Yeah I woud have recommended a Proche or a Carrera would you like.

    Third, I paid 25K for the Accord EX (Leather) model and it's value was less than 12K (no accidents ever... ) after 2 years and even today my car shines so I felt if someone can get a car for half or less than half the price for a 2 year old car why not give it a shot....

    Finally, not everyone has the money like you to spend so please control your tounge before you wag it at others.

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