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Thread: Which model of the car is better in Honda Accord?

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    Firstly I think the discussion/suggestion is on Car and not on who is in what sort of job. Secondly Its always good to save money. Thirdly You don't buy cars daily. Fourthly there is a less than $1500 difference between a V4 Ex with leather and v6 Ex with leather. Fifth In this shabby economy if you ever came to a situation(god for bid you should never come) where you want to sell your car v6 sells easily with a competitive price as everybody knows that people here in America like power.
    Coming to your point for the value of your car, I think every new car buyer should know about this point that car buying is not an investment its a means of transport for work and for pleasure. So if someone wants to save money you get very good Used cars in this country and there is no harm in recommending or using them. Again these are my view with people who are planning to buy a new car and are confused with V4-v6 with leather or without leather. Depending on their financial situation they should figure out what's they wanna have with what they wanna spend.

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    Well, if the discussion/suggestion is about a car then YOU better stick to suggest or discuss about the topic. Why the hell you want to comment on others whom you don't know and not even seen.

    What do you mean " I think the friend does not know what is meant by the things he described and where to use them. These are people who have just bought it because everybody is buying and later realize that these are not useful to them" Do you know me? Or how did you stupid- idiotic-worthless-brain make this judgment?

    For your another comment "I think this friend is some car dealer who sells peice of craps and want to misguide you in some or the other aspect" What on earth made you think that I would approach the person to sell a used car?

    Like you, I could use my vocabulary to hurt insult you when you replied for the posting but unlike you I'm matured enough not to jump the gun.

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    Well to answer both of your question, if you get time go ahead and read the comments you wrote intially.

    Your suggestions/advice was totally out of context. I have pasted the stuff that someone was asking in the post. Please..Please Read it carefully and you will understand what i meant being in the context to the post.

    My point of being into the discussion w.r.t the car was as no point of place or Financail stuff was mentioned read the original post i have pasted for you

    Hi Guys,

    I want to buy a new Honda Accord. Now I want to choose the best models among available. Can ou please tell some pro and cons about Honda Accord (EX Automatic Vs Ex Aotomatic V6)

    Thanks in advance.


    i dont feel that other than a car dealer who wants to sell used cars will say what you have said. If someone would have exclusively asked for financially best deal or what should a person should look for in car while making a low budget purchase what you have said would have make sense. Your answers have giving the view that you are like those sales person who recommends buying cars which does not sells easily(generally the ones with low features) or who wants to make more money by selling used car. So before answering to a post read the complete post and think before writing why somebody has written(mentioned) like this without knowing him/her. Also this is not intentionally written for your as a person(as i dont know you , your view made me feel that way with reference to context) so dont take it personally it is written to your thought that you have wrote long back which could have been correct if someone would have asked for a low budget car or a cheap car which is not case to my best understanding of the post.

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    I think Honda srv is best model. Good mileage and very nice to drive. All wheel drive is great for snowy days. Honda CR-V is manufactured by Japanese company of Honda in 1995. This is a door suv and class of Compact Crossover SUV. This car have nice facility and feature. This car have in world wide markets

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    Honda Civic forums have become more aware of the ecology and as conservation is becoming more of a mainstream attitude, it provides an answer to many of the rising needs. In recent years, it has raised the bar for going green with the Hybrid and the GX NGV.

    Sacramento Movers

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    Really depends on your requirements.
    For example do you want to save money? in which case you may consider the cheaper model with the best fuel consumption and the best track record for reliability. Alternatively, other considerations include ride/comfort, size, number of seats, practicality and what extras are included.

    Before you choose the model you are probably better off considering the above. Even then I would go for a test ride before buying one!

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