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Thread: Surname Column Blank in Passport

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    Thanks poragoru.

    I want my name to appear as 'Sukhmeet Singh Gulati'. In DS-156 Col 6, you suggest to mention my surname 'Gulati'. In Col 6 its mentioned to write surname "as mentioned in passport" and in my passport surname colum is blank. Will the VO consider if I write 'Gulati' here or do you feel that my passport really needs to be corrected on a priority.

    Ragards !

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    Post DS 156 -- Surname

    I have to appear in US visa consulate in 10 days time, could someone suggest on below :

    Passport Details:

    Surname : ---(blank)

    Given name : Sriram Sreedhar

    Sriram(My name) Sreedhar (Fathers Name), this is how it is through out my career documents, we don't have a surname.

    While filling DS 156 form

    It asks Surname (As in passport)

    Since we fill fields which are not applicable to us as NA, I filled the same on SURNAME(I can not leave it blank).

    Now my name in appointment letter shows as

    Sriram Sreedhar NA.

    Please advice , many thanks in advance.

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