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Thread: NOC for visitor visa

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    Question NOC for visitor visa

    Hi all,

    My parents r applying for visitor visa. My dad is working as govt employee...
    Recently he got passport,as he had NOC for applying for passport..

    Now when going for visa interview he has to take NOC ,if yes the NOc which he had is enough or he has to take new NOC. for interview he has to get any letter from stating that....he will fetting leave for visiting US...

    plz reply soon...

    Thanks alot

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    NOC is good to have for people who are in Govt job.
    A approved leave letter will also be required.
    It can be in common letter as well.
    Note: No Legal Advice.

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    NOC is a must for govt employees. he has to take NOC. Anything that defines his vacation period and when he needs to join back can be defined as NOC, but I think it should be on the govt letterhead.

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    Thanks for ur replies...

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