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Thread: Delivery of a baby in USA by a Visitor

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    koolsudha Guest

    Default Delivery of a baby in USA by a Visitor

    Can a pregnant women who has a 10 years multiple entry visitor visa come to USA & do the delivery of the baby? If yes, Is there any immigration procedures? How much will be the expenses for the delivery of the baby(hospital charges, physicians charges etc., etc.)?

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    sertra2002 Guest

    Default Not worth it

    Hi Koolsudha,
    Let me warn you that this is not a good idea. Medical expenses are real expensive here in US. A nomal deleivy can cost close to 10,000 USD. If there are any complications or C section is requiered the cost may go even upto 40-50 thousand US Dollars. So please weight this before making a decision.

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    guest Guest


    Let me straighten out a few facts for you Koolsudha:
    - As the previous reply, it'll cost you more than $10,000 for the delivery and that is just the normal delivery. Medicines, diapers, clothes etc will be much more.
    - No insurance covers pregnancy, so don't get fooled by anyone who says that.
    - Even if you end up spending that kind of money to have your baby here, you will be sent back home with the baby as even if the baby will be citizen by birth, you as a mother are not the citizen. Your baby has the option of returning to US when he/she stands on her feet (minus u) maybe after the age of 18 years.
    - And above all, you sound extremely cheap and frustrated.

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