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Thread: Behaviour of Indians

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    Ravikumar Guest

    Default Behaviour of Indians

    Hi friends, Take this one seriously. We all know that Indians are doing fairly well in the Information Technology when compared to other nations. Thats sounds good and encouraging. The problem with India is we have so many states with so many languages..Eventhough we say we are secularist we are not. Yu can experience this in US [in a neutral ground]. Whenever an Indian happen to meet another Indian on the street, the first thing he does is "SNEERING". He thinks that he is here becoz of his intelligence and other person by sheer luck. This mean mentality is more with North Indians. Im not blaming all the north indians. I could also see one or two who are really good in moving with the people. Why we are here ? Just to show our superiority over other Indians ? We always have it in our mind that we should do something to our country with the knowledge we are gaining here. South Indians are okay..not so bad. If we continue to expose the same mentality in the Neutral ground then we cannot achieve something great in our Land. If you are offended by this message, please take it seriously, becoz TRUTH ALWAYS BITTERS.

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    anonymous south indian Guest

    Default North indians :Behaviour of Indians

    hi, i had a couple of bad experiences with north indians (one of them my roomie !).... and i thot it was just bad luck.
    I dont think so - when i read the previous mail.... i think north indians seem to have some sort of complex when they come here... they think highly of themselves, look down upon fellow indians and some of them put an accent - 2 months after coming from delhi !! Not to say that all north indians are bad.... but beware of them if you are from madras, bangalore or hyd.... the other side of vindhyas are a lot more cunning....

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    Ravikumar Guest

    Default Behaviour of Indians

    No friend. My intention is not to spread something against our fello country men, but to point out their mistakes so that they will realise their mistakes. Dont think am sounding gandhi or buddha. The problem is not only with those people in US, but also other sectors. Even the government is biased. They give less importance to southern states. If yu take the case of Cricket, less importance is given to Tamil nadu players. Ofocurse they cannot get rid of Karnataka becoz they are producing some good players. Language is one of the main problems in India which we cannot deny.. North indians could not digest one thing, most software people are from south particularly from Tamil nadu and Andhra pradesh. This could be one of the reasons why they give us that damn-mean-clumsy-serious look.

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    Someone Guest

    Default Behaviour of Indians

    This is for Ravikumars comments on "Behaviour Of Indians" . Well I have something to say about the comment that he made on cricketers. May be irrelevant in this column. Still. K Srikanth is a south indian. Venkatapathy Raju , Azaruddin these are from AP. I could recollect just few of these famous personalities. There are some more from south India, not only Karnataka. Also, I am a south Indian and I have lived with north indians in my college days. I do have really good experience with them. I feel , it is your mentality to accept or reject people. You should not expect anything from those people. If you are nice, anyone will be nice. If you are serious and dont; want to mix with the people, you get the same behaviour back. So it is all your behaviour that you are getting in return.

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    indian Guest

    Default Behaviour of Indians: north indians

    All south indians think they are something big in this industry.You know what there problem is first they are stingy,they sleep on floor stay like beggars and and act like some bunch of stupids on the roads.They spoil the images of indians in USA.On the other hand Northindians are sophisticated they know how to dress,talk and be social.South indiand come here for saving money and stay like stingy beggars,they have no life here and smell sambar idli all the time,buy clothes from kmart sale and thats it.....

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    babu Guest

    Default Behaviour of Indians

    I think we all first should think we are indians.These south indians have complex problem.I agree with the last mail.All sothindians are embarassing in stores and everywhre.They shout in there language when they talk and there behavior is ,,,,,,bad.Really they stay like beggars here.

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    A user Guest

    Default North and South Indians

    I am writing this in response to the previous 3-4 postings on North and South Indians. I think we should be MATURE enough not to argue over such petty things. If someone has had a bad experience with a south indian or a north indian, that does not mean that the whole community is like that. This argument is really pathetic and we should put an end to it.

    At: 1/21/01 12:51:40 PM

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    Vijay Guest

    Default Behaviour of Indians

    Well, what is written abt north indian is totally @#%$. i have found that south indians hate north indians. its true that most of south indians r here from hyd , by just showing fake experience in IT field. they continue to hate hindi talking ppl which they use to do in india. also alwyas south indians talk in there language, thus completely isolating person who dont understand any south language. they get more freedon agns hindi talking ppl here.

    At:1/23/01 8:38:56 PM

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    A Mumbai guy Guest

    Default South + North India

    Mumbai, a city which lies on the imaginary line which divides (?) India geographically and unfortunately mentally, into North & South India. I am from a city, which is truly the only cosmopolitan city in India and has people from all over India. I’ve had friends from all kind of regions/languages/religions. I don’t choose them based on their caste/color/creed/mother-tongue, nor does anyone from Mumbai as far as I know. It’s the ideologies of minds that gotta match, ideology, the software of mind. And if we software engineers don’t respect another software concept then we ain’t really good softees. The problems described in all the above mails happen, presumably because most of the other Indian cities/towns typically have single-language speaking and single-culture (south/north/east/west) and hence people from different regions perceive things in their own different way. Don’t ask for solutions, fix thyself.

    So think clear, crystal, and write programs!

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    Abishek Bajpai Guest

    Default Your reply is too immatured and barabarian


    Am very sorry to say that you represent North Indians..I've read the article by Ravikumar. What he is saying is absolutely right. I've no regrets. We have to change little bit and in sync with South Indians esp. Tamilians in the way they think. I've many Tamil frineds. They are very friendly and lovable guys. I've seen north indians sneering at south Indians..even some of my friends will do. Your statment about the south highly immatured and barbarian..becoz you don't know what to say, so you have mentioned what you are doing. Goto New York and you can see north indians selling their goods like beggers humiliating Indians and the adulterated markets they are showing up in the city..Let us change a little bit and be Indians all the time..

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