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Thread: Help reqd: F1 visa - Proof of funds

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    Default Help reqd: F1 visa - Proof of funds

    I am going to apply for a student visa this week. I am not sure how much funds is required to show during the interview. How do I calculate that? The school fee is around $35,000 for the entire course (4 trimesters, 16-20 months).

    Also, will a financial statement from a friend (a US citizen) do?

    Please help.


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    The $35K is must plus you will need to show funds for living in the dorm/rent, miscellanous expenes & health insurance (generally with ur college). the main resaon for giving a student visa are: u have enough ties to comr back to india, the course is not accesible in india, ur carrer plans in regards to program, u have enough funds (atleast INR 50-100K liquid) to fund ur whole education with/without any scholarship or anything.

    if u do show funds from a us citizen it can be interpreted as u will stay back in usa.- so generally the funds sould be 'yours'/liquid + fixed assests. look in this forum for more info assests, questions for student visa, etc.

    ps: no legal advise

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    Thank you for the information, abaner.

    The amount mentioned on the I-20 is $50,000 for a year, and I have a tuition waiver from the school amounting to $17,500 / year. So, I guess the final amount required is $50,000-$17,500=$32,500. If I show about $40,000 as liquid and some $50,000 in assets, will it suffice?

    My sponsor is a US citizen. I am worried after what you had said ...

    Thank you,

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