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Thread: Mumbai Consulate Interview dates not available

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    Angry Mumbai Consulate Interview dates not available


    Since the past 5 days, I have been trying day and night to get interview dates at Mumbai consulate, but VFS keeps saying "Interview dates not available" when I select Maharashtra. It shows dates for Chennai and Delhi and though fluent English speakers can now schedule their interview at either of these places, they have to choose their state of residence which in my case gives me the message saying dates not available.

    Could other people book dates for Mumbai consulate? Does anybody know when dates are usually released for Mumbai consulate?

    Thanks !

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    I was trying to get interview date in Feb for my MIL for Mumbai consulate since last 1 month but couldn't get it. And suddenly yesterday i got a date for Feb 20th for same Mumbai consulate. I couldn't believe it !!
    So i suggest please check during the midnight time (IST) and afternoon here in USA. Even i tried to contact the consulate abt the dates not available issue. They gave me the foll reply by email:

    If you are a resident of India, you are required to select your current ‘State of Residence’ where you have been residing for the past six months or longer. Later in the process, when you are scheduling your interview, you may see calendars offering dates at more than one post. If you are a fluent English speaker and have not been previously refused a visa, you may select an interview date from any post shown. If you are not fluent in English or were previously denied a visa, you must select a date only from the post covering the area where you reside. Applicants denied a visa can only seek to have the decision reviewed by reapplying at the post where the denial occurred.

    At present the dates are not available for the Mumbai Consulate. Kindly keep checking the website regularly for the earliest available dates as the Consulate releases dates on a regular basis. The allocation the interview appoints on VFS website is the sole discretion of the Embassy / Consulate.

    Hope this information will help you........

    Best of Luck!! & Keep trying!!

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