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Thread: cover letter by applicant for visitor's visa

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    Default cover letter by applicant for visitor's visa


    I saw that applicants should make a cover letter stating the reason they want to visit and outlining the reasons they will come back. When should the letter be submitted? Should it be with teh forms to VFS Center or should it be taken to the Consulate at the time of interview? Also do we need one letter for each applicant or we can do a combined letter for each applicant?

    What are the best reasons to give for a housewife? I mean my dad is retired and we have given the reason taht they have a 18 yrs old daughter who is studying to take care of , have good income and also to take care of property. Is there any other reason that they can give to maek the chances dad does not receive pension bcos he never worked in India...they have moved from dubai recently...and the whole reason they came back was coz of my sister..they didn't want to leave her alone.

    Also, my mom was staying with her ...and dad travelled to India to visit them every now and then. Should they mention this as well ...even if not asked?
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    1. We are doing separate letters (one for father, one for mother).

    2. We will give them to our in-laws, they will take with them to the interview. The Cover Letters will be put on top of the pile of papers that they will carry.

    3. I have a template, but i cannot attach here, if you have any ideas (possibly if you send me a private message I can provide for you the template via email)

    4. Not sure if you want to provide more info than the consulate really know (this is in regards to the very last sentence you have written)

    5. My in-laws kind of in the same state. My father-in-law has no pension, and mother-in-law is a housewife. We have written that they need to come back prior to my sister-in-law's delivery (in india). I think if you put that they have to return to take care of your sister and make sure that her college is completed and then even getting her married, that should be good enough reason.

    Hope this helps.


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