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    Angry Need Advice

    Folks, I need some advice for my friend

    He got a ticket from a cop who said that he is dumping in the appartment complex dumpster that is next to my house.

    He did throw some empty packing boxes couple of times and he appologies for that and he said he will pay the ticket. COP gave him the ticket and said to give a hand written statement as well. My friend said that he can't do a written statement without some legal advice but he said he will pay the ticket as it is his fault.

    The next day COP came again to his house and said that he changed the ticket and asked my firend to appear in the court. Also, He gave a new ticket and said he cancelled the old ticket and the new ticket has included the statment that my friend has thrown fridge and other electornic equipment as well - that is absolutely false.

    Can you please advice should he hire a lawyer? or it is better to appear in the court by himself. he doesn't know what to do....

    Any good suggestions will be appreciated.

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    Default Wierd Problem, lawyer is the way to go! (nt)

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    I'm wondering why he canceled the old ticket and gave him a new one.... Cops to my knowledge are not supposed to do that.

    I'd go to court myself, taking both tickets and explaining to the judge what happened.

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